GradesFirst - University of Hawaii at Manoa

Student-Athlete Academic Services’
Experiences with the Program
Background: Why SAAS?
 NCAA Eligibility Rules
 SAAS monitors academic progress/success of each SA
 SAAS developed many support programs
 Tutorial, Study Groups, Peer Mentoring, Mandatory
Advising, Orientations, Etc.
 SAAS begins looking for ways to manage it all
 Discussions with colleagues at other institutions
 GradesFirst
 SAAS using GradesFirst as Pilot Program for UHM
GradesFirst: What is it?
 Web-Based
 Early Alert system to help identify and support at-risk
 Students, advisors, faculty, and other support staff can
monitor the academic progress of students (links them
all together)
 Provides a good forum for communication and
GradesFirst: How do we use it?
 Progress Reports
 Coordinating Tutorial Services
 Organizing group activities (advising, study
groups, seminars, etc.)
 Communicating with students
 Monitoring student traffic
 Time Management (Calendar)
 Search Functions/Generating Reports
GradesFirst: Potential benefits for others
 Progress Reports
 Students can be referred to services across campus
 Advising Management
 Kiosks
 Email/Text Reminders
 Facebook Integration
GradesFirst: Challenges
 Setting up user roles (Permissions)
 Breaking old habits (Growing Pains)
 Using GradesFirst to its full capability
 Will be tricky to implement across many
 Many different places to log in
 MyUH, Laulima, Gmail, etc.

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