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The Program’s mission is to strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit
in our communities by providing programs that encourage youth
to stay in school, recognize business opportunities and to plan
for successful futures.
Program Scope
A unique approach in the design and implementation of
a program which combines practical exposure and
training in the various elements of entrepreneurship
with hands-on, active mentorship from vested business
and community stakeholders.
There is no better way to achieve the dream of business
ownership than by researching and writing a business plan.
Writing a business plan teaches strategic thinking skills, which
has important implications for virtually every aspect of life,
including personal and family relationships, career planning,
financial decisions and community involvement.
Introduction Continued
The Program offers a practical, hands-on approach to
preparing a business plan. Participants learn from experienced
instructors, expert guest speakers, and finance, marketing,
and banking professionals. They also learn by working
collaboratively and sharing ideas with other participants.
Game Changer presents the perfect opportunity for
innovative young students in Atlanta to learn, network, and
compete in a business plan competition for scholarships.
Participant Eligibility
• 10th - 12th grade student, in good standing, enrolled in a
high school in the metro-Atlanta
• Students who have shown leadership or possess
leadership qualities
• Must be nominated by the principal, guidance
counselor, or teacher at their school
The Participants & The Program
Herndon “Game Changers” are selected based on the following: 1) 10th, 11th or 12th grader who
attends a metro-Atlanta high school; 2) submit an essay on the topic of “How the life of Alonzo
F. Herndon serves as an influence for modern-day entrepreneurs”; 3) and a follow up interview
Game Changers enroll in the nine-month program which includes Saturday Entrepreneur
Enrichment Seminars
Game Changers work in PODS (of 3-5 students) to develop business plans unique to their own
goals and objectives and use this plan as the foundation for future success
The Alonzo F. Herndon Fellowships (Post-Secondary Scholarships) will be awarded to the Game
Changer Team with the business plan judged best
The Game Changer Program culminates with a graduation ceremony and the Game Changer
Business Excursion to the “Financial Capital” of the World, New York City
The curriculum for the program is derived from the nationally
acclaimed teaching module NxLeveL® for Youth Entrepreneurs.
NxLeveL conceived and designed this course with enterprising
youth in mind. The text complements classwork, and serve as a
reference book as young entrepreneurs start and grow
businesses. This 11-chapter curriculum can be presented in 13
modules, or in a traditional classroom, after school or camp
The Entrepreneur Enrichment Seminars
One Saturday per month the program will include enrichment
seminars that will focus on a specific aspect of entrepreneurism
(e.g., marketing analysis, capital, product development,
business planning, etc.)
Business leaders and Game Changers have the opportunity for
direct Interchange
Our approach is grounded in a five-point strategy that includes utilizing proven
pedagogical techniques to successfully impart knowledge in the following areas;
Business Plan
Business Plan
Learning Environment
Students experience cooperative, engaged and problembased learning in an environment which fosters cohesiveness
along with:
 A positive atmosphere
 A view of our global world
 Fair, level playing field
 Access to a caring individuals
 Computer/technology support
 Empowerment
 Respect
Measurement & Assessment
The program will implement various research-based
measurement and assessment tools inclusive of but not limited
to the following:
 Pre Assessment (PRA)
 Learning Style Assessment (LSA)
 Entrepreneurial Self-Assessment (ESA)
 Curriculum Based (CBA)
 Peer Project Assessment (PPA)
 Post Assessment (POA)
Participant Program Outcomes
 Improved
academic performance
 Increased problem-solving and decision-making
 Improved interpersonal and communication skills
 Job readiness skills
 Enhanced social psychological development
 Perceived improved health status
Program Benefits for Funders
Further the impact of entrepreneurship among the
next generation
Co-create entrepreneurship opportunities as a viable
career option
Introduce youth to brand through entrepreneurship
Create a lasting legacy of an entrepreneurial culture by
helping today’s youth understand they have an option
to shape their own future
Our Team
Our team- is comprised of a dedicated group of professional
entrepreneurs, marketers, trainers and professionals with global
expertise in business education and development.
Volunteers - giving students the opportunity to hear from and
interact with real-world entrepreneurs and business leaders is
essential to the Game Changer experience. Classes will have guest
speakers regularly. Students will also be paired with business
coaches to assist them in developing their business plans.

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