Fitbit Screenshots Powerpoint

This is the Dashboard which appears
up on log in.
When you get a device, you can activate it here:
Once you receive an invitation to join the CBH Activity Group,
you will find it under Community, then Activity Groups
Once you set up a device, you can add more modules
to your dashboard with the blue icon on the far left.
To update your Personal Info, View Notifications, or Control
your Privacy Options, use the General Settings button.
You can control your Privacy Settings with 3 options for each category: move the radio
button to select whether only You, Friends, or Anyone can view that data.
On each square of the Dashboard, you can click for more information.
When your cursor is on that square, you can highlight the lower left
corner (purple) to change your goals or the lower right corner (green)
to get more info, including your activity history.
You can use the Log tab at the top to manually
enter activity info, weight changes, sleep, etc.

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