O and A Level Scholarship Policy

O and A Level Scholarship Policy
Existing Practice- O Level
• Regular ongoing school practice
• Eligibility criteria for merit 3 years (means 1
• 25 % per scholarships with exceptions for a
child maintaining performance over the year it
can go up to 50 %
• Quota for merit scholarship and means
• Recognition
• Support
• Motivation
Weaknesses/ Issues
Because of merit scholarships, we lose out on
new students(don’t fall in 3 year)
Number of means should increase
Only in month of June, we are exhausted with
the scholarship quota
• Sibling scholarship/ concession ( at least some
• Remove/ reduce the 3 year bracket• Scholarship continues as the child where is in
cases of transfer ( the policy needs to be clear)
Existing Practice- A Level
• Three categories- Merit ()92 &, Means (5 %
and Co curricular 3%
• Based on the student strength projected
• First comes first basis
• Support
• Recognition
Weaknesses/ Issues
• 3 % quota for sports and co curricular is too
• Existing is not sufficient
• In A 2 its only 100 and 25
• Policy only says As will determine A2
scholarship: Need to put in writing the mock
exam for A 2
• More scholarships at time of admission
• Scholarships need to be tied with student
Attendance and mid year exam results
• Separate quota for BSS merit students and
other for non BSS

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