DOLOMITE - Material Mix

Dolomite extraction from a new quarry
North-East of Quebec province, Canada
Presented by Guy Pagé, CEO and Michel Boux, VP Operations
July 2013
Calcium, magnesium & carbonate source.
Dolomite differs from Limestone CaCO3 in that it contains
magnesium as well as calcium.
Low SiO2 HSP2
As a reference, pure dolomite has the following chemical composition: 31,3% CaO + 21,1% Mg0
+ 47,2% CO2 (LOI) for a total of 99,8% of the mineral.
> 700 000 000 metric tons reserves
Result in MgO : 20.5%
Result in CaO : 30.2%
Result of MgO expressed in MgCO3 : 42.9%
Result of MgO expressed in Mg : 12.4%
Result of CaO expressed in CaCO3 : 53.9%
Result of CaO expressed in Ca : 21.6%
For reference, pure dolomite has the following chemical
composition: 31,3% CaO + 21,1% Mg0 + 47,2% CO2 (LOI) for a total of
99,8% of the mineral.
Finished products:
 Aggregates ½ - ¾ in & others : available upon
 Powders (mesh sizes as requested): shortly
Quantities: all suitable quantities will be considered
The property is located approximately 940 kilometers northeast of Montreal Region and 20
kilometers east of the town of Havre-St-Pierre. It is directly accessible from the Route 138
Google earth
500 131 57.57 North
630 171 24.67 West
Typical quarrying methods to extract the dolomite will be used. Operation will include drilling and
blasting, loading and hauling from the quarry to the stockyard adjacent to where the dolomite will be
crushed. Waste rock generated during quarrying will be stored adjacent to overburden stockpiles and
will be used for future rehabilitation of the quarry site. All operating equipment will be supplied by
the contractor and will include drills, loaders or excavators, haulage trucks, and de-watering
Rosa Galvez, director of the department of civil engineering and water engineering at
Laval University has a mission: restore the most polluted lakes in Quebec, one of them
being Lac St-Augustin, near Quebec City contaminated by phosphate which induces
the proliferation of Blue-green algaes: A unique pilot project in the province.
PS: Rosa Galvez just confirmed after extensive studies that dolomite is a great mineral to
dramatically alleviate the phosphate problem in contaminated lakes, rivers, etc.
First year shipping method
50 lbs plastic bags on
wood pallets
Big bags (1 mt each)
Ground shipping
Bulk: quarry to ship
Big bags (1 mt each)
No quality dolomite shortage expected (> 700 000 000 mt reserves)
Our dolomite is widespread and is part of a uniform deposit
Easy site access to ocean shipping: ease of moving equipment and workforce
in and getting our mined product out to market
Low extraction costs, the dolomite deposit being horizontal: ease of
extraction (open cast sites / quarrying in softer rocks typically easer and
hence cheaper than deep hard rock mining).
Supply capacity: 500 000 – 1 000 000MT/year
Purity of our dolomite (low iron and silica) : can be used in almost all
Quarry : ready to ship dolomite
Mainline railway and national highway are adjacent to the quarry.
Size reduction to dolomite mesh powders
Access to skilled subcontractors
Dolomine Inc. expects that (by the end of July 2013) ± 200 000 mt of
dolomite aggregates will be available.
• Direct sales: Michel Boux, VP Operations Dolomine at
[email protected]
• Sold via distributors from our quarry:
 Google earth: 500 131 57.57 North
630 171 24.67 West
• this will be determined shortly
 Sales representative
• USA: please contact Roman Rakovsky from Barite Word.
917-825-3806 or [email protected]
We are now taking orders and/or letters of intention for the purchase of such
dolomite aggregates and shortly powders.
Prices will depend on dimensions, size and quantity.
Dolomite aggregates 0.6 % SiO2: FOB Havre St-Pierre port = please contact Michel Boux
Dolomite mesh powder prices will be available soon.
Full address:
Dolomine Inc.
9245 Bourret
Quebec city, (Quebec)
Canada , G1G 3W5
Webpage on LinkedIn =
E-mail : Guy Pagé, CEO: [email protected]
• Mobile: 418 997 3861
E-mail : Michel Boux, VP Operations: [email protected]
• Mobile : 819 943 4771
Our partners: Groupe Vertdure and Concassés de la Rive-Sud (CRS)

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