Kronos Overview
Go-Live Date June 17, 2012
Why are we implementing Kronos?
• Current Process:
– Sign in / out on paper
– Fill out AU-15 turn into supervisor and/or time
– Enter time into On Time
– Request leave in RFL
– Reconcile On Time to RFL to AU-15
– Have to know payroll rules
Why are we implementing Kronos?
• Kronos
Sign in / out electronically
Requests for leave in Kronos
Populate time sheet with sign in / out
Time off requested in the same system and
populated on time sheet once approved
– Payroll rules will be configured in the system
• Initially by Kronos
• ODOT will take over after go live
What will Kronos Replace?
• In this phase Kronos will replace:
– AU-15
– Sign in / out sheets
– OnTime
• This phase is not to replace EMS/TMS.
Will come at a later date.
Sign In / Out Options
Sign In / Out Options
• Computer
– For those who are in office environments or have
PCs assigned or are shared
– Can be on a scheduled or not
– Will have an audit trail of sign in / out
Sign In / Out Options
Sign In / Out Options
• InTouch Device
– For permanent non-office ODOT locations
– Touch screen / resembles a tablet
– Use proximity badge to sign in / out
• Not hooked to the doors
– Employees will have a schedule in the
– Will not sign in or out for lunch or breaks
– Can request time off, check accrual balance,
and approve time card through InTouch
Sign In / Out Options
Sign In / Out Options
• Mobile Device
– App to go on a smart phone
– For employees, can sign in / out, request
leave and approve time card
– For managers, can review employees time
– Still working with Kronos on the details
– Working on the details of who will have the
license and the ODOT policy
Sign In / Out Options
Sign In / Out Options
– For employees when they do not report to a
permanent ODOT location or location not
open year round
– Allows employees to sign in / out using a
touch tone phone
– Only for signing in and out
– Still working with Kronos on hardware and
network details
• If an employee has a schedule, rounding rules
will apply
– Each swipe is rounded individually to the nearest
1/10 of an hour
– Rules around signing in prior to shift start
– More details to come on rounding
Are schedules needed?
• For exceptions such as signing in early, missing
a swipe or swiping in off schedule, they are
• Not everyone has to have a schedule to use
Kronos but for InTouch users a schedule is
Time Off Request
• Employees can request time off in
advance for approval
– Will be routed to their manager for
– Once approved will go on the time card
• For requests in the past (sick leave)
working on details
Approving Time Cards
• Working on time card approval process and
who will approve when
Reports To
• Official OAKs reports to
– Will be for most employees
– Working with HR on ensuring they are
• Effort reports to
– For those employees who are reporting to
another manager but their home division
and cost center remains in tact
– Determining who will maintain this
Employees Into Kronos
• Employee information to come from OAKS
• Working with OAKS and Kronos to determine
• Want to have little to ideally no manual
Payroll Rules
• Pay rules will be built into the Kronos
application and assigned to pay policy groups
• Using identifiers in OAKs, employees will be
placed into pay policy groups
• Kronos will be creating the training
manuals and content for train the trainer
• Training department is working on the
training plan
– Tentative plan:
• Train CO Payroll and District Fiscal Officers in train
the trainer
• They will then train managers and employees
• The Office of Training will be sending out
• May 6
– Central Office Finance, Central Office Information
• They will be trained prior to May 6
• May 20
– District 5, Central Office Human Resources, Central
Office Engineering
• Will be trained prior to May 20
• June 3rd
– District 6
• Will be trained prior to June 3rd
• During the Pilot, those participating will
continue to do time entry as they do today.
• Once go live, will only enter into Kronos.
• Wendy Flowers
– Project Manager
– [email protected]
– 614-387-0459
• Crystal Beacom
– Project Manager
– [email protected]
– 614-728-6761
EIMS Overview
Go-Live Date – Planning In Progress
What is EIMS?
• Replaces EMS/TMS: (in combination with Kronos Phase 2 initiatives)
– Equipment
– Inventory
– Materials – incl. FUEL Management
– Facilities – Lands & Buildings
– Includes Activity Based Work Management for,
Garage, Road Maintenance, Facilities Maintenance
Why are we replacing EMS/TMS?
• Current system
– Old (Antique) Technology
– Limited Opportunity to Enhance EMS/TMS
– Lots of Paper Forms
– Lots of Data Entry
– System was not originally designed for the
tasks it is currently handling
– Not integrated with other ODOT systems
What will a new system give us?
• Less paper forms
• Handheld Devices to capture data/images (crew
• GIS Auto Locating Capabilities
• Links with Other ODOT data systems
• Better Work Planning and Estimating Tools
• Support standardization for equipment,
inventory, materials naming statewide
• Better data analysis tools
• Better collaboration tools
• Ellen Hall
– Project Manager
– [email protected]
– 614-387-5194

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