I do ice skating at Whitley Bay Ice
Rink. I go the every Sunday, Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday.
I have to wake up at 5:30 and I
have to go before school.
Anyone can go. If you want to skate then you can
go on a Saturday 9:30. You get to learn to skate
with the coaches.
Every year Whitley Bay
Ice Rink do a Christmas
show. Its always a really
good afternoon and
really fun to do.
This is the
Christmas show.
Also in May they hold a festival
trophy. The festival trophy is a
joke competition and its
where you can compete in
groups and you do a funny
entertaining routine. The last
festival trophy I did the
Flintstones with my friends:
Elliott and Emily.
I started by going to Polar Club. Polar Club
teaches you to ice skate. Every six weeks
there is a little test and if you pass you go
up a level. You get a badge and as you get
higher you get a medal then a plaque.
When I passed up to free style 7 my
coach, Karen Brannen, told me that I
could go on patch. Patch is what I go on
every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday. Patch means that you can’t go
on with hockey skates or hire skates.
My friend, Molly Sanderson, did ice
skating before me and she asked me to
go with her. I did. It was on a Saturday
and I did my first lesson.
Polar club 1. I was about 8.I loved it. So
every week I went back and did polar club
and every 6 weeks I did a badge.
I have done quite well when competing in
away and home competitions. This is all done
to my ice skating coach Karen Brannen. Karen
has helped me to get to Nisa level 3 and get
placed in a lot of competitions.
I have been to a lot places in
England to compete. But the
place I did the best was Grimsby
where I won! In Grimsby all of
my coach’s skaters go placed.
Now that I am on
patch I have my Nisa
passport. This means
that I can compete
in different parts of
I have
competed in:
• Grimsby
• Telford
• Hull
• Dundee
• Bradford
Nisa stands for National Ice skating
Association of Great Britain and N.I.
Nisa is an ice skating association for
the whole of Great Britain. It runs
all of the open competitions and the
Olivia Elizabeth Gedney
When I go training I just wear warm
trousers and a t-shirt. But when I do
competitions I wear dresses and I
have my hair in bun.
These are the
exact trousers
I wear to
I have 9 dresses in
total that I only
wear for
competitons or
At Whitley Bay Ice Rink there are a lot of
ice skating coaches. Here is a list of some
of them:
• Karen Brannen - my coach
• Carol
• Allan
• Susan
• John
They are the main coaches who go to
patch and teach private lesson early in the
morning. But here are the coaches who do
polar club:
• Karen
• Karen
• Anastasia
• Linda
• Lindsey
These coaches help
everyone from children to
adults to learn to skate.
Karen Brannen is my coach
and she has helped me to
win competitions and pass
There are a lot of members aged 3-25.
Adults, teenagers, kids and toddlers
can join.
If you join then you get to enter the
Christmas show and do the local
I spoke to Harry Cable
who plays rugby for
Percy Park Rugby Club.
Here are the questions I
asked him:
Harry “Ben Cowell in my
street brought me but I
was to young for his age
group so I didn’t go back
then my friend Nathan
Henderson brought me
and he got me playing
because he is the same
age as me and I have
played for 4 years.”
Harry” I go twice a week on a
Thursday and Sunday and I play for
school too so I go on a Wednesday
as well”.
Harry “ Anyone can go but
when you go to under 13’s
only boys are aloud to go.”
I asked Alisha because she
loves to ice skate too.
Alisha” I go with my sister ,
Sophie and my grandma.”
Alisha” I like it because it is
Alisha” I used to do
polar club but don’t
anymore because I
didn’t want to

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