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The spirit, the will to win, and the will to excel are the things that endure. These qualities are so much more important than the
events that occur.
--Vince Lombardi (1913-1970)
Mustang Power Camp
“With Desire Winning Prevails”
June 13th – July 28th
Camp Days: Monday – Thursday
Session I:
8:30am – 10:00am (10th-12th)
Session II:
11:00am – 12:30
(Incoming 7th, 8th and 9th grades)
Registration Information:
A fee will not charged for this
camp. Middle school students
and incoming 9th graders will
need to complete a medical
release and waiver of liability
before participation.
What To Bring: Campers should
wear proper athletic clothing
(shorts and T- shirts)and
comfortable athletic footwear
(grass cleats and/or running
shoes) to each workout session
Sachse High School Mustang FH
Camp Description
The mission of the Mustang Power Camp is to improve the performance of all athletes based on
scientific principles and experience, with emphasis on development of body, mind and athletic spirit.
By combining intelligent training with hard work, everyone can improve his athletic performance.
They will be learning proper techniques in the following running, lifting and agility.
Camp Features
We will teach techniques that are vital to the athlete in reaching his fullest potential. Athletes will
improve their body coordination and movements and increase their overall athletic capabilities and
power. We will emphasize the fundamentals and advanced skills necessary to make every
participant a better athlete and help him develop future athletic ideals in sportsmanship, leadership,
and citizenship.
There will be instruction in the following categories:
•Speed and agility enhancement
•Strength and movement skills through hip centered movements
•Neuromuscular training
•Relating performance training to sport practice and competition
•Energy system development
•Recovery strategies, including nutrition and flexibility training
•Drills and exercises necessary to improve speed, strength, agility, quickness and
conditioning of all sports
For questions, please contact Camp Coordinator: William Calvert
972-414-7450 (ext 63063) or email: [email protected]
NAME: ____________________________ ADDRESS: _____________________________________________
CITY: _________________ ZIP: _____________ HOME PHONE: _________________________
CELL PHONE: ______________________ EMERGENCY CONTACT # : ______________________________
GRADE ENTERING: _____________ AGE: __________ DATE OF BIRTH: __________________
I grant permission to the Mustang Power Camp director, assistants, or assigned chaperones of the
camp to act on my behalf for said minor __________________________________ in granting
permission for evaluation/treatment of minor medical problems. I understand that should a major
medical problem arise, an attempt will be made to notify me by telephone. In the event that I can not
be reached, I hereby give my consent to such medical treatment as deemed necessary by a licensed
physician. In addition, I hereby release GISD, Sachse High School and its employees from all claims
on account of any injuries which may be sustained by my child while attending the Mustangs Power
Camp. I also agree to indemnify GISD, Sachse High School and its employees for any claim which
may hereafter by presented to my child as a result of any such injuries.
Parent/Guardian Signature _____________________________________ Date _________-2011

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