IB MYP Authorization Timeline

IB MYP Authorization Timeline
Will IB help us develop the type
of learners we envision?
Can we make this a priority?
Is a critical mass of our staff
committed to change?
Have our teacher-leaders
translated what is learned from
formal IB workshops into
classroom practice?
Has the understanding of the IB
model grown in our building and
among our stakeholders?
Have our resources been dedicated
to our pursuit of IB authorization?
Have additional teachers
experienced IB workshops at
higher levels?
Is the IB experience guaranteed to
all students in all subjects?
Have we identified our next steps
for growth as an IB school =
reauthorization in 4 years!
PLC Collaboration
Collaborative scoring of student work
Vertical alignment of curriculum content/skills
Data analysis of formative assessment results
Examination of common practices/protocols

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