Student Teaching in Puerto Rico

Experiences you’ll never forget
By: Erin Leonard and Liz McLean
EEUPR is the
laboratory school of
the University of
Puerto Rico. We
taught 1st and 6th
grade to class sizes
between 14 and 20
students. We taught
English as a second
The Students
1st graders
 The 1st graders cannot speak very
much English. They are very
energetic and eager to learn.
The whole class is given in
English. We had a lot of fun
with them!
6th graders
 The 6th graders are pretty much
fluent. There is a lot more
discussions in their class. They
learn English through a thematic
unit, which they choose. We taught
everything around the ocean (even
Your Host: Teresita
Teresita is your
cooperating practitioner.
She will also be your
host to the island! She
took us all around the
island as well as places
such as the grocery store
& airport trips. You can
learn a lot from her both
in and out of school.
Where you will be living
 Dorm – Plaza Universitaria
We lived in a “double” which
consisted of 2 single bedrooms,
sharing a kitchenette and a
 Your neighborhood – Rio Piedras
You live right off campus on a busy
street with lots of local bars and
local people. A lot of students hang
out on that street Thurs-Sat.
Where is the beach????!
You have to take
the BUS.
Escambron Beach
is a nearby public
beach. You can
take the bus for
about 75 cents
right outside of
your dorm. Isla
Verde Beach is a
longer ride but is
in a more touristlike area.
Field Trip
EEUPR has a lot of field
trips! We had the
chance to go across the
island with the 6th
graders to go
snorkeling, explore
mangroves, and
experience the
bioluminescent bay at
night. We left the
school at 9am and
returned home around
midnight. It was a full
day of adventures!
Necessary Mindset
-Open minded
- Easy going
-Ready to try
ANYTHING .. Whether
it is a new food or
figuring out the
complicated bus system
-Personable &
welcoming because you
WILL need help from
-Positive Outlook – We
learned that as long as
we stayed positive,
everything always turned
out okay! 
There are a lot of places you can go at night. If you go out around Rio
Piedras there are a lot of people and it is very cheap. If you are looking
for a more American setting, places like Isla Verde and Old San Juan
would be a good place to go, however you will pay the price. Taking a
taxi at night will be about 20 dollars each way plus whatever you spend
while out. People will be salsa dancing everywhere you go. 
What you will learn
 It is hard to explain how this experience will change
you. More than anything, it will change your attitude
about accepting and welcoming other people into
your life and classroom. You will feel what it is like to
be new and different from everyone else with
unfamiliar surroundings. There is nothing that could
replace what we have learned here.
 Buena Suerte! – Teacher Liz & Teacher Erin
 Feel free to contact us with any questions:
Liz – [email protected]
Erin- [email protected]

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