An Interview with Shakespeare

Study Guide Review
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 1. What did Shakespeare consider his main profession to
be? (Bloom: Knowledge)
 He considered himself to be more of an actor than a
 2. Explain why Shakespeare might find it unusual for
people to study his plays as examples of great literature.
(Bloom: Comprehension)
 His plays were meant to be acted out and watched
instead of read.
 3. What kind of play is Romeo and Juliet? (Bloom:
 It is a tragedy.
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 4. How would you describe Shakespeare’s family
life? How did it change as he grew older? Support
your conclusion using examples from the interview.
(Bloom: Analysis)
 He can from a large, wealthy family. When he was
only 18 he married Anne Hathaway and had three
children. His son Hamnet died when he was only
11. Unlike his childhood family, his family with
Anne was small. He left them to become an actor in
London, so he didn’t have much of a family life as
he grew older.
5. What event do we know occurred during the “lost
years”? (Bloom: Knowledge)
He moved to London to become an actor.
6. What is the name of Shakespeare’s theatre company? (Bloom:
Knowledge) Why
was it called that? (Bloom: Comprehension)
 They were the Lord Chamberlain’s Men because
Lord Chamberlain was their patron and only men
were allowed to act.
7. List three things that Shakespeare might have done during a
regular day as an
actor/playwright. (Bloom: Knowledge)
 Eat breakfast at the Mermaid Tavern to discuss
business. Rehearse and get the theatre and costumes
ready for the show. Perform a play. Eat dinner at the
Mermaid Tavern to count their money and discuss
tomorrow’s show. Introduce a new play. Continue to
write at night.
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 8. Who was Aemilia Lanier? (Bloom: Knowledge)
She was a Venetian musician and poet who may
have been Shakespeare’s Dark Lady.
 9. What was the name of the theatre that
Shakespeare helped build? (Bloom: Knowledge) The
10. Why do you think the Puritans, a strict religious group, wanted to
close down the
theatre? Why was the bubonic plague such a threat to Shakespeare’s
(Bloom: Analysis)
 The plays attracted a rough crowd including
prostitutes and pick-pockets.
 Puritans were also worried about the content of the
 The bubonic plague was easily spread through large
crowds, so theatres had to be shut down during an
11. What did Shakespeare leave his wife, Anne, in his will? (Bloom:
How do you think she reacted? (Bloom: Analysis)
 He left her his second-best bed.
 She probably was not very happy, and her feelings
may have been hurt.
12. Based on what you know, how would you compare
Shakespeare’s relationship
with theatre to that of his relationship with his wife?
(Bloom: Evaluation)
 Shakespeare spent most of his marriage away from
home because of the theatre.
 I think he probably loved the theatre more than his
wife because of how he chose to spend his time. I
also think they might not have had a great
relationship because of the age difference and
because of what he left her in his will.
If you could interview Shakespeare, what would you ask? Write
down at least one
question that you still have about the life and/or times of
 (Bloom:
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