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Sunsets and Rainbows
Caroline L.
• Water droplets and ice crystals scatter colors
giving clouds their white color during the day.
• Some light rays are redirected or scattered by
airborne molecules to produce blue skies and
red sunsets.
• When it stops raining,
the water that is left in
the air reflects the sun’s
rays and forms
• Every color of the
spectrum has waves.
• Violet waves have the
shortest wave lengths
which is 15 millionths of
an inch. The red waves’
lengths are the longest.
They are 2 times the
size of violet.
Sunsets and Rainbows
• Suns, sunsets, and
rainbows are all
caused by light.
Light is one kind of
radiation. It is given
off by sun, stars,
fires, and lamps.
• Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and
violet are the orders and colors of the
When rainbows are out the sun
has to be out. When it is dark
you will never see rainbows in
the sky.
The reason that snow is white
is because it reflects all wave
If you mix all of the colors of
the spectrum you get white.
But there is something that is
weird: when you mix paints
together you get black.
If you want to see a rainbow it
must have just rained. Then,
the sun has to come out. That
is one of the ways you might
see a rainbow.
Another thing that you must
have in order to see a rainbow
is rain and sunshine at the
same time.
Pictures of Sunsets
Pictures of Rainbows
My Picture of a Rainbow
My Picture of a Sunset
Fun facts
• Sir Isaac Newton discovered the seven colors of
the rainbow.
• A sunset is an appearance of sun going below or
behind the horizon.
• Some people say that two of the same people can
not see the same rainbow because they think that
two eyes can not occupy the same space at the
same time.
• Legend- There is a legend for many cultures that
they see the rainbow as a bridge between heaven
and Earth.
• Some people also think that a pot of gold can be
found at the end of the rainbow!
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