Spring Advising 2015 - CEAT Student Services

Presented by: CEAT Student Services
Check Out Our Website
 Studentservices.okstate.edu/advising
We are here to help!
 Academic Advising
 Career Services
 Tutoring
Free stuff!
 If you make an appointment and
see an advisor by October 31,
you will receive a free gift!
And, you’ll be entered into a drawing for an iPad……
Make an Appointment – This is Mandatory!
Step 1:
Select “Schedule an
Advising Appointment”
go to star.okstate.edu
and select “STAR
Step 2: Login using your
Okey account login
Make an Appointment
Step 3:
Select “Get Advising”
Step 4:
Choose the options
“Meet with My
Advisor” and then
Make an Appointment
Step 5:
Select your advisor
Step 6:
Choose an available
date and time
REMEMBER: Check your personal calendar/planner as well!
Make an Appointment
Step 7:
Confirm your
Appointment and set a
reminder by either Email
or Text
You have created an
advising appointment!
Note: You can see it in your calendar.
Come Prepared
 Go to
 Review your specific Degree
Requirement sheet
 Fill out your Trial Study Plan
REMEMBER: Bring both
documents to your appointment
Before your Appointment
 Check for Enrollment Holds
 These will keep you from enrolling….
 We will clear your advising hold
 Other holds? Bursar, 1is2many, etc.
 Steps to Check your Holds
 Go to prodosu.okstate.edu
 Select “Holds” under “Student Records”
 Complete the 1 is 2 Many Student Training
Advising appointment date vs. Enrollment date
 Check your enrollment date
 Go to prodosu.okstate.edu
 Select “Registration”
 Select “Registration Status”
 Scroll down to “Earned Credit”
Enrollment Date
Credit Earned
October 20
Honors Students
November 10
40 or more hours
November 11
35 or more hours
November 12
30 or more hours
November 13
20 or more hours
November 17
15 or more hours
November 18
1 or more hours
Advisor Locations
Use the iPads in EN 101 to:
 Desmond Harvey – 101 EN
 Craig Carter – 101 EN
 Jessica Ley – 101 EN
 Laura Emerson – 101 EN
 Laura Holcomb – 101 EN
 Chrystal Forman – 218 EN
 Suzanne Bilbeisi – 101 Architecture
 Jana Moore – 111 Ag Hall
 Sarah Ayres – 421C EN
Make Appointments
Take Exit Surveys
Check your D2L
Advising Appointment Etiquette
 Arrive on-time
 Be prepared to discuss your education
 Have a list of questions
 Review the Degree Requirements Sheet
 If you are late or are not prepared, you may be asked to
 Remove your earbuds and put away your phone
 If you cannot make your appointment, please log in to
star.okstate.edu to reschedule.
Check Class/Section Availability
 Log in at prodosu.okstate.edu
 Lots of ways to search….for example:
 Click on “Search by Subject” under Courses
 Find specific subject
 Make sure you are in Spring 2015
 Find specific class with the proper course number
 Check the available seats under Status Seats Available
 Do this for each class you want to enroll in
On your enrollment date
On-Line Enrollment begins at
7 am – Be Up and Ready
1. Enroll first in the classes that constrain your
schedule, or have just a few seats left
2. Have the Call Numbers for each class written
down so that you can type them all in at once
on the “Drop/ Add Registration” Page.
Finishing This Semester Strong
 Tutoring is Available-USE IT!
 Tutoring Options
 CEAT Academic Excellence Center Walk-In Academic
You can view the schedule at
 Mathematics Learning Success Center (MLSC)
5th floor of the library. Hours can be accessed at
Finishing This Semester Strong
 Supplemental Instruction
 Calculus, Physics
 Check with your professors
 Speak with your Professor
 Your professors are here to help.
 Most Professors have office hours- Do not be afraid to
use them!
 T.A. Office hours
 Go to your T.A.’s office hours. That is what they are
there for.
Come see us! We’re in 101 Engr. N.
 We are open 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday – Friday
 We have ‘Fast Track’ hours every day from 11:30 a.m. –
1:30 p.m. No appointment needed!
 Make an advising appointment – we can’t do advising for next
semester during this time, but we can help you with…
 Drop/Add
 Questions – if we don’t know, we’ll find out!
 Find a tutor
 Talk about different majors/minors
 Ask about professional school
 Change majors
 Find out about study abroad
 Learn about other resources available, not just academic
 Get some M&Ms or a snack…..

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