Slipstream Racing

“If everything seems under control, you're
not going fast enough.”
― Mario Andretti
Donabate Community College
Junior Team
Meet The Team
Conor Bolton: Team manager and I.C.T. Coordinator
Conor’s role is Team manager and I.C.T Coordinator. Conor has an interest in
all of the major functions within the team and through his position as team
manager hopes to gain experience in leadership as well as an opportunity to
work with each of the team members in their respective areas. Conor will also
be the lead engineer for ICT as he has a keen interest in Computing.
Manus Doorley: Design and Resource Manager.
Manus likes using computers and solid works (CAD) and enjoys the creative
process of technical design.
These skills combined with his passion for
technology and engineering make him an ideal designer.
Khalid Kamil: Design Engineer
Khalid is studying business and technical graphics and will use these talents to
lead the team to success. Khalid’s design and engineering skills will be applied
to help our team develop the most aerodynamic car possible! team.
Oisin Dineen: Design and Manufacturing Engineer
Oisin will bring the knowledge and skills that he has developed within his
technology and technical graphics study to provide an edge in design and
manufacturing of our vehicle.
Left to Right: Khalid Kamil, Matthew Wright,
Conor Bolton, Manus Doorley, Bernard Hollands,
Oisin Dineen
Bernard Hollands: Manufacturing engineer.
Bernard will contribute his knowledge of technology and metal work to
give the team an advantage in manufacture of our vehicle. As with all
of our dedicated team members Bernard is willing to stay after school
and contribute all and any time required to work on our project and
lead us to success!
Matthew Wright: Marketing Manager
Matthew brings business studies and marketing experience to the team.
Matthew will lead our Marketing team and contribute to team success
by developing our business and marketing plan. This plan includes our
sponsorship and advertising plan which will be increasingly important as
we progress within the competition.
Laminar Flow
The two main types of
bearings are radial and
thrust bearings. However for
the manufacturing of our
car we will need radial
bearings as they are very
efficient for going in straight
slipstream is the airstream
generating low air pressure
and forward suction directly
behind the car. Slipstream is
frequently used in racing
where one vehicle leverages it
to overtake another.
Is the way air flows past
something. The body of our
car will be as aerodynamic
possible to reduce turbulent
flow and increase laminar
flow which in turn will
reduce drag.
The exact type of bearing
that we are going to use is
yet to be confirmed until
further tests are to be done.
Slipstream may not factor in
our F1 in schools project
however we were inspired to
use Slipstream as our team
name and overtake the
Creating down force helps
F1 cars go around corners
at high speeds by creating
As there are no corners to
turn in the F1 in Schools
track, we want to reduce
the grip to allow our car to
travel at maximum speeds.
Our car body will have a
streamlined shape so that it
can cut through the air
very efficiently.
We will leverage many
elements of design and
based testing to optimize
our design.
In considering the design for our car
shape we took inspiration from
shapes in nature that are very fast
and have low friction when
travelling through air or water.
For example: Bullets, arrows, eagles,
Supersonic aircraft (Blackbird) and
other F1 cars.
the team structure we
strengths and interests of every
member of team. We believe that
our team structure will help bring the
best qualities out of each individual
Our logo captures the spirit of racing
with the checkered flag, the
slipstream forces and the Greek
God Hermes who was one of the
messenger of the gods and one of
the gods of speed!
We chose the name Slipstream as it
captures the vision of speed, power
and aerodynamics. Slipstreaming is
often used in F1 Racing allowing a
chasing car to catch the leader by
following behind it and leveraging
the reduced drag to even overtake
and win!
aerodynamics of the cars we used
certain influences like for example
the Bullet, Arrow and various types
of aircraft.
Our Plan
Marketing, Advertising and fund raising:
In order to advertise our team we will create and design a website where
we will advertise our team brand. We also plan to advertise in the local
newspaper and acquire a radio interview on local radio to solicit support
for our team. These PR opportunities will also provide value to our
sponsors and reciprocally increase their visibility.
We will use social media such as Facebook,
Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, ask acquired
sponsors to advertise the team.
We are going to spend our sponsorship money by purchasing our team
uniform, purchasing merchandise for our pit display, acquiring transport
the competition, the domain for our website, purchasing high quality
bearings and materials for axles and wheels of our car and for purchasing
materials to build a track to test our car.
Team Goal
The goal of team Slipstream is not only to leverage our talents, skills and
talent to research a winning car, but also to have fun and gain
experience. Irrespective of the outcome of the race…we will be winners
by gaining valuable experience
Potential Sponsors:
Our team will leverage local contacts to develop leads and
sponsorship opportunities.
Current sponsor opportunities
General Motors, Irish Nail and Beauty bars, Graham Transport
and Vodafone.
Further leads have been identified and will be developed over
the coming weeks.
Timeline and Plan:
We have developed a
sequenced timeline and plan
for the creation of our
technology efforts.
As we
progress with our project this
plan will be refined and
reviewed with our sponsors
and program team.

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