By Ken Nquyen
A Stands for Amoses
The A stands for Amoses because they
were a family that wanted to take care of
Bud from the orphanage. Nice people…
well that’s what you think.
B Stands for Bud
The B stands for Bud because he is the
main character of the story. Bud is a
African American orphanage during the
Great Depression because he never
knew his dad and his mom died while he
was 6 years old.
C Stands for Christopher Paul Curtis
The C stands for Christopher Paul Curtis
because he is the author of the book.
D Stands for Dusty Devastators of
the Depression
The D stands for Dusty Devastators of the
Depression because that is a band Bud
lives with when he finally gets to what he
was looking for.
E Stands for Eddie
The E stands for Eddie because in the
band, Dusty Devastators of the
Depression, Steady Eddie is the
saxophone person and Bud likes him
the best and at the very end of the book,
Eddie gives him a saxophone he
previously had.
F Stands for Flint, Michigan
The F stands for Flint, Michigan because
that’s where Bud was born and lived
most of his childhood.
G Stands for Grand Rapids
The G stands for Grand Rapids because
that’s where Bud finally finds his
H stands for Herman E. Calloway
The H stands for Herman E. Calloway
because that’s his long lost grandpa
because Buds mom (Hermans
daughter) ran away when she was
young and Herman never knew what
else happened.
I Stands for idea
The I stands for idea because Bud had a
lot of ideas for many things.
J Stands for Jimmy
The J stands for Jimmy because he was a
member of the band and one of the
mans that care for Bud.
K Stands for kinda
The K stands for kinda because Bud
always says kinda to a question that you
can answer it with.
L Stands for Left Lewis
Lefty Lewis is a man who took care of Bud
when he was on the adventure looking
for his grandpa. They met when Bud
was walking to Grand Rapids.
M Stands for Miss Thomas
The M stands for Miss Thomas because
she was the one that took care of Bud
when she was with the band and she
the one that makes him happy.
N Stands for Nubian Knights
The N stands for Nubian Knights because
that’s a different name for Dusty
Devastators of the Depression.
O Stands for orphanage
The O stands for Orphanage because Bud
was a orphanage when he was 6 and
never had real family until meeting
P Stands for pocket knife
The P stands for pocket knife because
Bud always slept with a pocket knife to
feel safer.
Q Stands for Quit
The Q stands for quit because Bud never
quits and never gives up on what he’s
R Stands for Rules and Things to have a Funner
Life and Make a Bettter Liar Out of Yourself
The R stands for Rules and Things to have
a Funner Life and Make a Better Liar
Out of Yourself because Bud made
those rules to live better and basically
his guidelines.
S Stands for saxophone
The S stands for saxophone because it
was a special gift from Steady Eddie.
T Stands for “The Thug” Doug
The T stands for “The Thug” Doug
because that’s a member of the band
and is the only white guy on the band so
he can take the rents during the Great
U Stands for unforgettable
The U stands for unforgettable is because
Bud said his grandpa was unforgettable
because Herman was at first being rude
to Bud.
V Stands for vampire
The V stands for vampire because he
thought Lefty Lewis was a vampire when
they met because Lefty Lewis had blood
in a box in his car.
W Stands for woop, zoop, sloop
The W stands for woop, zoop, sloop,
because that’s his catch phrase during
the whole book.
X Stands for extended
The E stands for extended because he
was a extended member of the band
and extended his jobs for the band.
Y Stands for YMCA
The Y stands for YMCA because he loved
to go to the YMCA while he was young.
Z Stands for Deza Malone
The Z stands for Deza Malone because
that girl was Buds first kiss ever.

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