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Mobile Feeding Sites
2013 Colorado Summer Food Service Program
Increase your feeding sites by
thinking outside of the box!
 Park
 Pools
 Community or Rec
 Playgrounds
 Libraries
 Apartment complexes
Housing projects
Migrant centers
Mobile home parks
To reach children living in rural areas
To reach children living in pockets of poverty
Pockets of Poverty
To determine pockets of poverty the following sources may be used:
1. School data
2. Census Block Group (CBG) data
State Agency approved data such as; local zoning data, housing authority
information, and economic surveys.
The use of nontraditional means of meeting the nutritional needs of lowincome rural children during the summer is encouraged.
Will you bring the site to these children?
Will you bring the children to the site?
To bring the site to children :
The bus and/or mobile feeding vehicle stops in a number of places and
provides meals to children at each stop along its route, with the children
eating on or near the bus and/or mobile feeding vehicle .
(1) Each stop must meet site eligibility criteria
(2) Meal service must be supervised
(3) Meals must be consumed on site
(4) Times of meal service must be established
(5) Food safety must be ensured and State and local health and safety
standards must always be met
(6) Vehicle drivers must have the appropriate motor vehicle licensing
(7) Efforts should be made to inform residents along the route of the
program’s availability.
To bring children to the site:
Children transported by bus or vehicle to a designated meal service site.
(1) Children must be transported safely in vehicles in good condition by
properly licensed drivers.
(2) The site must follow all SFSP regulations
(3) In accordance with the definition of “Operating costs” at Section 225.2,
the cost of transporting children to feeding sites in rural areas is an
allowable operating cost
Food Safety
Hot & cold storage
Pans & utensils
Seating & awning
Hand washing station, gloves, & thermometer
Preparing food
Serving food
Hot or cold meals?
Set up, serve, & pack up
Preoperational, first week, & within first four weeks
• Food
• Equipment
• Gas
• Vehicle
• Kitchen & Site Labor
• Driver
• Office Staff –bookkeeper & secretary
• Monitors
• Administrator
Sponsors That Implemented A
Mobile Feeding Plan In 2012:
Colfax Community Network
Colorado Springs D-11
Food Bank for Larimer County
Food Bank of the Rockies
Jefferson County School District
Mapleton School District
Thompson Valley School District
 As traditional summer school programs have
Springs D-11
declined, so has transportation to school sites.
This impacted participation at summer school
sites for various reasons:
 Parents were either unable or unwilling to drive
children to school when no other program
Many children had to walk long distances to
school sites.
Hot weather making it unappealing to walk even
short distances to school sites.
Major streets to cross making it hazardous for
Springs D-11
These conditions set the stage for outside the box
thinking and the resulting implementation of
mobile summer food service sites.
If children couldn’t get to the program sites then
the program would go to them.
Mobile site selection was based on the following
 Geographical location with 51% or more
documented free and reduced population.
Driving time and distance from central kitchen
Possible participation numbers
The ability to not only provide eating area but
coverage in the event of inclement weather.
Janine Russell
Assist Dir. Food & Nutrition Services
Colorado Springs School District 11
Each Truck has the Following
6’ polypro. table
Heavy duty vinyl tablecloth
Milk Barrel- holds 100 ½ pt. cartons
Pan rack, 5” tall
Insul Ice pillows
Insulated rack cover
Sheet pans or cambro containers
5 gallon water vat with spigot
Food thermometer
Alcohol wipes for thermometer
HACCP Daily Temperature log
Small three ring binder to hold logs
PolyJohn portable hand washing
Or –5gal beverage container with
2 gallon bucket to catch grey water
Plastic shoe box container with lid
Hand soap
Hand Antiseptic gel or liquid
30 gallon trash can with bag liner
First aid kit
Serving utensils
Serving gloves
Meal program paperwork/ clipboard
Pens, pencils, steno notepad, stick
Signage – Justice for All , Meal time,
meal consists of , etc.
Table top sign holders
Briefcase to hold all office items
Truck banner advertising SFSP
12 phone
Smiling faces
Serving area
Serving area
Freezer panels keeps milk cold
Holds pans of food for route
Keeps food cold on pan rack
Keeps food cold on pan rack
Holds food on pan rack
Water option for meal
Food safety
Food safety
Food safety
Food safety
Hand washing
Approximate Cost
Western Dairy Assoc.
$172/case – case covers 3 racks
$287 per cover
$10+ per pan
$5.00 for box of 100 or so
Hand washing
Hand washing
Holds single fold paper towel
Hand washing
Child use before meal service
Holds trash
Employee safety
Food safety
Food safety
Safety and program
Many of the items listed
may be obtained from a
kitchen site without added
equipment expense.
D-11’s Mobile Site Menu
A two week cycle upscale cold menu was created. The intent was to
make this an appealing meal that would entice children to come
back. The meal not only had to meet USDA criteria but also had to
meet our healthy nutritional guidelines.
Entrée examples:
Asian Noodle salad with Teriyaki Chicken
BBQ Chicken Wrap
Chef Salad
American Sub
These were served with either fresh veggies and/or fruit (sourced
locally whenever possible), sometimes a side salad such as Potato
Salad, and milk.
These items were all produced and individually pre packaged at the
central kitchen. Each meal averaged $1.10-$1.32 in food cost.
D-11’s Mobile Site Training
In addition to our regular SFSP training we held training for our mobile staff
• Food safety and sanitation unique to mobile routes
• Customer service aspects of respecting private property management wishes
• Rules regarding meal service in city parks
We established good partnerships so that the locations could be used the next
Food Bank of the Rockies
The 2012 Lunchbox Express
 Operated 9 sites
 Served 1,620 breakfasts
 Served 21,232 lunches
The meals were prepackaged, USDA approved that
could be served at locations throughout the Denver
metro area such as Parks, Schools playgrounds,
Libraries etc… Wherever there are children that
need a meal. The bus had a scheduled time to
arrive at each site and a scheduled departure
time. This schedule allows them to be at multiple
sites on the same day. These types of mobile
delivery systems are essential to the success of our
Summer Food Service Program.
Sheryl Stroup, Operations Manager
Nutrition Network, Food Bank of the Rockies
Food Bank of the Rockies
The cost of a delivery truck (3/4 ton fully
equipped with refrigeration and oven units)
is approximately $77k. For more
information contact Lee who will connect
you to their purchasing department.
Director, Nutrition Network Department
Food Bank of the Rockies
10700 E. 45th Avenue
Denver CO 80239
Direct: 303.375.5844
Main: 303.371.9250
Toll Free: 1.877.460.8504
District R-1
District R-1
Bus Conversio n Costs
Bench Tables - $2,260. 80
Generator - $8,437. 00
PA System - $175. 00
Awning - $740. 90
Outside Tables/Chairs - $460. 00
Generator Installation - $2,312. 50
Electrical Installation - $2,450. 00
Total: $16,835. 40
Graphics - $3,687. 40
Grand Total - $20,522. 6 4
J e r r y J o n e s , F o o d S e r v i c e Fa c i l i t i e s S p e c i a l i s t
J e f fe r s o n C o u n t y P u b l i c S c h o o l s ,
Food & Nutrition Services
8 0 9 Q u a i l S t , B l d g . 1 , L a ke wo o d , C O
P h o n e : 3 0 3 - 9 8 2 - 2 5 8 0 | j a j o n e s @ j e f fc o . k 1 2 . c o . u s
In 2010, we began to evaluate our county and found that
there were pockets of poverty not being reached through
Kids Cafe. In addition, as community awareness increased at
our current sites, we received calls from parents, asking if
there is a Kids Cafe near their neighborhood. Larimer County
is a place where poverty is sometimes hidden. After
researching hidden mobile home communities, talking with
families, teachers, community programs, school district
officials, we decided to launch Kids Cafe into two pilot
neighborhood sites.
The Food Bank
for Larimer
County (FBLC)
Kristin Bieri
Programs Director
Food Bank for
Larimer County
1301 Blue Spruce
Fort Collins, CO
970-493-4477 office
Program Model/Logistics
The Food Bank for Larimer County (FBLC) has a central
commercial kitchen in Fort Collins.
All meals and snacks are prepared in the commercial
kitchen and delivered by two drivers daily.
Food is delivered hot, and placed in electric hot-hold
Cambros boxes at each site.
A commercial cooler is provided for each neighborhood
clubhouse where all cold foods are stored.
The health department in Larimer County requires each site
be food licensed, which takes about 3 weeks.
One paid staff member and several volunteers serve food,
run programs, and complete required SFSP paperwork.
Monitoring is done by staff from FBLC.
The Food Bank
for Larimer
County (FBLC)
To plan these pilot Kids Club sites, all stakeholders were
brought together: The library
The local school
Community management
The meal service schedule was:
Monday and Wednesday
Tuesday and Thursday
9:30-10:00 breakfast
9:30-10:00 breakfast
10-12pm Literacy
10-12pm Healthy Kids Club
12-12:45 Lunch
12-12:45 Lunch
At Harmony Road, ADA was 80-100 children, simply walking out
of their homes into a safe and close-by clubhouse.
At Maple Terrace, a smaller low-income apartment community,
ADA was 25-40 children.
Another site was added in 2012, Timber Ridge, serving 1,416
lunches and 759 breakfasts during a 10 week program.
The Food
Bank for
County (FBLC)
Resources for Mobile Feeding
Successful sponsors
 Colorado Springs D-11
 Food Bank for Larimer County
Great examples from other states
Baltimore, Maryland
Chicago, Illinois
Fresno, California
Omaha, Nebraska
Best practices
 Model Programs booklet
& Funding
Food safety equipment
 Video- How to build a hand washing station
You Can Do It!
Create a “Mobile Feeding Unit”
Children in Colorado need your help.
Over 340,000 children in Colorado are eligible for
free and reduced meals during the school year.
Help provide meals to these children during the
summer months.
Special Thanks to:
Sheryl Stroup, Food Bank of the Rockies
Lee Boteler, Food Bank of the Rockies
Kristin Bieri, Food Bank for Larimer County
Janine Russell, Colorado Springs School District D-11
Linda Stoll, Jefferson County Public Schools
Jerry Jones, Jefferson County Public Schools
Abbey Vannoy, Hunger Free Colorado
For providing their time and informatio n on mobile feeding

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