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CAO Yabin
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Main Contents
 Voices from the Top-level
 Memorandum of Cooperation
 General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection
and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China (AQSIQ)
 China Certification & Inspection Group Company (CCIC)
 CCIC East Europe Co. Ltd/CCIC Kelet-Európai KFT
 Liaison Office
 Inspection and testing on Import Food
 Pre-shipment Inspection of Solid Wastes Usable as Raw
 China Compulsory Certification (CCC)
 Other main activities
Voices from the Top-level
 PM Li Keqiang: To implement agreement on the Budapest-Belgrade
railway upgrade, welcome CEE meat and milk export to China, enhance
cooperation on agriculture, clean power, finance and culture.
 PM Viktor Orban: Hungarian economy has great potential. I hope China is
acting not only as a trade partner, but also a investor.
 Minister Sandor Fazekas, MRD: We need to cooperate with China to build
Hungary, center of Europe, as an export center of European high quality
food and agricultural products to China.
 Deputy Minister Sun Dawei, AQSIQ: Let CCIC Kelet-Europai KFT be a
platform to serve China-Hungary bilateral trade, play an important role on
communication and cooperation regarding policy, trade and market
entrance at both government and manufacturer level, and build up
testing and inspection capacity to provide localized high-quality services.
 State Secretary Mr. Péter Szijjártó ……
Memorandum of Cooperation
Memorandum of Cooperation
Between AQSIQ /CNCA and the Prime Minister’s Office,
Secretariat of the Government Commissioner for the
Coordination of Hungarian-Chinese Bilateral Relations
Regarding the Establishment of an Local Branch Office of
CCIC in Hungary
was signed on November 13th, 2013 by Mr. Péter Szijjártó ,
State Secretary for External Economic Relations and Foreign
Affairs and Mr. Sun Dawei, Deputy Minister of AQSIQ.
..\公司运行\Memorandum of Understanding20131112.pdf
General Administration of Quality Supervision,
Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s
Republic of China (AQSIQ)
 AQSIQ is a law enforcement authority of China
government in charge of:
Product quality supervision
Import and export commodity inspection
Animal and plant quarantine
Health quarantine
Certification and accreditation
 CNCA (Certification and Accreditation Administration
of the People's Republic of China ) is an independent
law enforcement agency within AQSIQ , in charge of
certification and accreditation administration including
product approval and manufacturer registration.
China Certification & Inspection Group
 China Certification & Inspection Group Company (CCIC) is
a third party certification and inspection body dedicated
to providing inspection, certification and testing services
under authorization and accreditation by AQSIQ and CNCA .
 International business network with more than 300 offices
(among which around 30 overseas) , 200 labs, over 16,000
 We certify and verify for compliance!
 Comprehensive service provider for international clients in
the fields of quality, safety, health and environment.
 Ongoing efforts to provide clients with impartial, efficient,
reliable, standardized and localized services.
CCIC East Europe Co. Ltd/CCIC Kelet-Európai KFT
Establishment and mission:
 Established according to agreement between Hungarian
and Chinese governments.
 Serve as a liaison office between AQSIQ and relative
Hungarian authorities, such as Prime Minister’s Office and
Ministry of Rural Development.
 Focus on inspection, testing, verification and certification
of import and export products.
 Help local manufacturers and exporters meet relative
market entrance requirements and facilitate bilateral trade.
CCIC East Europe Co. Ltd/CCIC Kelet-Európai KFT
Services we provide:
 Providing information communication and consultancy
regarding regulatory, technical and procedural requirements.
 Testing, inspection, verification and certification of product
(including food and non-food product) and manufacturer’s
 Pre-shipment inspection of solid wastes usable as raw
material according to relevant environmental regulations
and standards.
 Testing of product and factory inspection under China
Compulsory Certification (CCC) System.
 Market entrance assistance and consultancy on demand.
Liaison Office
 Coordination and communication between AQSIQ and
local authorities in charge of quality supervision, market
surveillance, product safety and quarantine matters.
 Market entrance assistance on both government level and
manufacturer level, providing necessary information,
procedural or technical support for government authorities
or manufacturers based on specific need, mandate or
authorization with respect to quality control, consumer
and environment protection.
Inspection and Testing on Import Food
China’s Law and administration system on import food:
 In line with internationally prevailing practices, China has
established an integrated import food safety surveillance
system based on specific measures such as risk evaluation,
registration of foreign manufacturers, import permit, filing of
importer/exporter, labelling requirement, etc.
 Law and regulation bases:
 Food Safety Law and its Implementation Regulations
 Law of Entry-exit Plant and Animal Quarantine and its
Implementation Regulations
 Law of Import and Export Commodity Inspection and its
Implementation Regulations
Inspection and Testing on Import Food
Rules and procedures:
 Control Measures on Safety of Import and Export Food
Establishing an overall management system on safety of import food,
including: food safety administration system assessment and risk
analysis, inspection and quarantine standard, inspection and registration
of foreign manufacturers, filing of exporters and their agents, import
permit, food labelling, on-spot inspection and quarantine at the
destination port, safety monitor and alarm, food recall, etc.
 Specific regulations on respective products:
 Control Measures for Inspection and Quarantine of Import and Export
 Control Measures for Inspection and Quarantine of Import and Export
Aquatic Products
 Control Measures for Inspection and Quarantine of Import and Export
Milk Products
Inspection and Testing on Import Food
Steps toward actual export:
General principle:
 Close cooperation among government organizations and manufacturers is
 Import food shall be in conformity with relative Chinese food safety
standard, inspection or quarantine requirement, labelling requirement.
Detailed steps:
 AQSIQ conducts assessment on the food safety administration system,
disease control and residue monitor practices in the export country.
 AQSIQ determines and issues inspection and quarantine requirements or
sign an agreement with the export country taking into account of
assessment and inspection result.
 CNCA carries out registration audit on food manufacturers.
Inspection and Testing on Import Food
Steps toward actual export (cont’d):
 AQSIQ shall put on record all trade dealers (exporter/importer or their
 The importer shall get an import permit for the import food subject to
import permit requirement.
 Local CIQ organizations conduct routine inspection and quarantine on
import food at the destination port.
 AQSIQ may request pre-shipment inspection in the export country.
Inspection and Testing on Import Food
 What we can do
 Consultancy and assistance: consultancy on pre-market entrance
process (Risk assessment and inspection, Registration, Filing)
and assistance on export and post-market emergency response.
 Testing and inspection: pre-shipment inspection, Loading
monitoring, full-item testing on food product according to
Chinese Standard, providing report as proof of conformity and
technical support for Health Certificate.
 Food label and traceability: food labelling in Chinese, food chain
traceability verification and certificate of origin.
Pre-shipment Inspection of Solid Wastes Usable
as Raw Material
 Catalogue of Import Waste Subject to Administration:
 Catalogue of solid wastes forbidden to import in China
 Catalogue of restricted import solid wastes that can be used
as raw materials in china
 Catalogue of automatic-licensing import solid wastes that can
be used as raw materials in China
 In line with relevant Chinese environment protection laws and
regulations and Basel Convention, with a view to keep
hazardous materials and environmentally unfit scrap materials
out of China
 Pre-shipment inspection of wastes exported to China is
performed accordingly
Pre-shipment Inspection of Solid Wastes Usable
as Raw Material
 Decree on Inspection and Quarantine of Solid Wastes Usable
as Raw Material issued by AQSIQ
 Pre-shipment inspection is required for solid wastes usable as
raw material. When such wastes are exported to China, the
consignee shall provide Pre-shipment Inspection Certificate
issued by CCIC.
 Inspection standard and authorized organization
 Filing of exporter/importer (supplier/consignee)
 Onsite inspection and quarantine on arrival at the destination
Pre-shipment Inspection of Solid Wastes Usable
as Raw Material
 What we can do:
 Provide onsite inspection and AQSIQ recognized Certificate
of Pre-shipment Inspection, as basis for custom clearance
 Waste and recycling management
China Compulsory Certification (CCC)
 CCC: China’s Product Approval System
 In line with WTO/TBT Agreement and its principle of
legitimate objective:protection of human health and safety;
environment protection; national security requirements;
prevention of deceptive practices.
 Products subject to CCC:
 Low voltage electrical and electronic products including: IT, AV,
Household appliance, Lighting, Electric tools, Switch and
industry control devices, Cable, Motor …..
 Automobile and its parts
 Toy
 ……
China Compulsory Certification (CCC)
 Based on:
 Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on Certification and
 Regulations for Compulsory Product Certification
 The Catalogue of Products Subject to Compulsory Product
 Implementation Rules for Compulsory Product Certification
 With following characteristics:
 Providing regulatory system to warrant safety
 Establish conformity assessment procedure to determine safety of
products: testing and inspection
 National or industrial standards used in certification are based on
international standards
 Following general guidance on international conformity assessment
China Compulsory Certification (CCC)
 What we can do:
Onsite audit and Inspection on manufacturers’ premises
Testing of products
Representation and consultancy during the procedures
Other main activities
 Inspection and evaluation of import and export mechanical
and electrical equipment (new or old, single piece or sets
of equipment).
 Testing on various consumer or industry products.
 Certification based on internationally recognized standards
or Chinese regulation and standards (QMS, EMS, Organic,
GAP, HACCP, etc.)
 Market entrance assistance on demand within
responsibilities of AQSIQ.
 Other verification or evaluation services (GMO, innovative
technology, etc.).
Thank you for your attention and feel free to
contact me!
CAO Yabin
General Manager, CCIC Kelet-Európai KFT
H-1133 Budapest, Váci út 76, Capital Square, 1. épület, 3. emelet
Tel: 06-1-8830440
Fax: 06-1-8830301
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