The WebGDS

WebGDS platform
a database of tourist services from many suppliers
includes the following service types:
• Accommodation - Hotels of all types
• Car Rentals
• Excursions (Tours, Events etc.)
• Transfers (arrival, departure and in-between).
• Charter Flights
• Dynamic & Holiday Packages
WebGDS allows each tourist professional to have access to
WebGDS services, check their availability and book online in
real time.
WebGDS platform works with Internet technology and on basis
of the most modern technology practices.
The WebGDS platform applies to :
• Suppliers (hoteliers, car rentals, etc.)
• Travel Agents & Tour Operators
WebGDS platform includes the following Modules:
1. Operator Module, which refers to the central Management of the
System. It is the application WebGDS Backoffice.
2. Supplier Module, which is an application for data management of
the services (hotel, car, excursions, etc.) by the same vendor. It is
the application SupplierGDS.
3. Booking Module (Agent), which refers to the application that
provides the Travel Agent with the booking service of WebGDS
platform. It is the application WebGDS Client.
WebGDS platform:
is used as a single point of access for reserving hotel rooms, rental cars,
and other travel related items by travel agents, online reservation sites,
and large corporations
works through Internet & uses the most modern technology practices
offers real time availability & Booking
provides with customers’ information system (travel professionals)
includes the basic data (Photos & Texts) & provides the pricelists of
each service
provides a view of all the bookings made up to now, and some details of
each booking
offers some booking statistics information that result from the system
offers a history log of the latest activities took place in the system
provides a reporting system
Each supplier that using WebGDS have access to:
• its own services (all the different service types that might have)
• the bookings that made up to now, and some details of each
• some booking statistics information that result from the system
• a history log of the latest activities took place in the system
• the reporting system
WebGDS allows each tourist professional to have access to WebGDS
services and to book in real time.
WebGDS works with Internet technology and on basis of the most
modern technology practices.
WebGDS includes for each service:
• its Basic Shared Data
• the Pricelists of the services
• real time Availability of the services (rooms, cars, etc.)
• Customers’ information system (travel professionals).
In WebGDS there is a profile for the supplier that can be totally modified by
the supplier administrator. The supplier can enter all the main basic data in
the system in few steps through the forms of the WebGDS.
The setting up of the prices takes place in a familiar and easy in use form
of the system. The supplier has the possibility to create different contracts
and pricelists for each season or can create a united contract for all the
In one only form, similar to a plan, there are multiple functions. The user
can set up the allocation and the prices for all the available room types
and all the combinations of person types. The management of meals and
supplements and their prices take place in this plan as well.
By dragging and dropping on the plan the user can split the whole united
contract in different periods in such a simple way.
In webGDS the Travel Agents can be grouped according to some criteria.
The sales pricing for these groups of Travel Agents are formed by creating
policies with markup or commissions (in percentage or price)
Booking Engine
Booking engines:
In webGDS platform it is also provided the backoffice system
to create and operate autonomous booking engines for the
following services:
Car rentals
IATA, Charters & Low Cost Flights
Dynamic & Holiday Packages
Booking Engine
Booking Engine
The main administrator has also the possibility to create by
himself the design of his own Booking Engine, trough easy
and ergonomic forms and few steps in webGDS.
In simple and few steps can set up the titles and logo of the
booking engine, as well as the colors, the background and
the total appearance of the booking engine.
Booking Engine
Booking Engine
There are 3 ways of selling the webGDS services:
real time bookings made by individual clients through tour-CMS portals
(B2C-Business to Consumer)
real time bookings made by individual clients through booking engines
real time bookings made by professional partners and Travel Agents
through booking module of webGDS (B2B-Business to Business)
Package Deals
Dynamic Packaging Booking Engine
Package Deals is a next generation dynamic packaging online booking
engine, that enables the consumers to build & Book their own package in Hotel
Basis, in combination with flights, car rental, excursions and other tourist
Package Deals is available:
in B2C environment (Business To Consumer) for individual customers and
internet users and
in B2B environment (Business To Business) for partners and corporate
Package Deals
The Package Deals application applies to :
Travel Agents
Tour Operators
that wish to sell all kinds of their services (in association
with third party services) as a part of packages with a dynamic
Package Deals
In Package Deals is collected:
• the information for all the possible choices of itinerary (flight, etc.)
• plus the accommodation,
on the basis of the departure point and the desired destination.
As a result the application Package Deals automatically creates combinations
and displays the corresponding offers for packages.
More extra services that are available from multiple vendors can be added
and combined with the package, providing it with more benefits and facilities.
These additional services can be:
• Transfers
• Excursions
• Car rentals
• Travel Insurance, etc.
Package Deals
In Package Deals Booking Engine there is ability to:
manage the package during its setup
customize the package as each consumer desires
change the mandatory services
change the optional services
select the payment options.
Package Deals
In Package Deals Booking Engine :
• an easy and friendly environment is offered
• multi language user’s interface is provided
• all the requirements and standards are met
• the Internet users can choose quickly and easily the preferred services
and can create the ideal tour package that will fully cover every needs
• full presentation of the package and complete description of each
service is offered
• total price of the package is automatically recalculated
• the booking is completed in just three steps
• various ways of payment are enabled (cash on delivery, credit card for
paying a deposit or the full amount)
• ability to issue and print on the relevant vouchers (reservation voucher,
invoices, etc.)
Package Deals

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