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Director - Dr Bernadette Walsh
Administrator – Susan O’Donovan
Admissions Office
Admissions Officer
Anne Hickey
Student Counselling
Head – Dr Declan Aherne
Student Health Centre
Director – Dr Niall Cahill
Student Academic Administration
SAA Officer
Nuala Cullimore
Fr John Campion
Rev. Patricia Hanna
Sr Sarah O’Rourke
Arts Office
Patricia Moriarty
Student Supports
Access Manager - Pat Hoey
Access Officer - Deirdre O’Connor
Disability Support Services Officer
Brenda Shinners-Kennedy
Mature & Adult Learner Coordinator
Rhona McCormack
Downtown Centre
Community Liaison Officer
Gabriella Hanrahan
Admission of u/g students to UL – c. 3000 students to 71 Level 8 (Degree) and 1 Level 6 programme
Cert./Dip. Equine Science)
Access Office
Downtown Centre
International Office
(Liaises with these internal units re. admission of all u/g students)
Student Academic Administration
Works with CAO on processing 1st/2nd round offers
Points Scores
Determine the points scores for admission to u/g programmes
Market Information
Provides UL with market information on potential nos. of applicants, feeder schools,
points achieved, nos. 1st preferences, provisional numbers
Orientation and Enrolment
Data input of students on SI System
Advisor System
Administration and allocation
On campus events
Open Days, Mature Student Evenings
Off campus events
Career Guidance, Higher Options Exhibition, School visits. Promotion of courses,
Other 3rd level institutions, HEA, DES, HEAR/DARE, 2nd level schools and the general public.
On-going interaction with internal academic and service departments re admission of all u/g students
Student Academic Administration
Servicing academic staff requirements and students’ academic life cycle.
All SAA processes/systems are governed by the University’s Handbook of Academic Regulations and Procedures. Associate
Registrar will outline.
All SAA procedures are to ensure compliance of the University’s Regulations and Marks and Standards.
• Registration (week 1) (and pre-registration Week 5)
• Grants and Scholarships
• Class and Exam scheduling, timetabling and room
• Course set up and maintenance
• Maintenance, testing and development of the SI Student Record
System with ITD support
• Examination Boards and Administration, Repeat Examination
• Student Status through Student Status Committee, I-Grade
• Student ID card renewal and replacement
• Official correspondence and confirmation regarding student status
• Student locker allocation
• Grades processing
• Student Records - Maintenance
• Transcript production
• Student Progression
• Graduation
• Administration of P/G Research Students
Access Office
Driver – UL’s Access Policy and UL’s Community Engagement Goal (Strategic Plan Goal 4)
Initiatives aimed at students from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds in both primary and secondary schools, raising awareness
and aspiration to encourage school children to consider University.
Student Supports
 Financial Advice
 Academic Supports
 Personal (geared towards individual student needs). TUC Programme (Orientation)
 Administers Student Assistance Fund (NDP-funded), Private Funding for Scholarships
Community Initiatives
 UL/LEDP Access Campus
 SIF Projects
Routes to 3rd Level
 13 week Access Programme
 HEAR Scheme (CAO Supplementary Admission System)
School Activities (1⁰ and 2⁰)
Look to the Future
 ‘Fun to Learn’ Programme
Orientation TUC Programme (Intensive 1 week)
 Homework Club
Shadowing Days
 AccessCampus Volunteer Programme
School Visits
 Broadening Horizons
Parent Meetings
Disability Support Services
Driver – UL’s Access Policy and UL’s Community Engagement Goal (Strategic Plan Goal 4)
Promote and support equal access and participation for students with a disability.
Provide on-going support, advice, information to students with a disability
Provide a transport service
Disability Resource Training Area/Assistive Technology Service, needs assessments, (Students in wheelchairs, blind,
partially sighted, dyslexia/dyspraxia/aspergers syndrome, specific learning disabilities, serious physical and medical
ATAC Project – Assistive Technology Assessment Centre (part of the Shannon Consortium partnership)
Disability Awareness training to campus community
Learner Support Officer for students with dyslexia, aspergers syndrome etc.
CAO Supplementary Admission System (DARE Scheme)
Library Assistance (P/T)
Career Guidance
Administers ESF Funding
Community Liaison Office
Driver – UL’s Access Policy and UL’s Community Engagement Goal (Strategic Plan Goal 4)
Promoting University and Community engagement activities by working directly with volunteer students,
community organisations, educational partners across the sector and UL administrative staff and faculty.
Community Education Programme
Parents Education Programme. Programme designed and delivered in community for parents with little or no knowledge of
formal education system. Developed in collaboration with Class of 2014 Programme.
Collaboration with academic departments, to develop and deliver community education programmes, e.g. Community Law,
Irish Programme for Parents (support and encourage community participation).
Collaborate with the Downtown Centre, local and regional further educational colleges and adult education colleges to
develop accessible pathways to UL. FETAC (approved courses)
UL’s Community Engagement
Coordination of the President’s Volunteer Award Programme (PVA). Supporting students, campus voluntary
organisations and external community/voluntary organisations. Creating and sustaining voluntary opportunities.
Working with a broad range of community development organisations locally and regionally, developing volunteering
opportunities for students and staff, e.g. Probation and Linkages Limerick (PALLs), Limerick Youth Services City and County.
Working with Limerick City and County Working Groups (LC&C Integration Groups, RAPID) to deliver on social inclusion
policies and programmes.
Collaborating with Coop Division to secure voluntary community placements.
Collaborating with International Office to develop community engagement activities.
Mature and Adult Learner Student
Driver – UL’s Access Policy and UL’s Community Engagement Goal (Strategic Plan Goal 4)
Provide a range of supports and initiatives for mature and adult learner (> 18 years) students (c. 675 in all years, in all
Drop-in service for personal support, information and advice on courses, application process, student life etc.
Academic advice and direction on;
Writing Skills (in conjunction with Centre for Teaching and Learning)
Mathematics Skills (in conjunction with Maths Learning Centre)
Science Skills (in conjunction with Science Learning Centre)
Language Tutorials (in conjunction with Language Learning Centre)
Career Guidance (Liaison with Cooperative Education and Careers Division)
Library Skills
Computer Skills
Access and Mature Student Induction Programmes
Access Certificate Course Mature Student
Mature Student Handbook.
Research on access activities and initiatives
Downtown Centre (Shannon Consortium facility) – Educational Guidance
Student Health Centre
An acute care/primary care facility (not a GP service)
Core Services
Doctor Clinics
Nurse Clinics
Physiotherapy Consultations
Psychiatry Consultations
STI Clinics
Contraceptive Advice Clinics
Supporting Areas
I-Grade facilitation
Call-out to medical emergencies on campus
Sudden unexpected situations (e.g. mumps outbreak)
Charges are being introduced as of 1 September 2012.
Core Services
Provide professional Counselling Service – psychological counselling
Consultations for critical and emergency cases
Drop-in service for critical and emergency cases
Advice and support for ALL students with problems including, depression, anxiety, eating disorder, personality issues, mental or
sexual health issues, social skills, bereavement, substance abuse and sexual abuse
Student CONNECT (Student Peer Mentoring)
Health Promotion Activities/UL’s Alcohol Policy (support and monitoring)
Supporting Areas
Placements for students on academic programmes, also currently collaborates with HSE and has 3 assistant psychologists, 2
psychotherapy interns and 3 psychotherapy trainees
Para-counselling courses (for academic staff)
I-Grade facilitation
Counsellors contribute to research, community and professional service activities
Works through the development and fostering of relationships with students and staff to provide an
increasingly Ecumenical Service that offers strength, support and spiritual guidance.
Core Services
Christian religious services
Student oriented liturgies
Special campaigns e.g. Trócaire Lenten Campaign
One-to-one meetings with students in times of crisis e.g. bereavement, financial difficulty, encouragement of social outreach
Put in place practical and compassionate arrangements to deal with the loss of a student
Supporting Areas
Management of the Teach Fáilte drop-in centre
Support of Societies
Management and organisation of activities that focus on the Contemplative Centre
Administration of the Student Hardship Fund
I-Grade facilitation
Arts Office
Works to encourage diverse forms of creative expression for students and staff
- Manages and organises programmes of activities, cultural events (on and off campus)
• Film Club
• Festival and UL Drama Society productions
• Dance
• Concerts
• Comedy
• Lectures
• Outreach activities
• Workshops
• Alternative events
- Development and Maintenance of the Living Art Wall in Eden Restaurant
- Collaborates with student Clubs and Societies and the Students’ Union
- Assists in the administration of the UL Arts and Sports Fund and the Ulster Bank Enablement Fund
- Organisation of UL 40 Events
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