Our Place Getting Going Presentation

Our Place, Getting Going
Benwell and Scotswood
Community Action Planning
July 2014
• Welcome, Introductions, Context
• Getting Going Phase
• Proposal for Benwell and Scotswood
• Timeframe for this phase
• Identifying priorities and development groups
• Next steps
Partners engaged
Riverside Centre Health Project
Search Project
Millin Centre
Pendower Good Neighbourhoods
West End food bank
Success 4 all
Patchwork Project
Scotswood Area Strategy
Sure Start
St Margarets Church
Scotswood Resident Association
ABC connections
Northumbria Police
Newcastle City Council
West End Girls Project
What is the Our Place Programme?
• Package of support to help neighbourhoods
develop detailed plans for their local area
• First phase was to find out what priorities were
• Second phase to develop detailed Operational
• 141 successful areas (Benwell and Scotswood
one of these)
• 9 others in the North East (2 in Newcastle)
Proposed approach for getting going phase for
Benwell and Scotswood
Partnership Group
Identify priority themes
mtg 1
mtg 2
mtg 3
Scope out activities and themes
Logic chain models
Advisor Pool to offer expertise and skill share
Skillsbridge Brokerage Services to all VCS partners
On-going communication to all partners
Proposed Approach
• Partnership Meeting to discuss phase 2 and
identify broad priority/ies
• Development groups (3) to be established
• Roles and responsibilities of development
groups identified
• Membership of development group discussed
• Register VCS with SkillsBridge
• Match to businesses to address issues
Role of Design Group/s
• Take the priority areas and consider key
activities and services that have been proposed
• Prioritise these and identify 1-2 initiatives to be
costed out in detail
• Develop these “ideas” into firm fully costed
proposals outlining the proposed benefits they
will bring to the area
Membership/Responsibilities of
Design Group
• Key player in priority area
• Able to commit one staff/volunteer to participate
fully in all groups
• At least 3 sessions per group so looking at a
commitment of 6 hours
• Staff/volunteer be able, willing, knowledgeable
about the service area
• Chair? (VCS? SkillsBridge? Advisor?)
Advisor Expertise Pool
• Recruit 5-6 SkillsBridge advisors with expertise
in relevant areas ( VCS, impact, priority area,
capacity building, facilitation etc.)
• Could Chair groups?
• Could help to facilitate groups?
• Could sit in on groups and offer
Brokerage 121 support
• All VCS will be registered with SkillsBridge
• Areas of need will be explored building on
priorities identified in Phase 1 or new ones
• SkillsBridge will offer advisors to build capacity
and address project needs
• Have already matched a few organisations
• All part of helping to achieve VCS sustainability
• Weekly update to all partnership
• Separate page on SkillsBridge website we will
use to keep things up to date
• Keep events calendar updated
• Other websites can link into the website
Partnership Roles
VCS Organisations
Identify Priority Themes to plug gaps
Scope out activities and services for the
operational plan
Fund applicant,
facilitate and support development of
operational plan
Link to businesses for skillshare and expertise , 121
support to VCS and for volunteering and
Newcastle City Council,
Community Services Team
Support the development of the Operational plan
through provision of LA data
Provide links into wider NCC services and connect
with relevant initiatives and other groups
On-going discussions with VCS on various aspects
of Operational plan
Other Partners Northumbria
Support the development of the Operational Plan
through the provision of data and provide links to
other initiatives etc.
Cost Benefit Analysis
• Our place keen on CBA
• Mandatory for all groups to develop logic chains
(problem, solution, outcomes, impact)
• Depending on complexity of programme might
request a full CBA
• SkillsBridge will lead on this but more about this
in development groups
Timeline for Getting Going phase
Submission of logic model 1st September
Submit Draft Operation plan – 21st November
Peer Review – November to mid January
Final sign off – February
DCLG to sign off in March 2015
Going Further phase April 2015
Resources and funding
• Going Further
• Working with NCC and ward budgets to fund
identified projects
• Sourcing other funding? Lotteries Reaching
Communities? Newcastle Fund?
• Collaborative approach and separate VCS bids
Key benefits to partnership
Operational plan that will be a useful resource to
use to bid for funders have conversations about
funding etc.
VCS able to take advantage of opportunities
Level of involvement
Input to process and
defining priorities
Service design and
detailed scoping of
Ad hoc comments on
progress, comments on
developing plan etc.
Cascade information to
other groups
E-mail group
Themes from Phase 1
Potential Activities
Skills for life, skills for work
Basic skills support
Basic Household management skills
Personal development
Enterprising skills
ESOL in besopoke contexts and environments
Routeways to employment
and self-employment
Pre volunteering programmes
Volunteering programmes
Placement programmes
Work experience programmes
Pre apprenticeship programmes
Pre start animation, start up support
Advice guidance and
Welfare rights workers
Community Development workers/case workers
Advocacy work
Handholding resources to support early stage work
Our Community,
celebration, education,
Places and spaces, celebration initiatives, community
fund, music, arts and cultural activities, learning
through play, no outsiders, intergenerational
projects, health eating, waste reduction and
recycling projects
Task 1
• Handouts (work in groups of 3-4) each group to
focus on 1 priority area
• Is there anything missing from the priorities?
• How would you rate each of the priority themes
including any you identified as missing. High,
Medium or Low.
Task 2
Reflecting on your organisation and your own work
which of these themes would be most relevant
for you/other staff or volunteer to get involved
with and work in in partnership?
Complete feedback form to let us know how you
wish to engage

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