Ellen Denny and Kelly Wheeler, McHarg Elementary
Why change summer school?
Summer slide still evident after summer school
Short duration (3-4 weeks)
Difficulty finding willing qualified teachers
Reaching all at risk readers, not just ones whose
parents will agree to send them to summer school
What was the spark?
Teacher-Directed Professional Development
through TALK (Teachers as Learners Krew) group
 Teachers
planning what they will read to improve
themselves professionally
 Discussion:
“I need to see what I say to know what I
The spark igniting an idea
RTI in Literacy: Responsive and Comprehensive,
edited by Peter H. Johnston
Reading Teacher journal articles
Read and Roll
Improving student interaction with
books over the summer months
Picture from
McHarg’s Read and Roll Summer Program
Program Logistics:
 1 Bookmobile bus equipped with reading supplies
 School system bus for transporting participating students
 Routes/pick up areas/times
 Schedule/Parent Communication:
 Start date/end date
 Two sessions daily, Monday
through Thursday
 8:30-10:00 (Session 1)
 10:15-11:45 (Session 2)
 Monday/Wednesday route
 Tuesday/Thursday route
McHarg’s Read and Roll Summer Program
Adult Reading Volunteers
 McHarg teachers
 Beans and Rice volunteers
 Good Fit books, - Levels A-P
 Unleveled books
 Books for read alouds
 Lawn furniture
 Technology equipment
 Snacks
 Lunch
Read and Roll Preparation
Meet with:
 Asst. Superintendent
 Food Services
 Transportation Director
 Beans and Rice Director
Identification and coordination
of eligible students
 Title services – who needs
 Student residency – who lives
on bus route?
Read and Roll Prep and Management
Collaborate with the Director of Transportation
 Determine reading locations
 4 different sites
 Create bus routes
 economical
 serve the greatest need
 Coordinate (major spreadsheet!)
 drop off/pick up
 2 daily sessions
 2 different routes a week
 Which students are going home
 Which students going to Beans and Rice
afternoon sessions
205 Sheppard Street
404 Robertson St
1002 Robertson St
1102 Robertson St
Staples St / PT Travis
Taylor St
Heather Glen / Wadsworth
Meet the Book Mobile at 16th Street Playground
Help with students (8:30-10:00)
Leave 16th Street Playground
205 Sheppard Street - corner of Gandy/Williams
404 Robertson St
1002 Robertson St
1102 Robertson St
Staples St / PT Travis
Taylor St
Heather Glen / Wadsworth
Mcharg Summer Session 2 - Door to Door
Baldwin St. & McConnell St
507 Clement St
328 Clahoun St
Meet the Book Mobile at Fairfax Village Playground
Help with students (10:30-11:20)
Belle Heth Beans and Rice Pick-up
Leave Fairfax Village Playground
Downey at 5th
2nd at Ingles
16th Street - Belle Heth
Deliver Belle Heth and McHarg Beans and Rice students to Belle Heth
Return to Fairfax Village to pick up McHarg Students
Deliver McHarg students home - Door to Door
Baldwin St. & McConnell St
507 Clement St
328 Clahoun St
Deliver Belle Heth and McHarg Beans and Rice students to locations 1,2,3,4
Belle Heth
Downey at 5th
2nd at Ingles
Read and Roll Prep and Management
Teacher Volunteers:
Create spreadsheet of time/
setting options
 Recruit teacher volunteers
Communicate with parents on:
Participation in the program
 Participation in 1st or 2nd session
or both
 Participation in Beans and Rice
Summer Sessions at sister school
Coordinate food preparation
and distribution
Ellen Denny, Principal
700 Twelfth Street
Radford, Virginia 24141
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: (540) 731-3652
(540) 731-3696
July 1, 2013
Dear Parent(s) or Guardian(s),
McHarg will be providing a summer book mobile program called “Read and Roll.” The book mobile will be on
a Monday/Wednesday rotation and a Tuesday/Thursday rotation. A school bus will be delivering students,
depending on the daily rotation to the book mobile site. Each rotation will include two pick-up sessions. If
you agree to your child participating, he or she will be enrolled in the Mon/Wed rotation or the Tues/Thurs.
He or she will come to one or both of the sessions on those days, depending on your decision about the
afternoon Beans and Rice program at Belle Heth. The sessions will be as follows:
Monday/Wednesday – Two sessions available on these days(8:45 AM or 10:15 AM) - Children board
the school bus at their assigned time. The bus will then report to the reading site (Hodge Stadium/16th
Street Playground) to drop the students off at the reading mobile. Teacher volunteers and Beans and
Rice Americorp workers will be supervising and facilitating the reading session. Snacks will be
Tuesday/Thursday - Two sessions available (8:45 AM or 10:14 AM) - Children board the school bus at
their assigned time. The bus will then report to the reading site (16th Street Playground/Fairfax
Playgrouns) to drop the students off at the reading mobile. Teacher volunteers and Beans and Rice
Americorp workers will be supervising and facilitating the reading session. Snacks will be provided.
Parent Participation – Laptops and internet access will be provided in our Book Mobile for parents.
Please feel free to visit the book mobile and use these laptops. Four computers are available at each
reading site. The book mobiles are air conditioned for your convenience. Students will not be utilizing
the computers as we will spend our time reading, reading, reading!
Beans and Rice Afternoon Program - All student participants of the “Read and Roll” program are given
the opportunity to attend the Beans and Rice Program following the “Read and Roll” program if parent
permission is granted. Those attending the afternoon program will remain with the bus and be
transported to Belle Heth Elementary for lunch and an afternoon of crafts, games and a variety of
volunteer led activities. The students will be transported, by school bus, home following the Beans and
Rice program.
McHarg’s Read and Roll summer program is scheduled to begin Monday, July 8 th. We are looking forward to
providing our students a reading opportunity in their neighborhood. As explained above, we will be picking up
your child at his or her designated time/area and then heading to a nearby playground for “Good Fit” reading.
Read and Roll Costs
Transportation ($2,000-$4,000):
Materials ($2,000-4,000):
School bus/fuel/driver – funded by RCPS Summer School allocation and
Beans and Rice, Inc.
Book Mobile – donated by Radford University
Good Fit books – funded by McHarg Elementary, the Radford City Public
Library, and RIF
Wifi Hot Spots – funded by McHarg Elementary
Baskets, portable tables, read aloud books/CDs, headphones, lawn
couches, and blankets – funded and provided by McHarg Elementary
Snacks/lunch (National School Lunch Program):
Snacks were provided by Radford City Schools
Lunch was provided by Radford City Schools
Cafeteria personnel responsible for prep/Bus driver responsible
for loading
Books in your Box
Improving student access to books over the
summer months . . .
Giving books to students -- a history
Summer 2012
Title I gave 10 leveled books to their students (they
Held a parent training session in May, well
 Children
dragged their parents there!! So excited!!
Reading logs, with prize to be given in fall
Result? Out of over 120 Title students, only three
returned the log for the prize
Bottom line: Significant summer slide still evident
So, “Books in your Box”
Still student choice of books within a range of levels
Still providing books to at risk readers
What did we change?
 Mailed
to Title students at their home address
 2 books a week
 8 weeks
 Strategy reminder card in each mailing
 Served as a weekly reminder to read, with the
necessary materials included, no need to look for them!
Children choosing their books
Two books and a strategy card
CAFE strategy cards
Books in your Box
 $3500
for books (approximately 140 children, 16
books per child)
 $1500 for postage (8 weekly packages)
 $150 for ziploc baggies (zipper pull kind)
End of the summer survey
Books in your Box
 Survey
sent home in September, after school started
 47% surveys were returned
 100% parents and students liked getting books in the
 “It
raised the interest level for my child and reminded me of
his correct reading level.”
 “They were great books. They also served as a good
reminder to practice reading as it is easy to forget to do
and before you know it the summer is over!”
Survey comments
“Yes, who doesn’t love to get mail? Unless someone
wants your money and then you don’t! ”
“He loved getting the books in the mail and enjoyed
reading the books to us. He loved going to get the mail
to see if he got his book for the week. Just really
excited ”
“It made her feel special to get mail like the adults.”
“The books were fun and that made it easier to get him
to read them.”
“At first she didn’t like getting the books in the mail
because I would make her read them.”
Survey comments – strategy cards
“As a parent, I don’ t always know how to help my
child read. I didn’t go to school to learn to teach.
These strategies helped me help my child.”
“I could help her in reading without giving her the
“It helped me to help him and to be more patient
with him.”
Only one suggestion: a reading chart to turn in for
a prize
Preliminary Summer Reading Initiatives’ Data,
rising first graders
Preliminary Summer Reading Initiatives’ Data,
rising second graders
Diminishing the summer slide . . .
Read and Roll
Books in your Box
[email protected]

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