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Picture taken from the entrance to President Gerald R. Ford’s Library.
Hotel Lobby
Hotel Registration Desk
Arthur H. Vandenberg, Jr. (1907—
1968), the Senator's son, worked for
the Senator for more than a decade. In
1952 President Eisenhower appointed
him Appointments Secretary, but he
took a leave of absence for health
reasons before Eisenhower was
Senator Vandenberg's nephew, U.S. Air
Force General Hoyt S. Vandenberg,
served as Air Force Chief of Staff and
Director of Central Intelligence.
Vandenberg Air Force Base was named
in his honor.
Senator Vandenberg's great nephew,
Hoyt S. Vandenberg, Jr., served as a
Major General in the Air Force.
(The Vandenberg Center is across the
street from the hotel)
Founded in 1845, the Grand Rapids
Public Museum is among the oldest
history museums in the United
States. Not that you'd be able to
tell from its sparkling facility, which
rises three stories above the
downtown riverfront. Inside, a
fascinating panorama of permanent
collections and temporary exhibits
preserve the treasures of the past
and the present.
Permanent collections include:
The People of This Place,
Collecting A-Z,
Furniture City,
Streets of Old Grand Rapids,
This public Museum is behind the hotel
a short walk over the Grand River.
Fishing on the Grand River behind the hotel
A few miles north of the hotel
A few miles north
President Karen Clark
and Vice President
James Wardwell are
sitting in the lobby of
the hotel “Under the
Sunburst” sideboard,
an elegant sideboard
from the late 1800’s.
We hope to see you
in beautiful Grand
Rapids next year.
Karen & Jim

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