Car Mileage Proposal - UNISON Powerpoint Presentation

Cheshire East Council
Car Allowances
Unison Branch Meeting
Council Chamber, Crewe
Wednesday 13th August 2014
Initial Consultation
Car Allowances started consultation with the Joint Trade Unions on 22nd
September 2010. Cheshire East Council stated that they had a number of
requirements for an affordable single set of harmonised terms and
Cheshire East Council requested a further meeting with Regional Trade
Union Officials on 18th July 2014 to reopen Car Allowances discussion
Removal of regular and occasional user status.
Introduction of flat mileage rate of 45p per mile up to 10,000 miles and 25p
per mile above 10,000 miles.
Impact = 221 Regular Users & 3,089 Occasional Users
Current Cost of Mileage = £ 1,851,901
Potential Savings (Flat Rate 45p) = £ 181,820, (NJC 46.9p) = £ 111,317
National NJC Green Book Part 2 Key National Provisions
12.1 Where an employing authority authorises an employee
to use a private car on official business, the employee will
receive an allowance in accordance with the provision set
out in Part 3 Section 6.
Details of the current mileage agreement
National NJC Green Book Part 3 Key National Provisions
6.1 Employees required to use their motor vehicles for the efficient performance
of their duties will receive allowances for the use of their motor vehicles on
business only after being so authorised by the local authority. The local authority
may determine whether the use is casual or essential and the cubic capacity of
car considered appropriate.
6.2 Essential users are those whose duties are of such a nature that it is
essential for them to have a motor car at their disposal whenever required. If the
employee uses a private car in carrying out those official duties then they shall
be entitled to receive the lump sum allowance and mileage rates set out below.
6.3 Where a car is not in use as a result of either a mechanical defect or the
absence of the employee through illness;
(i) The lump sum payments should be paid for the remainder of the month in
which the car first went out of use, and for a further three months thereafter. For
the following three months, payment should be made at the rate of 50% of the
lump sum payment.
(ii) During the period when a car is off the road for repairs, reimbursement in
respect of travel by other forms of transport should be made by the employing
National NJC Green Book Part 3 Key National Provisions
6.4 Casual users are those for whom it is desirable that a car should be available
when required. The mileage rates are set out below.
6.5 Local authorities should not make it a condition of employment that employees
graded below point 13 should provide motor cars for official use.
6.6 An authorised car user may apply to the authority for financial assistance to
purchase a car.
6.7 The allowances are contained on the card inside the back cover and will be
reviewed by the NJC each year to take effect from 1 April or during the year as
Car Mileage Allowances
Original Car Mileage Proposal
Removal of the NJC Car Mileage Agreement for all Cheshire East employees
Introduction of flat mileage rate of 45p per mile up to 10,000 miles and 25p per
mile above 10,000 miles.
Revised Car Mileage Proposal
All Car Mileage to be paid in line with National Joint Council Agreement
Essential / Regular Lump Sum Rate will be applied up to NJC Level 2 – up to £
963 depending on vehicle size
Essential / Regular Mileage Rate applied up to NJC Level 2 – up to 40.9p per
mile (depending on engine size)
Casual Car Mileage Rate applied at NJC Level 1 – currently paid up to 52.2p per
mile, but this is to be reduced to a 46.9p and 13.7p above 8,500 miles per year
Revised Car Mileage Rates
451 – 999cc
Essential Users
Lump sum per annum
Per mile first 8,50
Per mile after 8,500
Casual Users
Per mile first 8,500
Per mile after 8,500
1000 – 1199cc
1200 – 1450cc
Can I raise a Grievance against
Cheshire East Council Decision to reduce the
NJC mileage rate?
It is unlikely that a Grievance can be
raised against the Council’s decision to
offer a reduced NJC car mileage rate,
as this clearly falls within Part 3 Local
Conditions of the Green Book, and is
open to local negotiation
Can I refuse to use my car for work purposes
UNISON is clear on this point.
Whilst you may not be contractually obliged to provide “a vehicle for work”,
you ARE contractually obliged to undertake the duties for which you are
As such, if you refused consistently to provide a vehicle for work the employer
may consider that a breach of contract and look to performance or disciplinary
procedures to resolve the issue.
UNISON is therefore advising members NOT to withdraw their vehicle
completely from work use, but those deemed now to be CASUAL users, it is
ONLY DESIREABLE that they have their car available at all times. Therefore
these users can now control, when it is available to them and reschedule visits
for times when their car is available.
Whilst we will support any member (or group of members) who wish to pursue
a legitimate grievance on this matter through the appropriate channels, we
would not advocate or support any pseudo-industrial action.
Closing Comments
Cheshire East Council original proposal was a payment of 45p for
ALL car mileage users.
Cheshire East Council revised offer protects Essential / Regular
Users and will continue to pay them - NJC Level 2 payments
Cheshire East Council will pay Casual Users - NJC Level 1 payment
of 46.9p for the first 8,500 miles per year, and 13.7p for miles over
and above 8.500+
Cheshire East are going to carry out an ONLINE indicative ballot
( - or you can phone
01244 346894 with your indication (you will need your membership

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