July 25 th 2012 – Go/No Go Decision #1

NMDWS UI Modernization
June 20, 2012
- 93 Calendar Days left until Go-Live
- Everyday is a work day for certain employees
- All work in progress
VOSS Development
IVR Development
Transition Planning
Communication Planning
Phase IV – Program Integrity – Final Coding Stages
July 25th 2012 – Go/No Go Decision #1
- Qualifications
UAT Complete
Interface Testing Complete
Infrastructure Stress Test Complete
Converted Data that has fallen out meets Secretary Bussey’s tolerance
thresholds and operating procedures for handling those errors have been
- Next Steps
- Begin Blitz Communication to Legislature, Employers, Claimants, Third
Party Administrators, and data sharing partners (HSD, TRD, DFA,
USDOL, etc.)
- Begin agency line staff training on the system
- Clear defect queues.
August 17th 2012 – Go/No Go Decision #2
- Qualifications
- All blocking/critical defects have been cleared, regression tested, and
- Agency has successfully completed a two week operability test – can
DWS operate uFACTS Sept 1st, (business and IT)
- Completed transition planning, operating procedures in place for putting
down mid-stream working and picking it up on the other side.
- Next Steps
- Continue Blitz Communication – Alert Claimants to certify by COB August
27th in preparation for Go-Dark
- Continue agency line staff training on the system
- Setup War Rooms (developer, infrastructure, business analyst)
August 26th 2012 – Go/No Go Decision #3
- Qualifications
Training Complete
IVR Complete
VOSS Complete
uFACTS Complete
Transition Complete
Communication Complete
- Next Steps
- Prepare for shut down
- Run Final legacy payment batch for processing through Wells Fargo
August 31th 2012 – Go/No Go Decision #4
- Qualifications
- Has data conversion completed successfully
- Have all employer, claimant, and agency accounts been properly moved
to the new environment
- Have URLs/Firewall Ports/DNS/LDAP been successfully changed
- Next Steps
- Prepare for Smoke Testing
September 1th 2012 – Go/No Go Decision #5
- Qualifications
- Smoke Test completed successfully
- IVR Integration completed
- VOSS Integration completed
- Next Steps
- Prepare for release to the public
- Final Go/No Go Decision Point, once the public begins using the system
there is no turning back!
- Monitor application, run batches for September 2nd/3rd (offices closed for
Holiday weekend)
- Prepare for heavy call volume September 4th all hands on telephone calls
- War Rooms/Floor Walkers Senior Management monitoring progress,
fielding Governor/Media calls
Project Certification Change Request
- In order to successfully handle the uFACTS workload additional ports and
funcationality will be required in our IVR system.
- Project has been scheduled, DWS has been developing a detailed SOW
and creating exact specs for Century Link
- $172,085 for the initial setup, will increase the monthly cost to ~$75K per
- Discussing future IVR changes with DoIT based on funding availability
• Requesting release of additional
funding $172,085 funding for IVR
• Questions?

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