How did the United States raise an Army?

The US Enters the War
• Why did the US hesitate to enter the War
at the beginning?
• What event caused the US to enter the
How did the United States raise an Army?
• Selective Service Act
• Before draft—200,000 men
in service.
• 3 million men called to
• 2 million went into action in
How did U.S. soldiers help win the
• Sheer Numbers
• Freshness and Enthusiasm
• Determination---Beat the Germans
How did the U.S. build its naval force?
• Encouraged people to work in the ship
building industry.
• Government took over ships being built for
the Great Lakes and for private use.
• Fabrication - Assembling ships in a
shipyard by bringing in manufactured parts
and putting them together.
How did the U.S. Navy help win the war?
• Opened shipping lanes by
stopping U-boats.
• Convoy System Merchant ships were
surrounded by naval
ships for protection.
New weapons of Mechanized Warfare
Machine Guns
Poison Gasses
Cost of WWI
Civilians—13 million deaths
Military—13 million deaths
Injuries—20 million people
Refugees—10 million
Economic costs—$350 billion
With costs like this it is no surprise that
people called this “the war to end all wars”.
• The cost was so high, people could not
imagine it being worse.

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