Project 15 --

Presented By: Matthew Mazzola
Project 15 – Buying Your First Car
12 December 2012
Let’s look at the Bugatti
The Bugatti is the type of car I like because it is the style of
the time that everybody likes. Not to mention it is one of the
fastest cars in the world, and it would be great to show off to
everybody like my friends and everyone in town.
Safety features of the Bugatti
The safety rating of the Bugatti is 3.7. Below are some of the important
safety features this car has.
Security System
Drivers Airbags
Side Guard Doors
The break activates automatically when the tire has stopped rotating
Front Impact Airbags
Specifications of the Bugatti
Now let’s look at the Lamborghini
Just like the Bugatti, the Lamborghini is one of the classiest
cars around and also one of the coolest looking. It goes good
in car shows and even if you hold onto it long enough you can
get it to be an antique and sell it for more than you bought it.
The Lamborghini is a car equipped with lots of great technology and entertainment. Listed
below are some of its features:
Although there are not many features that may excite you about the
interior design of the Lamborghini, there are many exterior and that is
what I am basing on getting the Lamborghini for.
Specifications of the Lamborghini
The transmission of the car is manual at 6 different speeds and that is
allowed by its 5.2L V10 engine. In addition its horsepower is [email protected]
HP. The maximum capacity for the Lamborghini is two people because
there is a drivers seat and a passenger seat, no back seats. Which makes
it look even cooler.
Final Costs
Thanks for looking at my presentation!

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