Student Insurance & International Students

The cost is $744 for the fall semester
The cost for a spouse is $3110 *
The cost for children is $1412 per child *
The cost is billed to your bursar’s account
* Must apply for this coverage
For most international students – NO
You can not purchase insurance from your
Home country and cancel the NIU student
health insurance!
Doctor and hospital visits for illnesses & injuries
Preventive & well-care
Medically necessary x-rays and lab tests
Physical therapy
Mental health care (counseling)
Prescription drugs
Other necessary medical care
Vision *
Dental * (Dental insurance available)
Other exclusions are listed in our brochure
* These are covered through our AHPlus discount card
Your first choice should be Health Services!
Office visits and most services are free to students
taking on-campus classes.
If you can’t get into Health Services, make an
appointment with a local doctor.
If you need to see a doctor right away, go to an
immediate care clinic.
If it is life-threatening, go to the Emergency Room.
If you go to NIU Health Services:
Most things, including vaccinations,
immunizations, birth control are covered 100%.
You will owe $0
If you go to a doctor off campus or to a hospital:
You will owe your annual deductible - $250 &
20% of your medical bills up to a maximum of $5000
Then the insurance will pay 100% of anything else
We mail new ID cards
to you every year!
ID cards are mailed to
your local address
Be sure to UPDATE your local address in
your MYNIU!
Monday – Friday 8am – 4:30pm
Health Services Building
Room 201

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