Community Organisers

Jess Steele, Locality
Training Framework – revised Jun
Foundations of
3 day residential: 30-40 COs
from Kickstarter areas – Trafford Hall (Award)
Key concepts, principles, strategies and skills. Inputs, real-play and critical reflection.
Listening 1:1; how to build trust; power dynamics; motivation, mandate, mobilisation; code
of conduct/rules of engagement; action planning; sources of support; resources & guidance
Guided actions in local communities
Structured, facilitated ½-day E-sessions
Listen to people they know (friends, family,
host, not on the street)
E1: Reflect on listening to people you know.
Prep for listening door-to-door & more
Extend the listening to a wider group
Seek out excluded groups
E2: Reflect on wider listening & local power
Prep for analysis of listening material
Analyse listening results to identify actions
E3: Reflect on identifying actions from the
listening material. Prep for action
Take action
E4: Reflect on effectiveness of actions
Prep for camp
Confirmation of Plan – at 6 month point (Certificate)
Action plan including Go Deeper choice
Go Deeper
Go Deeper learning option (min 6 months)
PG Diploma in Community Organising – Manchester Metropolitan University
PG Certificate in Community Enterprise – Brighton University
Re:generate – immersion in Training for Transformation and community animating
Citizens UK – immersion in Alinsky-style citizen organising
Locality – immersion in community assets and enterprise, including the Organisation
Workshop approach as developed by Marsh Farm Outreach
Other options may be developed during the Discovery phase.
Visits and Exemplars
The Go Deeper learning phase will include visits to other Community Organisers
Re:generate will be creating a series of exemplar projects in 5-10 places around the country
Locality staff will arrange for knowledge & skills exchange visits to development trusts,
settlements and social action centres.
Graduation – at 12 month point (Diploma)
Reflection on achievements and learning from the plan & the Go Deeper option.
Action Camp/Knowledge
Annual Action Camp
Brings together all SCOs and MCOs active at that time
First camp early summer 2012
Festival style – perhaps Saturday to Monday
Include children and young people
Model of local community life at national level
Mass networking, testimony, action/campaign planning
CO Knowledge Hub
A Wiki style web platform to collate knowledge & info
Articles, documents and debates – thinkers, existing projects, info re projects, etc
Potential to comment/discuss philosophy of organising
Profile pages for all SCOs and hosts including static info, blogs and twitterfeeds
Q&A Forum where users can Find, Ask, Answer questions with e-bay style rating

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