The Successful Zone Chairperson
2014 International Convention
Toronto, Canada
Sunday, July 6, 2014
The Successful Zone Chairperson
Presented by
Gudrun Bjort
Past International
James A.
Past International
Ken Bird
Past International
Bud Wahl
Past International
2003 - 2005
Today’s Objectives
• Understand the Role of the Zone chairperson
• Understand the Duties of the Zone Chairperson
• Understand your role as an active member of the
• Learn of the Tools Available for the Zone Chairperson
• Share Best Practices within small-group discussions
The Role of the Zone/Region Chairperson
The Zone/Region Chairperson is the
and the
district leadership
between the clubs
in the zone
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The Role of the Zone Chairperson
• Communicator
• Counselor
• Motivator
The Duties of the Zone Chairperson
• Further the Purposes of the Association
• Chair the District Governor’s Advisory Committee
• Include DG Team, GMT and GLT
• Report after District Governor’s Advisory meetings
The Duties of the Zone Chairperson
• Visit a regular meeting of each club
• Ensure that every club operates under a duly adopted
constitution and by-laws
• Represent each club regarding problems
• Promote full club representation at all conventions
The Duties of the Zone Chairperson
Play an active role in organizing new clubs
Support leadership development in the zone
Promote the Club Excellence Process
Supervise progress of district, multiple district and Lions
Clubs International projects
Communicate at Zone Meetings
• Hold at least three zone meetings during the year.
• Suggested agendas shown in the Zone Chairperson
• Schedule meetings soon after the cabinet meetings
Some Tips for Great Zone Meetings
• Make the meeting interesting
– full of information
– not too long
• Use correct meeting procedure
• Remember, you are in charge!!
Some Tips for Great Zone Meetings
• Select someone to keep the
minutes for you
• Alter the venues for each meeting
• Invite a speaker on a subject you
wish to promote
Reporting to the Cabinet
Prepare a report for the cabinet secretary. Include:
• Membership of each club, net increase or loss
• Projects clubs are undertaking
• Concerns you have regarding the clubs
• Recommendations you wish to bring before the cabinet
• District Governor’s Advisory Committee Meeting Report
is now a writable.pdf (DA-ZCM)
Be Well Prepared for Visits
• Visit officially once per year to support the club and share
district information
• Prepare before your visit and be knowledgeable about the
club and its projects
• Always take a membership ceremony induction with you
and an invocation. You never know when you might need
• Be prepared to answer questions about Lionism in general,
fees and dues, etc.
Counsel the Club to Strive for Excellence
Work with the district governor to ensure the clubs in the zone:
• Meet on a regular basis
• Abide by constitutional provisions
• Demonstrate sound financial practices
• Conduct service projects in the community
• Maintain effective internal communications and a
community public relations program
• Implement membership recruitment, orientation and
retention program
• Encourage the development of new Lions leaders
Counselor – Advisor – When Clubs Have Conflict
• Listen to both sides
• Be sure of your facts
• If in doubt, seek a separate opinion
• Club dispute resolution procedure
in the Standard Club Constitution (Article X)
• For more information see the Lions Learning Center
on the LCI website
Partnering with the District GMT
• Organize a new club
• Conduct new member orientation
• Promote Club Excellence Process
• Implement a member recruitment plan
Partnering with the District GLT
• Nurture current and future leaders
• Promote use of leadership development resources and
• Leadership development is as critical and new club
Zone and Region Chairperson Center
Earn the Quarterly Presidential Award
Group Discussion
Discussion Topic #1
A club has a potential problem regarding the
election of officers for the following year. A
number of members on the board do not want
the second vice president to be first vice
president the following year.
How can a zone chairperson assist the club in
ensuring a fair and credible process and
election and maintain harmony within the
Discussion Topic #2
The president of a club is very controlling. He/she
does not welcome new ideas from members.
Some members have transferred to another club
because of the president’s actions and attitude.
Members requested a meeting with the president
to discuss their concerns about the recent club
officer election, but he/she did not respond. The
members contacted you as zone chairperson for
guidance on its election and maintaining the club.
What advice and guidance can you give the club?
Discussion Topic #3
It has been a practice in the zone for clubs to
procrastinate regarding membership and activity
reporting and payment of dues. These clubs are
consistently showing as non-reporting or
delinquent in payment of their account balance.
How can you monitor the clubs’ monthly reporting
and payment of dues to ensure that they are
completed in a timely manner and each club
maintains its active status? What can you do as
zone chairperson to ensure the clubs in your zone
earn the Club Excellence Award?
Discussion Topic #4
A two-year old Lions club has a club roster that
shows 50 members, but only 15 are active duespaying members. The others are non-active and
have not paid dues. It is July and the club
treasurer has just received the club’s per-capita
billing. The club is now scheduled for financial
suspension because it could not pay the dues for
all of the members on the roster for the past year.
What advice and guidance can you give to the club
officers that could help correct its financial
Discussion Topic #5
A group of younger members of a club has been working to sponsor a
new club with young members, transfer themselves as charter members.
The leading lion of the group is energetic and has lots of new ideas, and
you personally would want to support their efforts. However, some
members of the club started to oppose the formation of the new club,
and one of the reasons is that the new club’s dues are significantly lower
than traditional club dues in the zone.
The new club seems to be attracting many younger members, and the
prospective charter members have reached over 30 people, but the
hostile atmosphere within the existing club is getting intense and it
turned out impossible for the club to be a sponsor club. The club
president and the leader of younger lions separately asked for your help.
What action will you take?
Great Resources and References for You
Zone Chairperson Online Training
Zone Chairperson Training Workshop
(Contact your GLT District Coordinator for more information)
• Zone Chairperson Manual
• Club Officers Manual
• Standard Club Constitution and By-Laws (LA-2)
• Board Policy Manual Chapter V - Clubs
Additional Tools to Support Your Clubs
• PU-101
• Club Excellence Award (DA-1)
• Club Election Guidelines
• Induction Ceremony
• E-Clubhouse Application
• Club Health Assessment Report
• Membership Reports are on MyLCI Logon Page
• Service Activity Reports for your clubs on MyLCI
Zone Chair Webinars start THIS WEEK!
One Great Adventure - for Zone Chairpersons
Wednesday, 7/9/14,
12:00pm CDT
Friday, 7/11/14,
7:00pm CDT
Wednesday, 7/18/14,
7:00pm CDT
Make it a Great Year and Celebrate Your Success!

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