How we express ourselves

Fernway School
Fernway School
“Welcome to the Fernway Family”
– One of five K-4 Buildings:
Boulevard, Fernway, Mercer, Lomond, Onaway
– Built in 1927
– 15 Classrooms, 3 per grade level
– Over 350 students
– 37 staff members
The Mission of the Schools
The District will nurture, educate, and graduate
students who are civic-minded
and prepared to make ethical decisions;
who are confident, competent communicators,
skillful in problem solving, capable of creative thinking;
who have a career motivation and a knowledge of our
global and multicultural society.
Our Mission:
Civic-minded, ethical students
• Student Mediation
• Student Group on Race
Relations (SGORR)
makes annual visits to
the 4th grade
• Family Service Projects
Our Mission:
Confident, competent communicators
• Curriculum centered on
effective and varied
• Readers Theater
• Reading groups
• Writers Workshop
• Kindergarten Journaling
• Performances
Our Mission:
Skilled Problem Solvers
• Curriculum-centered
problem solving
• Chess Club
• Enrichment Programs
• International
• Successmaker computer
• Science Lab field trips
Our Mission:
Creative Thinkers
• Curriculum centered on
creative outcomes of
• Music and Art classes
• Art Club
• 3rd grade Musical
• 4th grade Poetry Play
Our Mission:
Career Motivated Students
• Scientist in the
• Parent career visits
and volunteerism
Our Mission:
Global and Multicultural Knowledge
• Mandarin Chinese
taught weekly
• International
mindedness a focus
of IB
The Mission of the International
Baccalaureate Organization (IB)
“The International Baccalaureate aims to develop inquiring,
knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better
and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and
To this end the organization works with schools, governments and
international organizations to develop challenging programmes of
international education and rigorous assessment.
These programmes encourage students across the world to become
active, compassionate and lifelong learners who understand that other
people, with their differences, can also be right."
Who we are
Where we are in place and time
How we express ourselves
How the world works
How we organize ourselves
Sharing the planet
PTO IB Arts integration experiences
Susan Weber worked with
fourth and first grades – in
fourth grade the students
learned about local history
through story telling and the
kindergarteners talked about the
elements of story and had a
chance to act out two stories
from others cultures
Kevin Maury helped the third grade
students design a character mural!
Grade 2 and 1 are coming!
Learner attitudes and attributes
Attribute of the week:
I use my words
to share my thinking and
I listen to my friends.
Some of our essential
Some of our
wonder walls
Featured Country:
Some of the world’s oldest human fossils
have been found in Kenya.
Kenya’s elephants and rhinos have been
hunted for their valuable ivory tusks for a
long time. To protect these animals, Kenya
has made the ivory trade illegal.
Kenya is known for its beautiful grasslands,
called savannas, where zebra, gazelle, and
other animals live.
The equator runs across Kenya, so the
weather is hot. During the wet seasons it
can rain for several hours a day.
Previous Kindergarten IB
• Who we are
People discover who they are
by learning, working, playing
and having new experiences
• How we organize
People use signs and tools to
communicate, organize and
stay safe.
• Sharing the Planet
Conflicts can be solved
• How we express
Exploring and responding to
literature helps people
discover and express ideas
and feelings.
Previous Kindergarten IB planners – How
we express ourselves
Students can tell you the
elements of a story!
Students visited the public
library to learn more about
story writing and telling!
Current Kindergarten IB planner
Where we are
the place and
Central Idea:
Every living
thing needs a
place to stay
and places to
Previous 1st Grade IB
• Who we are
People build relationships by
living, working, playing and
learning with other people
• Sharing the planet
People protect natural
resources through careful
• How we organize
People fulfill their needs and
wants by selecting different
goods and services.
• How we express
Literature informs, unites,
and entertains individuals
and groups.
Previous 1st Grade IB planner
Graphic courtesy of Ellen
Seguin, Fernway parent
Students analyzed stories for
characters, setting and major events.
Current 1st IB planner
How the world
Central Idea:
Liquids and
solids can
shape, and
Previous 2nd
Grade IB planners
• Who we are
People make choices in
various settings and their
actions have a consequences
• How we organize
People make, buy, sell and
use goods and services to
survive and enjoy life.
• How the world works
Many events in the natural
world occur with predictable
Current 2nd Grade
IB planner
Sharing the planet: Living things
• impact
the environment in which
they live; the environment also
impacts living things
Students are
researching an
endangered animal
– murals to follow!
Upcoming 2nd grade IB planner
How we express
• Central Idea:
Artists express
their feelings
which causes
others to react in
their own ways.
Amanda Powell is
coming to help the
students write their
own songs April 13th!
Previous 3rd Grade IB planners
• How we organize
Members of communities
collaborate to establish
and implement
organizational systems .
• How we organize
Cultures exhibit both
change and continuity
across time and place.
• Who we are
People develop and
acquire skills to solve
• How we express
Authors and illustrators
communicate ideas by
using a variety of
techniques and styles.
Previous 3rd Grade IB planner
Students read, reacted
to, and illustrated
Previous 4th Grade IB planners
• Who we are
How people respond to
technologies and
innovations impacts their
• How we express
Artifacts give insights into
the habits and behaviors
of cultures throughout
• Where we are in
place and time
People immigrate and
migrate because of
challenges and
• Where we are in
place and time
Decisions promote or deny
equal opportunities and
social justice.
Previous 4th Grade IB planner
or jury
trying to
make a just
in fairy
tale trials.
Current 4th
Grade IB planner
• Sharing the Planet
• Central Idea: The
reshaping of the Earth
impacts the lives of
living things.
Happy birthday to…
April 9 – April 30
Grade 1
Grade 2
Claudia Cullen
Lauren Hilbert
Charlotte Glasper
Angel Coffee-Frazier
Hudson Jones
Gabrielle Gonzalez
Kylan Marshall
Tyrionna Jackson
Zachary Honig
TyTiana Davis
Javary Watson
Rose Hellesen
Madelyn Drew
Amani Redden
Max Treppo
James (Mac) Stewart
Grade 3
Grade 4
Joseph Mazzone
Caroline Brancato
Joshua Bickerstaff
Brandon Arnold
Alexandria Range-Peterson
Breyasia Worthy
Jackson Lang
Ryan Skall
Fernway staff
Mr. Belk
Mrs. Mohney
Upcoming and recent fieldtrips!
• 4/9
Berggrun to planetarium
• 4/11 Paskewitz to planetarium
• 4/12 Whidden to science lab
• 4/12 Zucca to Art Museum
• 4/18 Lewis to planetarium
• 4/19 Hannah to science lab
• 4/26 Brown to science lab
• 4/26 Vail to science lab
• 4/27 McGill to science lab
Fernway Important Dates!
• 4/17
Incoming Grade 5 Parent Orientation at Woodbury,
9:30 am & 7:00 pm
• 4/18 PTO Meeting, 7:00 pm
• 4/18 Incoming Kindergarten Open House, 9:30 am
• 4/19 Registration – Extended Hours 8:00 am – 6:30 pm
• 4/23 – 5/11 Ohio Achievement Assessments
• 4/26
Book Pad
• 5/1
Teacher/Staff Appreciation Lunch
• 5/1
Ice Cream Social & Band Concert H.S. 6:30 pm
• 5/17 Fernway Open House 7:00 pm
• 5/31 4th Grade Poetry Play 7:00 pm
PTO News!
ABC School Donation Program
Support Fernway School While You Shop!
Sign up for a Heinen’s Preferred Customer Card and register for
the Tasteful Rewards program.
Select (or reselect) FERNWAY as the school of choice at!
Heinen’s will make a donation of 1% of your purchase to PTO.
Celebrate Shaker’s 100th Birthday at the Ice
Cream Social & Band Concert
Bring the family to this annual celebration
on the High School’s front lawn, May 1 at 6:30 pm.
Enjoy a dish of ice cream, a slice of
birthday cake, and the sounds of
Shaker’s renowned bands from
Woodbury, the Middle School,
and the High School.

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