Trading Competition - Queen`s University Belfast

Queens University Trading &
Investment Club
Welcome to the Second Meeting
Order of business
Next Week
Elect committee
SMF Update
IB competition
– Sign up
– Demo
Paul McNulty - Fund Manager for Setanta Asset Management
QUTIC Committee
• Dominic McNeill (Elected)
• Brendan Boylan (Elected Vice President)
QUTIC Committee
Treasurer :
• Patrick Toner
• Jamie Mackenzie (Elected)
QUTIC Committee
• Niamh Quin (Elected)
• Lisa Hutchinson
For anyone who:
• has yet to sign up
• has yet to pay up
• didn’t get an email from Chris last
week…please reconfirm your QUB email
Student Managed
• Applications for the Student Committee have been
• Short listed candidates will now be interviewed.
• Asked to prepare:
– Maximum 2 page analyst report (B/H/S and 12m target)
– Short presentation (without slides)
• Candidate interviews for the CEO role are
tomorrow afternoon (Wednesday 15th)
• CIO, CRO, CFO dates…..TBC
• Sector heads and other roles will be allocated
by the student committee.
• CEO to schedule first full meeting of SMF.
Student Managed Fund
IB Trading Competition
• Trading and Investing Competition using
Interactive Brokers
– US-centric platform
– Real time data
– Accessible from anywhere
– Browser, iphone, ipad apps (order book)
• We’ll run one competition from now until end
of first semester
IB Trading Competition
• Last year we changed a £5 entry fund which
was used as a prize pot.
– 1st Aaron C Doyle £95
• Plus £75 from Quilter Cheviot
– 2nd Ryan McGahon £57 (£19 risk adjusted prize)
– 3rd Kevin Shannon £19
• Your committee will decide how the
competition runs.
IB Trading Competition
Next steps
• Register your interest
• You will be invited to set up an account
• You need to remember your:
– username (you have to create one)
– Password
• Start trading!
Market tab to track market
Configure your own watch list
Account tab to track your portfolio
• Cash balance
• Current positions/prices
• Average cost, PL, etc
Products tab for charting, securities of interest
Order Management placing/reviewing order
• A order only becomes a trade once executed
• At a minimum set BUY/SELL, quantity and symbol
• Then ‘Preview Order’ and ‘Submit Order’
IB Trading Competition
Market (MKT) versus Limit (LMT) orders:
• A MKT order executes at the best price
– always executed subject to liquidity
– price not guaranteed
• A LMT order executes at a price no worse than
the one you specify
– price limit guaranteed
– execution not guaranteed
IB Trading Competition
– when you buy you pay the ask price
– when you sell you get the bid price
So click on:
– ask to buy
– bid to sell
– or use open/close
Watch out for the tool tips
IB Trading Competition
Your portfolio is marked to market and reflects
the current market price
Your PL is unrealised until you reverse your
original trade.
Then it becomes realised PL
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“facebook QUB Trading & Investment Club”
[email protected]

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