The study guide

Welcome at the Faculty
of Science
Information Session
September 19th 2014
Faculty of Science: Facts and Figures
• 3,148 students (of which 600 international students)
• 150 professors, 650 assistants & researchers, 150
administrative and technical staff
• 3 Campuses (Leuven, Heverlee and Kortrijk)
• 8 bachelor programmes in Leuven, 5 bachelor
programmes in Kortrijk, 12 master programmes in Dutch,
11 master programmes in English, and 3 advanced
master programs
• 100 finished PhD’s per year
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Faculty of Science
Advanced master
Initial master
Structure of the academic year
2 semesters:
- Sem 1: start September 22nd
13 weeks of classes and 4 weeks of exams
- Sem 2: start February 9th
13 weeks of classes and 5 weeks of exams
22/12-4/1 : Christmas Holiday
2/2 – 8/2: course free week
4/4 – 19/4: Easter Holiday
Structure of the academic year
3 examination periods:
1. 12/1/2014 – 31/1/2015
2. 08/6/2015 – 27/6/2015
3. 17/8/2015 – 05/9/2015
Announcement of the results :
1. Mid february
2. Between 29/6 and 3/7 (conditional)
3. Between 7/9 and 11/9 (conditional)
After the announcement of the results, students have 5 calendar
days to ask for feedback and if necessary to register an official
You can find the administration of the Faculty of Science at the
‘Geel Huis’ (Yellow House)
All information concerning administrative issues, study programme,
isp, learning agreement, …
Exchange students: [email protected]
Master students: [email protected]
Campus Library Arenberg
CBA (Campus bibiotheek Arenberg)
Willem de Croylaan 6 bus 2000, 3001 Heverlee
[email protected]
016 32 81 81
Opening times during the academic year:
Monday – Friday: 8.30 – 22.00
Saturday: 9.00 – 13.00
The study guide
Where to find the link to KULoket:
Your student ID and Password,
same as for other
What can you find in KULoket:
Student file
The Electronic Learning Environment at the K.U.Leuven
Toledo manual for students
Course registration for exchange students
• Your Learning Agreement is the official paper for the
European Community to register your courses.
The ISP is the registration for the courses at the
Hand your fully signed Learning agreement in at faculty
administration by the 8th of October
Deadline registration in ISP is also 8th of October.
NO Changes can be made after the 8th of October
Individual Study Programme (ISP)
Compose your Individual Study Programme by:
Flagging the check boxes of the desired courses
If needed, apply for exemptions or credits
If needed, apply for an exchange programme
Deadlines overview:
ISP opens the 9th of September and closes the 8th of October.
Changes can be made in the second semester from February 9th till February 25th.
User Guide ISP :
Examination Schedule IES (IER)
The examination schedule is linked to your ISP. You will not be able to submit
your ISP without registration of the examination data.
Registration for Exams opens the 22nd of September!
Examination Schedule
Opening of ISP: 9th of September (or once you are enrolled for 20142015)
Obligatory courses are already marked in your ISP. You will also have
been assigned an examination moment
You can already choose the optional courses, but you will not be able to
choose an examination date.
From 22nd of september
You can choose the examination date for the other courses.
Scheduled activities
• Help with filling out the ISP: 25th of September from
12.30 till 13.45 (PC-room 200C. PC room B)
o Ma Statistics: VHI 01.25
• Introduction to the Library: 6 october 12.30-13.30
• International Week : 3rd till 7th of November
Information Session for master students
• Master of Biology: 30/9at 12.30, Kasteelpark Arenberg 31, 02.44
• Master of Biophysics, Biochemistry and Biotechnology: TBD
• Master of Chemistry: to be determined
• Master of Geography: 22/9 at 3 pm, Celestijnenlaan 200 E, 01.267
• Master of Geology: 13/9 at 11.30 am, Celestijnenlaan 200 E, 03.206
• Master of Physics: 22/9 at 2 pm, Celestijnenlaan 200 D, 05.34
• Master of Mathematics: to be determined
• Master of Statistics: 22/9 at 2 pm, Celestijnenlaan 200 B, 00.16
• QASS, reduced track: 23/9 at 4.30 pm, MSI, 01.08
Study abroad Fair
• When: 6 November 8 pm
• Where: GroepT, Andreas Vesaliusstraat 13,
3000 Leuven
We need you! Come and give information
about your (former) University to our students.
Register with Bieke Dutoit

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