Increasing bus service on Metro Local 256

Increasing bus service
on Metro Local 256
By: Israel Figueroa, Reyes Lucero, Yair De Jesus, Toby
• Metro Local Line 256 runs
between Commerce and
• According to the official
Timetable, bus frequency is
about 45 minutes
• Passengers do not like
waiting for the next bus.
Bus service is limited in this bus.
Passengers have to wait a very long time for the bus
to show up.
The service on the line runs on
Current ridership
Monday thru Friday:
Morning: 70-100 each way.
Afternoon: 60-90 each way.
Some of these buses get very full and passengers
have to be standing, wait a long time for the bus to
begin with.
Who takes care of bus
Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority (Metro)
is in charge of buses in Los Angeles County.
The person that in charge in timetable and increase
of bus service is Conan Cheung.
Proposed solution
We want an increase of bus service in this route.
Having service increase from 45 to 30 minutes,
mostly during rush hour.
This includes having two additional buses
More open seats.
To get our proposal to the public and to Metro
Representative, we created a petition.
Effects to the customer
For the customer, no actual changes.
Everything is kept at Metro Official bus fare.
Effects to Metro
Action Taken
For our petition, we took the bus.
Both northbound and southbound.
We also got comments from the public, including
Increasing to 20 minutes
Instead of 31ft buses to 40ft buses.
Half of the people who signed our petition are
residents that surround the 256.
Action Taken
We met up with Metro’s Conan Cheung,
Presented our plan.
His conclusion:
That adding more buses cannot be approved.
To decrease non-rush hour and/or weekend service.
How much does it cost yearly?
At $ 1000 per day.
To shorten where the bus route travels.
Our next steps, include:
Revising the timetable
Allocating funding to increasing service.
Thank You

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