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Statement of Qualification
Suite 2308, Renaissance Tower
456 Gongdukdong, Mapogu
Seoul 121-706, Korea
Tel: +82 2 718 8331
Fax: +82 2 718 8332
EMSUS Co., Ltd. (EMSUS) is a professional consulting services
firm providing expertise in environment and occupational
health and safety balanced with economy and community for
more sustainable solutions. Additionally, building prolonged
relationships based on reliability, trust and personal service is
our value to clients.
EMSUS is a “hands-on” full service environmental, health, and
safety consulting firm whose expertise is founded in actual
experience and training of its professionals. In addition to
comprehensive services for other consulting, governmental,
financial and industrial clients: one-time assessments, periodic
audits for monitoring, EHS management system support for
efficiency and improvement, and corporate-level consulting
and strategic design.
We provide standardized and customized services with a
network of specialists, engineering firms, laboratories and
partners in public and private sectors, and we can also meet
client’s needs globally with our international networks.
EMSUS specializes in following areas of practice and they are:
Liability and Risk
Environmental Due Diligence / Regulatory Compliance
- Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessment
- EHS Compliance & Social System Audit
- Building Assessment
Contaminated Land Management
- Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study (RI/FS)
- Human Health & Ecological Risk Assessment
- Remedial Process Designing & Optimization
Sustainable EHS
Environmental, Health and Safety Management
- EHS Management System Support
- EHS Policy/Culture Development
- EHS Training
Strategic Advice
Advisory Services
- Governmental Policy Study
- Customized Market Study
- Green House Gas and Climate Change Advisory
- Sustainable Building & Infrastructure Advisory
The delivery of a valued service to client with efficiencies in
cost, convenience and communication is central to our
business philosophy. We listen to the client to ensure that we
understand our clients and develop the right solutions on their
behalf. This includes the application of our technical
knowledge of the risks and opportunities that face our clients
in order to achieve a successful outcome.
Our mission is the delivery of partial or full EHS solutions
based on various purpose of services. Understanding and
influencing the recent regulatory changes in environmental
regulations, we pride ourselves in collaboration with experts
from universities and consultancies world-wide to provides
sound technical and professional services which our clients
can trust.
• a new perspective – we give our clients insight into the
regulator’s viewpoint and vice versa. At a view of third person
understanding both sides, gaps and solutions can be efficiently
• a one-stop service – with broad understanding from legal
system to technical approach, we can assist our clients’
decision making process
• reliability and flexibility – whether it is a standardized
service, or a new concept design project, we strive for
excellence in everything we do
Our clients benefit from:
• Standardized business
• Legal compliance
• Financial savings in
overall risk management
• Close communication
• Market leading service
for a greener and safer
business environment
• reduced business risk – through compliance with current
and future regulations
• quality advice – With regulatory requirement and market
demand, our professionals has provided services as a leader in
this market.
 Environmental Compliance
EMSUS has conducted environmental compliance for various
multinational corporations including Samsung and Corning.
EMSUS works in close collaboration AECOM and CH2MHILL
International when necessary while conducting these projects.
Through this process, EMSUS will provide the best business
solution to its client and help through the process of finding the
best financial benefits through efficient risk management.
 Environmental Due Diligence
EMSUS has conducted Phase I, II, III environmental due diligence
(EDD) and environmental site assessment (ESA) for various
multinational clients including DOW Chemicals, Rohm& Haas,
Macquerie, and various other clients. EMSUS has worked in close
collaboration with CH2MHILL International and other various
multinational consulting agencies while carrying out EDD and ESA
projects. Due to this close relationship with various agencies,
EMSUS provides standardized business solutions along with advice
regarding legal compliance which leads to financial savings for the
client due to its efficient overall risk management.
 Environmental Policy & Market Study
EMSUS has conducted various research projects contracted by
Our clients benefit from:
• Standardized business
• Legal compliance
• Financial savings in
overall risk management
• Close communication
• Market leading service
for a greener and safer
business environment
global corporations and government agencies.
These projects
include :
- Designing a contamination model for a site contaminated by
multiple factors / contaminators
- Designing a master plan for remediating soil contaminated with a
vast number of contaminants
- Research on soil and groundwater remediation methods used in
the Republic of Korea, and adapting it to the soil characteristics of
Korea to improve its efficiency
Liability and Risk
Environmental Due Diligence
/Regulatory Compliance
Environmental due diligence (EDD) is an increasingly
important component of property transaction and corporate
merger and acquisition (M&A). EMSUS helps clients closely
involved in such projects to identify and manage their
exposure to environmental liabilities and risks.
EMSUS has experience in assisting clients involved in a range
of commercial deals including M&A, refinancing, and
assessing securities offered against loans. The nature and
extent of the investigations are tailored to match the client’s
level of exposure.
Analysis of environmental liabilities in the M&A context is
complicated by severe time constraint, significant uncertainty,
overabundance of irrelevant data, lack of relevant data, and in
some situations a strong potential for misinformation. Yet, the
outcome of the analysis can help determine the economic
relevance and structure of the M&A opportunity.
ASTM (American
Standard for Testing and
Materials) E1527-05 and
E1903-97 guidelines are
internationally recognized
and widely accepted as
standardized assessment
tools in consideration of
responsiveness, and
Korean Soil Environment
Assessment Guideline
could also be applied at
the request by clients
The EHS compliance audit is also used to monitor the
liabilities and risks while the clients are continuously
managing the facilities globally. To the extension of EHS
audits, social systems audit for corporate social responsibility
(CSR) can be added to the scope of work; then, the outcome
can be utilized as a tool for advanced sustainability
Individuals in EMSUS have significant experience in
environmental site assessment and EHS compliance audits for
a variety of client groups. Our service includes:
• EHS regulatory/corporate compliance audits
of industrial facilities
• Pre-screening/Phase I&II environmental site assessment
and data review
• Detailed facility site assessment in various EHS aspects (i.e.
wastewater, air emissions, engineering, asbestos, etc.)
• Waste management audits
• Building assessments
• Social systems audit
Liability and Risk
The mechanism of the
remedial investigation is
to characterize site
conditions; determine the
nature of pollutants;
assess risk to human
health and the
environment; and conduct
treatability testing to
evaluate the potential
performance and cost of
considered options for
remedial technologies.
The feasibility study is
designed for the
development, screening,
and detailed evaluation of
alternative remedial
Contaminated Land
Our qualified professionals can help our clients to provide the
best feasible approach to solve any issues with contaminated
land and sediment management. Through our work with
regulatory agencies, property owners, new buyers, and/or
developers, we develop practical and agency acceptable
solutions that help our clients meet their business and
sustainability goals when handling their properties.
Strategies focused on addressing environmental liability in a
sustainable manner include planning, engineering and
implementation and needs after remediation. Identifying the
desired end use of the property and incorporating appropriate
risk-based goals into the remedial approach can provide a
valuable tool for reducing the scope and cost of remediation,
recovering the value of the property, and achieving a benefit
to stakeholders including the extended community.
We design our site investigations while considering future
land use, potential human health and ecological exposure
pathways, and available remedial technologies. We focus on
collecting data essential to reaching timely decisions on
remedial process. We plan our site characterization efforts
with an understanding of our client’s business objectives. As a
project progresses, we establish and promote effective and
timely communication among key decision makers, so that
there are no surprises.
Our professional team can deliver the following services:
A Human health risk
assessment is conducted
to find out the linkages
and risks between
hazardous chemicals and
human health. The risk
assessment provides the
community and decision
makers with an
understanding of potential
health risk posed by
contamination in the
absence of cleanup.
• Strategic development of contaminated land
management plan
• Decision and cost-benefit analysis
• Remedial investigation/feasibility study (RI/FS)
• Human health & ecological risk assessment
• Remedial process optimization.
• Quality assurance / quality control
Sustainable EHS
Environmental, Health
and Safety Management
Sustainable solutions to environmental, health and safety
concerns are often best provided by developing and
implementing a management system that defines the EHS
obligations and assigns responsibility for their completion.
The implementation of an efficient management system has
been proven to reduce bottom-line EHS costs and increase
competitiveness in the marketplace. In fact, we understand the
development of EHS management systems as a natural
extension of our compliance audit activities.
Our approach to our EHS management systems consulting
services begins with the existing company infrastructure,
organization, and culture. Client personnel at all levels are
encouraged to participate in the management system
development and implementation process, because we believe
that the key to ownership at the facility level begins with
Our team members have significant experience in providing
environmental, health and safety management system
consulting services as follows:
• EHS policy development / culture assessment
• EHS management system certification support
• Global EHS regulatory support service
• EHS benchmarking service
• EHS performance indicator development
• EHS Training
Liability & Risk
Efficient EHS
management system
works as the driver for
continuous and
sustainable EHS
management scheme.
Strategic Advice
Advisory Services
Customized studies are mostly used confidentially
for policy making by government, market studies by foreign
investors, strategic management by corporations, and case
studies for environmental professional support for litigation.
One of key factors for successful outcome is understanding big
picture of market and legal system in addition to international
EMSUS is actively working with government organizations
and private industries to provide customized advisory
services and research projects. Covered topics vary from bench
mark research on foreign environmental regulations to
technical feasibility reviews.
In strategic level, social responsibility is a key component for
sustainable growth of a company along with EHS
management, and EMSUS can provide a guideline to assist a
company to identify the current status of their business
operation in light of corporate social responsibility by CSR
audit. Accordingly, the company can have more concrete
understanding of their organization to set out a vision,
mission statement and goal in various levels.
Our aim of services is the
communication to the
client, in the clearest and
succinct of analytical
terms, of the overall and
particular aspects of the
EHS liability risk position
with thorough, practical
and business-orientated
recommendations for
future strategy.
As an emerging market in the world, energy efficient
buildings and infrastructure are getting more attention from
public, governmental and industrial sectors. EMSUS also can
design and form a specialized team to brining the best
solutions available in the market. Sustainable building/
infrastructure practices can substantially reduce or eliminate
negative environmental impacts through high-performance,
market-leading design, and operations practices. As an added
benefit, green operations and management reduce operating
costs, enhance building marketability, increase workers’
productivity, and reduce potential liability resulting from
indoor air quality problems.
Some of sustainable design approaches can be applied in
water & wastewater treatment plant, governmental/
commercial buildings, housing development, and schools with
regard to environmentally friendly siting, air quality, energy,
water efficiency, solid & hazardous wastes, materials,
biodiversity, human communities and more. We recognize
that there are a range of options available to assist with any
questionable issues for EU directives, environmental policy,
energy & green house gas control and etc.
Past Projects
- Environmental review and report for two kitchenware factories,
Weston Solutions, 2009
- Consulting for 00 Refinery Plant., LS Industrial Systems, 2009
- Environmental assessment according atpackaging facility, AECOM, 2009
- Environmental Audit for 00 Electronics, AECOM, 2010
- Desktop Review for a Lighthouse in Korea, AECOM, 2010
- Monthly Environmental Health & Safety Regulation Update,
Antea USA, 2009-2011
Environmental Due Diligence
- Phase II and III ESA at a steel mill, ETS Consulting, 2009
- Phase I & II ESA for multinational oil corporation, CH2M HILL, 2009
- Phase I ESA at 2 vacant sites in Cheonan, CH2M HILL, 2009-2010
- Phase I ESA at a factory, BMT Asia Pacific, 2009
- Phase II ESA at 2 vacant sites in Cheonan, CH2M HILL, 2009-2010
- Phase III ESA at vacant site in Hwasung, CH2M HILL, 2010
- Phase I ESA for 2 packaging factories, AECOM, 2010
- Phase II ESA at a packaging factory, AECOM, 2010
- Phase I ESA at a factory, WSP Environment, 2010
- Phase II ESA at a factory, WSP Environment, 2010
- Phase I & II ESA at a Petrochemical Plant, Macquerie, 2010
- Phase II ESA at a vacant site in Poseung Industrial Complex,
DELPHI, 2011
- Phase I EDD at an electro-optic factory, EA International, 2011
- Phase I EDD at a Windfarm in Youngduk, Macquerie, 2011
- PhaseIII ESA Management at USArmy Base. 2011. Trium International
- Various other EDD/ESA Projects for diverse clients
Environmental Policy & Market Study
EMSUS has conducted
over 30 different various
projects in the
environmental services we
offer and provide the most
efficient solutions for its
clients based on the past
experience of our
- Improvements strategies for the National Priority List and Soil &
Groundwater Environment Protection Act,Ministry ofEnvironment, 2009
- Improvement strategies for efficientmanagement of landfarming sites,
Hyolim Industries, 2010
- Benchmarking study support for liability allocation project,
TRIUMInternational, 2011
- Development of a contamination contribution ratio model,
Environmental Facilities Management Corporation, 2011
- Development of amaster remediation plan for a refinery with multiple
contamination contributors, Dreambios Inc, 2011
Team Members
Do Yun Yu, Ph.D.
Managing Director
Education & Certification
• Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, Hanyang University (1999)
• Certificate of ASTM Phase I&II ESA Trainer, ASTM (2000)
• Certificate of Social Systems Auditor, SGS (2007)
Career Background
• Director, CH2M HILL International (2008~2009)
• Director, ERM Korea (2007~2008)
• Post Doctoral Research Associate, Purdue Univ. (2003~2006)
• Team Manager, ECO Solutions (1999~2003)
Key Expertise
• Sustainability (Green) Solutions for Government and
• Environmental Due Diligence (EDD) / Environmental Site
Assessment (ESA)
• Contaminated Site Management
• Environmental Policy and Market Study
Experience Summary
Environmental Due Diligence / Site Assessment
Since 1999, Dr. Yu has had a number of project experiences on
environmental compliance audit, Phase I & II Environmental
Site Assessments (ESA) for various industrial, public and
military sites such as plastic manufacturing plant, electric wire
plant, transportation terminal, incineration facility, LPG
storage station, train repair center, gas station, tank farm area,
and Korean and U.S. Army bases, etc.
Contaminated Site Management
As a project manager or technical manager, Dr. Yu has
managed various remedial design and remedial action
(RD/RA) projects. The sites where the remedial action was
successfully completed include railcar repair center, U.S.
Army base, tank farm area, and gas stations.
We can also provide you
with a more detailed
information at your
Environmental Policy and Market Study
Dr. Yu is leading and has led policy and market studies for
Ministry of Environment, Environmental Management
Corporation and Korea Environmental Industry and
Technology Institute to assist regulatory legislation and
feasibility studies of new regulatory approaches. In addition,
a case study of environmental regulations in developed
countries for litigation support has been conducted for a
private company.
Team Members
Johnny Browaeys
Managing Director /
Education & Certification
• M.S. in Industrial Biochemistry and Microbiology, Genetic
Engineering, Katholic University of Leuven, Belgium (1993)
• B.S. in Applied Micobiological and Agricultural Science,
Katholic University of Leuven, Belgium (1991)
• Certified Consultant for Flemish Entrepreneurs (1998)
• Certified Expert on Hazardous Chemicals, Belgian Ministry
of Environment (1998)
• Environmental Coordinator, Belgian Ministry of Environment
Career Background
• Vice President, CH2M HILL International (2008~2011)
• Director, ERM China (1998~2008)
• Head of Environmental Management, Oranjewood Belgium
(1994 ~ 1998)
• EHS / EDD Consultant, Haskoning Belgium (1993~1994)
Key Expertise
• Strategizing Environmental Risks into Business
• Developing Solutions to Mitigate Environmental Liabilities
• Environmental Due Diligence (EDD) / Environmental Site
Assessment (ESA) / Contaminated Site Management /
Environmental Remediation
We can also provide you
with a more detailed
information at your
Experience Summary
Mr. Browaeys is the managing director of the EMSUS office in
China with nearly 20 years of experience in the environmental
business. He has worked most of his career for global
environmental corporations ERM and CH2MHILL International.
During his 10 year tenure with ERM, he has worked with various
multinational clients for procuring environmental solutions and
progressed up the ladder as the Regional Manager for ERM in
China, where he achieved rapid results in a fast paced, challenging,
and every changing environment with ventures such as initiating
and aligning Asia Product Stewardship Business in less than half a
year, initiating a sustainable account for his client with a high level
risk screening of their venture in China before moving on to
CH2MHILL International. Based on his international experience at
ERM, he managed to build the first local turnkey remediation team
with a 33% profit within 18 months as the Operations Director for
CH2MHILL. While serving as Vice President, he set up China
partnerships and obtained pole position as a foreign brown field
development company within a year. He is fluent in 5 languages
(English, Dutch, French, German, and Mandarin Chinese)
Team Members
Jae Young Ryu
MSc., PMP.
Senior Consultant/
Project Manager
Education & Certification
• M.S. in Environmental Engineering, University of Southern
California, U.S.A. (1998)
• B.S. in Hydrologic Science, University of California, Davis,
U.S.A. (1996)
• KOSHA18001 (Korea Health and Safety Management
System, equivalent to OSHAS18001) consultant certified by
Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency (2007)
• Project Management Professional (PMP), Project
Management Institute, U.S.A. (2007)
• Stanford Certified Project Manager (SCPM), Stanford
University, U.S.A. (2006)
Key Expertise
• Environment, health & safety (EHS) regulatory
compliance audit
• Environmental due diligence/
Phase I & II Environmental site assessment (ESA)
• EHS Training
• Water/wastewater treatment
• Waste management
• Project Management
Experience Summary
Mr. Ryu is an EHS consultant with 8 years of experience in
EHS compliance audit, environmental site assessment and
soil/groundwater investigations for due diligence purpose.
With various case studies, he commends in-depth knowledge
on local and international environmental regulations (Korea,
Canadian, UK, US, Dutch, Australian). In addition, Mr. Ryu
has been involved in the variety of EHS audit projects for
chemical industries including PSM review. Types of clients
include industrial, financial, banking, real estate, Korea
governmental corporations, and local and international law
firms. Major assessed industries are petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, paint manufacturing, heavy industrial machine
manufacturing, automobile parts manufacturing, refineries,
power plants, city gas providers, etc.
We can also provide you
with a more detailed
information at your
Mr. Ryu was a lead trainer of EHS trainings for 34 shoe and
apparel local manufacturers on behalf of an international
sports goods company. He is also involved in ASTM Phase
I & II ESA training to various types of client. He is fluent in
Korean and English.
Team Members
Seongin Uhm,
/Project Manager
Education & Certification
• Ph.D in Chemical Engineering (safety), Kwangwoon
University, Korea (1998)
• Industrial Safety Management Engineer, Korea
• International Panel Member, OHSAS 18001
Key Expertise
• Health and Safety Management
• Integrated Management Systems
• Industrial Risk Assessment
Experience Summary
Dr. Uhm specializes in health and safety management within
the industrial sector. He has over ten years of conducting
health and safety consulting and audits in the industrial
sector . He has also carried out various research projects for
the private and governmental sector in the field of industrial
health and safety management, while giving lecturing at
various colleges / universities across Korea.
Joey Yang
/ Environmental
Education & Certification
• B.S. in Geology, Korea University, Korea (2010)
• Licensed Engineer in Soil Environment (2011)
• NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, USA (2010)
• Scuba Schools International DIVECON, USA (2008)
Key Expertise
• Environmental Site Assessment
• Contaminated Site Management / Remedial Design
• Remedial Investigation / Feasibility Study
• Environmental Policy and Market Study
• Marine Ecological Assessment
We can also provide you
with a more detailed
information at your
Experience Summary
Mr. Yang is the workhorse engineer of EMSUS as one of the
first people in Korea to conduct environmental site
assessments in the 90’s. He has conducted various ESA,
remedial investigation & design, and contaminated site
management / remediation for many different foreign clients
including US Forces Korea. Also experienced in various
athletic activities as a former American football athlete, his
expertise in athletics and environmental projects provides onsite first aid if necessary, and geological expertise. He is
native in English and Korean.
Team Members
Chang Hee Lim
Chemical Engineer
/ ISO Auditor
Education & Certification
• B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Jeonbuk University,
Korea (1976)
• Registered ISO Environment, Safety and Quality
Management System Auditor, Korea Standard Association
Management Experience
• Managing Director, Korea Safety Certification (2005~2007)
• Director, LG Environmental Research Center (2004~2005)
• Chief Environment/Safety Manager, LG Chemical
Corporation (1994~2003)
Experience Summary
Mr. Lim has 30 years of experience in EHS management and
great understanding of all aspects of EHS management in
practice. Recently, he has participated in a number of safety
and health compliance/facility audits for M&A, and ISO 18001
management audit programs.
Seungmin Ryu
/Project Manager
Education & Certification
• M.S. in Environmental Engineering, Chungnam National
University, Korea (2002)
• Certificate of Environmental Management System Auditor
(IRCA, 2002)
• Licensed Environmental Engineer of Air Pollutant Treatment
Key Expertise
• Environmental Compliance Audit
• EHS Management System Development
• Environmental Market / Feasibility Study
• Waste Management
We can also provide you
with a more detailed
information at your
Experience Summary
Specialized in waste management for 9 years, Ms. Ryu has
broad experiences in waste/wastewater market study, EHS
management system legal registry & training material
development, environmental compliance audits as marketing
manager and consultant. Through project experience and
education, she has participated in climate change projects and
she also has been trained for and has practiced in financial
analysis and accounting.
Team Members
In-Gie Hong
/Project Manager
Education & Certification
• M.B.A. in EHS Management, Hankuk Aerospace University,
Korea (2002)
• B.A. in Safety Engineering, Chung-ju National University,
Korea (2000)
Key Expertise
• Safety Culture/Strategy Development
• EHS Performance Indicator Development
• Job Hazard Analysis
• HS Management System & Safety Culture Audit
Experience Summary
Mr. Hong is an expert in EHS culture/strategy development in
Korea and his career goal is focused on sustainable
management and mid & long term EHS culture to prevent any
losses and save costs to meet managerial expectation. One way
to pursue this sustainability is to establish effective
management system in consideration of worker’s awareness
and culture along with management’s involvement.
Jung Eun Son
/Project Manager
We can also provide you
with a more detailed
information at your
Education & Certification
• M.S. in Environmental Engineering, Sangmyung University,
Korea (2004)
• Licensed Engineer in Soil Environment (2006)
Key Expertise
• Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)
• Contaminated Site Management Plan/Remedial Design
• Remedial Investigation / Feasibility Study
• Environmental Policy and Market Study
Experience Summary
Ms. Son has participated in several environmental site
assessment and remedial investigation/feasibility study
(RI/FS) for private and public sectors, and US military base in
Korea. Based on knowledge of site contamination, she
practiced her expertise in market studies for a private
company to enter soil remediation business area, and case
studies for a government body to develop a guideline for
selecting remedial techniques.
Team Members
Jong Soo Cho
Ph.D. / Advisor
Education & Certification
• Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, Oregon State University,
USA (1987)
• M.S. in Chemical Engineering, University of Arkansas
• Professional Engineer (Registered in Oklahoma)
Experience Summary
Following 14 years as a Research Chemical Engineer in US
EPA at the National Risk Management Research Laboratory in
Oklahoma, Dr. Cho served as V.P., Environmental Strategies &
Applications, Inc. (NJ, USA) and the President and CEO of En3
Co. Ltd. (Seoul, Korea) which he successfully launched,
funded and sold to a venture capital company. Dr. Cho has
enormous environmental engineering and consulting
groundwater and soil investigation and remediation. He is
holding a PhD degree in Chemical Engineering and a
registered Professional Engineer in the State of Oklahoma,
Seunghun Joh
Ph.D. / Advisor
Education & Certification
• Ph.D. in Economics, University of Georgia, USA
Management Experience
• Director, Happiness Economics Institute (2004~Present)
• Professor, Environment, Gwangwoon University (2005~2008)
• Lead Researcher, Korea Environment Institute (1998~2004)
We can also provide you
with a more detailed
information at your
Experience Summary
Enhanced with academic, researching and lecturing
experiences in economics and environmental field, Dr. Joh has
been involved in variety of social economical projects related
to environmental impact assessment or in social dispute
arbitration for environmentally sensitive projects lead by
central and local governments. The area of expertise includes
social & economical feasibility study with regards to new
development in environmentally sensitive areas and Dr. Joh
has participated in infrastructure development projects as an
advisory committee member.
Team Members
Imsuk Yang(ret.),
Ph.D. / Advisor
Education & Certification
• Ph.D. in Environmental Toxicology, Michigan State
University (1994)
• United Nations Handling of Hazardous Materials (2002)
• United Nations Emergency Chemical Response Technician
Career Background
• Chief Advisor of Environmental Affairs, 8th US Army
Relocation Project (2009 ~ )
• Director, Technical Support, United Nations Organization for
Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (2000~2008)
• Head of Environmental Affairs, Ministry of National Defense
(1994 ~ 2000)
• Instructor, Environmental Science, Korea Military Academy
Key Expertise
• Environmental Risk Assessment
• Environmental and Administrative Policy Research
• Contaminated Site Management
• Hazardous Material Management
Experience Summary
Risk Assessment / Contaminated Site Management
Dr. Yang researched and wrote the first thesis (Ph.D) ever in the history
of Korea on environmental risk assessment. Based on his expertise, he
was appointed the head of environmental affairs for the Ministry of
National Defense in 1994, where he served until 2000. Based on his
academic background he pioneered the defense environmental
program for management and restoration of contaminated military
bases. He also translated the US Department of Defense Risk
Assessment Primer for the Korean military.
We can also provide you
with a more detailed
information at your
Environmental and Administrative Policy Research
As the head of environmental affairs, Dr. Yang has conducted various
research projects in this field including the development of the
manual for management of natural disasters for the Ministry of Public
Administration and Security, and the advancement of environmental
policy within the military sector for the Ministry of Environment.
Hazardous Material Management
Dr. Yang served as the head of Technical support for the United Nations
Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons for nearly 10 years and

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