*Let Her Go* By Passenger

This song is about heartbreak. Because one person sad and he only need his
lover when he let her go. The guy left his girlfriend and he sad. He miss her
and need her to come back to stay with him.
The speaker’s tone is sad or melancholy. The speaker is 2 nd person because he
is not discussing about himself. The mood of the song is sad. It’s made me
sad too because I have the same problem like this song. It’s change from
beginning to end.
The instrument create a sad mood like acoustic guitar and drums. The song
has slow beat and fast beat. The tone is kind of sad. The musicality are match
with the mood because when the speaker sing faster, the beat is going faster
The theme of the song is when you left someone, you will recognize that you
will need them and miss them. I learn something about this song that I should
not left someone behind so I might sad or missed them. The evidence of
theme is on line 3 the state is “ only know you love her when you let her go”.
The next evidence of theme is on line 11 the state is “you see her when you
close your eyes”
Example “But dream comes slow and they go so fast” (10)
Explanation : the dream is like it is alive but it’s not alive and they seem like
they can come and go back fast or slow.
Example “Everything you touch is surely die” (13)
Explanation : when he touch things it’s not going to die because he is not a
killing things that he touched.
Example “well you see her when you fall asleep” (23)
Because when he sleep he saw her. Otherwise he always thinks about her so
when he sleep he always sees her.
Example “ well you need the light when it’s burning slow” (1). “only need the
sun when it’s start to snow” (2).
Example “and you let her go” (33). “and you let her go” (34)
I choose this song because in the song, he left his lover and now he sad and
he need her to come back. I like this song because the sound of the song is
slow beat and fast beat and use only acoustic guitar and drums. The song is
connect to my problem that I left my friends and now I missed them and I
want to see them.
Passenger. “Let Her Go”. All the Little Lights. 2012.

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