MYP Fall Orientation -

2011 Fall Orientation
Middle Years Program
Henrico High School
Priscilla Biddle
IB Coordinator
Review of the Program: Mission Statement
The International Baccalaureate aims to develop inquiring,
knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a
better and more peaceful world through intercultural
understanding and respect.
To this end the organization works with schools, governments
and international organizations to develop challenging
programs of international education and rigorous assessment.
These programs encourage students across the world
to become active, compassionate and lifelong
learners who understand that other people,
with their differences, can also be right.
The Learner Profile
IB learners strive to be:
• Inquirers
• Knowledgeable
• Thinkers
• Communicators
• Principled
• Open-minded
• Caring
• Risk-takers
• Balanced
• Reflective
MYP Areas of Interaction
Approaches to Learning
Community and Service
Human Ingenuity
Health and Social Education
Our Curriculum:
Grade 9, Level 4 MYP
• English 9
• Language – Year 2 or 3 of Spanish or
• World History and Geography II
• Biology
• Geometry or Algebra II
• Arts (Theatre or Visual Arts) –
• Technology – semester
• Health and PE
Our Curriculum
Grade 10, MYP Level 5
• English 10
• Language – Year 3 or 4, French or
• US Government and Virginia History
• Chemistry
• Algebra II or Extended Math
• Arts: Theatre Arts or Visual Arts
• Health and PE
• Assessments and Personal Project
completed toward the MYP Certificate
Creativity, Action and Service
• Graduated involvement that focuses on Learner
• increase their awareness of their own strengths and areas for
• undertake new challenges
• plan and initiate activities
• work collaboratively with others
• show perseverance and commitment in their activities
• engage with issues of global importance
• consider the ethical implications of their actions
• develop new skills
Our CAS Process
• Students must have two goals each year in grades 9
and 10
• Goals must address at least 4 of the 8 outcomes
and one must fit each of the three categories:
creativity, action, service
• Current activities such as sports, music lessons,
religious training, such as for confirmation or bar/bat
mitzvah, count; there just has to be a goal/rationale
behind the activity.
ManageBac Subscription
• Online subscription service created by former IB
students and teachers
• Management system originally for CAS
• Expanded to all areas of submissions
• Must have an email address
• Convenient, paperless, no more “lost” papers!
Personal Project
• A student-centered project, research-based and
interactive, after which the student reflects on what he/she
has learned in a paper
– The personal project may take many forms, for example:
• an original work of art (visual, dramatic, or performance)
• a written piece of work on a special topic (literary, social,
psychological, or anthropological)
• a piece of literary fiction (that is, creative writing)
• an original science experiment
• an invention or specially designed object or system
• the presentation of a developed business, management, or
organizational plan (that is, for an entrepreneurial
business or project), a special event, or the development
of a new student or community organization.
Personal Project Support
English and chemistry classes
Freshmen complete a series of interdisciplinary
activities that lay the groundwork for the PP
• Grade 9
– “Practice”
– Technology as an “anticipated,” moderated subject
• Grade 10
All classes submit assessments for moderation
Students work on series of assessments over the year
Points accumulate over the year
See “All About IB” or the blog for Assessment Policy and
– Scores convert to a 1-7 grade
• HCPS pays for registrations and moderation fees
• Registration is going on this week and next in
English classes and will be verified next week before
October 15 deadline
• Any changes after October 15 will be charged to the
• Students may only register for one Arts elective
• Teachers choose representative sample of high,
middle and low achievement for each assessment
• Sent to subject moderators all over the world
• Accompanied by wealth of background information
to put it in context
• Moderators will validate, increase or reduce scores
• Provide teacher with “Moderation Report” for
Attaining the MYP Certificate
8 subjects and Personal Project
1-7 grade X 9 = 63 possible points
36 points will achieve the Certificate
No 1’s in any subject
Can’t have a 2 on PP
We have a great support system and record.
– Last year, only 3 out of 93 students eligible for the Certificate did not
achieve. We would ideally want 100%!!
Rigor and Workload
• IB curriculum is trans-disciplinary, high order
thinking, open ended – content AND concept
• Paint by numbers  Color in the lines  Design
your own
• Tests/projects/major assessments monitored
through Google Calendar
– No more than 2 per day
– Multi-level classes may encounter problems
– Quizzes not monitored
9th Grade Challenges
Adjustment to high school rigor
Balancing extra-curriculars with school work
Making new friends
Joining the community and getting involved
Transportation to activities
10th Grade Challenges
Increased academic rigor
Personal Project
Time management and balancing activities
Assessments for the Certificate
Social life
Starting to think about college???
Support for Students and Parents
• Specified and
• Seminars
communicated expectations
– Enhance trans-disciplinary
and parent input
– Support PP and CAS
– “All about IB”
– Blog • Team leaders
– Teacher course outlines and
– Community Advisory Council
• Communication
– Keeping an eye out for crisis
– Recognizing student success
• Breakfasts
• “Biddle Pass”
– Blog
• IB counselor
– School Space
– Emails
Support Documents
• Found in “All About IB” and on the blog
– Academic Honesty Policy
• Website
– Assessment Policy
– Language Policy
– Special Needs Policy
How parents can support us!
• Program wide committees
– Volunteer
– Advisory Council
• Grade level committees
Learner Profile Gift Bags
Field Trip Chaperone (was Picnic Committee)
Personal Project or IB Ceremony
Questions and Answers
We think; therefore we be!

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