The First Kazakhstan International Automobile Show Первый

The First Kazakhstan International Automobile Show
October 10-12, Astanа
The First Kazakhstan International Forum of Automobile Manufacturers
Первый международный Казахстанский форум автопроизводителей
“The Development of Kazakhstan Automobile Manufacturing Industry”
Why Astana?
Astana – the youngest capital in the world – is the largest business, diplomatic, trade and cultural center. All of the
governmental organizations, institutes of authority, diplomatic missions of the foreign states, and many national, joint
and foreign enterprises are located here.
In 1999 by the decision of UNESCO, Astana was awarded the World City title. Today Astana is included into the World
Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF). Every year there are various international exhibitions, forums, conferences, seminars
and congresses of a global scale organized in the city, in addition to various cultural actions and festivals. The capital of
Kazakhstan acquired the right of carrying out the World Fair "EXPO-2017".
Providing a unique platform for all world automotive groups to show new trends, opportunities, capacities and
achievements in the automotive industry in the center of the Eurasian region (Astana), and also creating a comfortable
atmosphere for the international business dialogue between potential partners and for solving strategically important
issues of the Kazakhstan market.
The First Kazakhstan International
Automobile Show
The theme of the exhibition:
 Cars, vans, lorries (trucks)
 Municipal auto equipment
 Hybrid and electric vehicles
Equipment for the Repair and Technical Service
Automotive Electronic Supplies
Auto chemicals and auto cosmetics
Auto accessories
Trailers, mobile homes
Car alarm and GPS navigation systems
 Buses, minibuses
Car tuning
 Moto transport
Road construction
 Auto parts for cars, special automotive equipment,
Car leasing and insurance
motor transports
Media and specialized literature
The First Kazakhstan International
Automobile Show
IEC "ExpoGroup" offers the following benefits to the participants of the exhibition:
1. Services in design and construction of individual stands for the participation in the
«Astana International Auto Salon» international exhibition;
2.Special offers on the printing services from the "ExpoGroup“ printing house
The First Kazakhstan International
Automobile Show
Benefits of the exhibition for the participants:
1 . Increasing the number of potential clients
2 . Gathering information on the expectations and desires of the clients
3 . Strengthening the company’s public image
4 . Reputation and competitiveness increase
5 . Presentation of a new company
6 . Acquisition of new business contacts for a possible joint business, etc.
7 . Presentation of new brands and models of the represented cars
8 . Presentation of the competitive advantages in automotive industry
The Kazakhstan international forum of automobile manufacturers - “The Development of Kazakhstan
Automobile Manufacturing Industry” or "Car Business in Kazakhstan" - will be held during the
exhibition days. This event will host the representatives of the Kazakhstan legislative and executive
power branches, the leading specialists of the automobile industry, both on local and global levels,
specialized state and commercial organizations, and the representatives of Kazakhstan along with
foreign Unions and Associations. Main goal of organizing the “Development of Kazakhstan Automobile
Manufacturing Industry” or "Car Business in Kazakhstan“ forum is to assist the domestic auto industrial
enterprises with getting business contacts, searching for partners and advancing the Kazakhstan cars to
the regional markets (the countries of the Customs Union and Central Asia).
The First Kazakhstan International
Automobile Show
-14 000 sq.m. – the territory of the exhibition area;
- 63 exhibitors from 9 countries of the world;
- 10 000 – expected quantity of visitors (all over the world)
Competitions and nominations:
- "Innovative development of the year";
- "The best car of the exhibition";
- "The best car service in Astana";
- Test drives, drift and drag racings;
Publicising of the event:
A) 14 specialised printed press with the general circulation of 57 000 copies that cover all the
regions of Kazakhstan and CIS;
B) 11 Internet resources with 2 217 048 visitors per year;
C) Sound-broadcasting: "Auto Radio" with coverage of all Kazakhstan regions;
Target audience:
• 1) State specialised structures of the Customs Union;
• 2) The largest national companies and holdings;
• 3) Commercial banks of all levels;
• 4) Taxicab fleets;
• 5) Motorists;
Starting the «Astana International Auto Salon», project we believe that the
formation and high growth rates of the Kazakhstan automotive industry will lead to
economic prosperity and the country prestige increase in the world market.
We are confident that «Astana International Auto Salon» will become a
significant event and a worthy decoration of the new capital, will make a big positive
contribution to the development and strengthening of the Kazakhstan automobile
market, and the level of organization will create a positive image for the country among
the world professionals of the industry and will become an indicative and annual event
prior to the upcoming "EXPO-2017".
The First Kazakhstan International
Automobile Show
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The First Kazakhstan International
Automobile Show

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