can you remember what perimeter is? If not, look it up!

Division, Product,
Quotient, Difference
Find out as many
alternative words for +
- x and ÷ as you
possibly can
1) A rectangular field is 2.45m long and 1.62m
wide. What is the perimeter of the rectangular
field (can you remember what perimeter is? If
not, look it up!)
2) A rope of length 16.48m is cut up into 8 equal
lengths of ribbon. How long is each length of
3) A running track is 420m. Mr Shield runs around
the track 7 and a half times. How far does he run
in total?
4) A jug of milk holds 2.34 litres. Some milk is
poured into a glass. There is now 1.7 litres
remaining in the jug. How much milk is in the glass?
Learn the 6 times
tables for a test next
lesson including
corresponding divisions
87 x 132 = 11484
Use this fact to find
answers to the following
(do not work any out, use
the fact above to help you
get your answers!)
a) 11484 ÷ 87
b) 11484 ÷ 870
c) 87 x 1320
d) 870 x 13200
e) 87 x 264

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