Advertising Agencies

Before and after
Program Benefits for Ad Agencies
• Turn areas of unused space into revenue generators by leasing this space
to advertisers .
• Our Bollard Advertising Program (BAP) ™ covers create more customer
traffic thus increasing sales for you and the advertisers. You supply the
space and your job is done, we do the rest.
• Turn unsightly and unused bollards at your locations into an eye catching
attractive marketing program, for new and existing products.
• Our customized marketing bollards create a “ Mini Billboard “ effect at
your site with eye level visuals of products customers can’t miss… as
they pump gas and walk into the store. This has terrific potential to
“increase sales”!
• Our “patent pending” advertising bollards covers also help protect your
patron’s cars against door and bumper dings.
• Our Custom Bollards will be a great product for any Ad Agency to
recommend to their customers. Showing creativity and innovation, this
will enhance the agencies
ability to think “outside
the box”!! And impress
their clients.
How it Works – For the Ad Agency
• PLM works with companies and advertising agencies that are eager to promote
the latest and greatest products they are selling. The Parking Lot Media BAP ™
Program is replaced on a regular (quarterly) to keep the message fresh and
within the marketing plan of a particular store or chain.
• Its recommended to change the message at least every 90 days to keep the
message “fresh”
• Depending on the ad agency customer would depend on which customized
program would work best.
• It could be a branding message , a special promotional message, or even a
visual upgrade to the clients establishments.
• Work with Parking Lot Media to review which program would work best.

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