Sage ERP X3 Workflow

Sage ERP X3
What do we mean by “X3 Workflow”
An X3 workflow is a message.
The message may suggest an action by the recipient
A customer is placed on hold
Forward to crediting, cancel an order, …
The message may require an action by the recipient(s)
Purchase request requires signatures to be released to the suppliers
Approve or reject the purchase request
The message may be purely informational
A user logged on at this time and logged off at that time
In the end, these are messages meant to support business processes in an expedited fashion
Let’s look at these in detail
1 An X3 Object Changes State
Example: A high value customer has their sales order go on hold
State change on order to ‘Hold’
It could be processed with the next days business but it is a significant customer and a larger order –
Expedite the resolution via a workflow
Most objects in X3 have the signaling required to support X3 workflows based on object state changes.
New customer added
Change of an item
Creation of an invoice
Receiving a purchase order
And so on
2 Recipients-change an X3 object state thru workflow
Example: Purchase requests of a certain dollar value require specific approvals to
be released to an order
• Create a purchase request
• Request the signature – approve/reject – track responses
The signature message is inbound to X3
• While the signature functionality is dependent on the function, the workflow
process is generally independent of the function –
• For example, the functionality related to signatures on sales quotes is different
than the functionality related to purchase requests
• But the messaging aspect is the same – approve/reject
3 Report based on the current object state
Example: Alert customer and A/R when invoice of certain value goes past due by X
• In this case, the state change is caused by ‘time’
• The way to signal these types of state changes is by
• Running a workflow through all the concerned objects – in this case
unpaid invoices.
• Send an email to the customer with a copy of the invoice and notify
accounts receivable
• Expediting payments
This type of workflow is relatively new to X3
• And had an unusual name attached to it -- ‘batch workflow’
• Meaning –these types of workflows could be setup to run in batch
From these 3 types of workflow messaging –
• Create several variants to specialize the entry of the
workflow rules
The workflow monitor
• This is a way to view the workflow messaging and
signatures that have occurred.
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