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Have You Wordled?
Created By: Deja De La Rosa
Curtis Middle School
Open your Internet and go to
Look for Create your own and click on it.
Type in the word(s) you want to use in your wordle in
the box provided.
To make a word larger than the other words type that
word in two to four times. The more times you type it,
the larger it will be in your wordle.
Let’s try typing your name.
2-4 times
Before submitting, highlight the words by clicking on
them the words will turn blue. Right click and select
You have to right click!
To submit your wordle, go to the bottom of the box and
push the box that says GO.
You will now select your
wordle style. To change to
another wordle style click
the button that says
To change the font or the
(style of writing go to
the box at the bottom
that says Open in
window and click on it.
Now on the top of the
new box click on font and
select the font you want
to change your wordle to.
To change the color
selection click Open in
Click color and select a
color scheme that you
would like to use.
After you are satisfied
with your wordle, open
up Microsoft Publisher.
Click the button that says
Blank Page Sizes.
Now go back to your
wordle and press the print
the screen button. To do
that, go on the key board
and push the button that
says Print screen which is
located next to the F12
After you have done that
go back to Microsoft
Publisher. Click on the
button that says
A3(landscape) 16.535
times 11.693
( You may have to click
To paste your wordle onto
the blank page in
Microsoft Publisher right
click and select paste.
Crop your wordle by
double clicking on the
image and the picture tool
bar should appear.
Use the crop tool (8th tool
from the left on the
picture toolbar) to
outline the wordle
itself. We want to get
rid of the rest of the
print screen image.
You can get rid of the tool
box by simply click the x
on the toolbar.
To crop your wordle you
are going to see 4 bold
lines one on each side
of your wordle.
Click out side the box and
you should see a green
dot at the top meaning
the cropping mode is
To stretch out the wordle
click on the white
circles to stretch it out
until it touches the blue
To make your wordle into
a poster click on the
button that says Change
Page Size on the left
Go to the top that says
Page and underneath it
should say 16.535 for
the width and 11.693
for the height. Change
the width to 24 and the
height to 36 and push
To resize the wordle click
on the white circles and
pull outwards until it
touches the blue line.
Now you are ready to
print a poster of your
wordle for the classroom!
Don’t forget to put
poster paper into the
poster printer!
To print, go to file and
click on the button that
says printer set up.
Now select the poster
printer. To do that, click on
the printer arrow and
select the printer that says
Poster Printer.
Now where you see size
under where it says paper,
click the arrow and select
the last choice which is
Oversize: Super D/A1.
Now click OK.
Go back to file and go to
print and click on it.
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