7 steps to planting a church

Jim Brunk
Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma
Using materials from
“Church Growth International”
Dr. Brock’s Strategic
Church Planting Book
This is a resource to be used along side of “Indigenous
Church Planting: A Practical Journey.” Some very
important and critical guidelines concerning Biblical
church planting are given in a few pages. Church
planting definitions are included. The primary emphasis
of the booklet is related to the “tools” (Bible study
materials). A brief synopsis is given for each book and
the time frame in which they are to be used. There are
suggestions concerning how the books are to be used.
This is a must for the person who wants a quick overview
of healthy church planting.
Dr. Brock’s Strategic
Church Planting Books
This resource gives the leader the skills to lead a Bible
study using a non-lecture method. It is a style of
communication that can be used regardless of education
or speaking abilities. This method of indirect leadership
can be used for any course of study, but is designed to
be used when leading Good News for You and I Have
Been Born Again, What Next?
Dr. Brock’s Strategic
Church Planting Books
The purpose of this book is to bring people to authentic
faith in Christ. It can be studied alone, with a counselor
or in a group. The lessons are based on the Gospel of
John, so either a copy of the Gospel of John, a New
Testament or a Bible will be needed for the study. The
lessons are simply questions with the students finding
the answers in the Bible. The suggested procedure of
use is found in the introduction of the book.
Dr. Brock’s Strategic
Church Planting Books
New believers are often left unguided in their
newly found faith and Christian life. Now you
can help them understand Christian privileges
and responsibilities and help prepare them for
responsible church membership in eleven Bible
based lessons.
Dr. Brock’s Strategic
Church Planting Books
Questions People and Churches Ask
This is a book of questions that many churches and new
believers ask. This book takes these questions and simply
answers them from the scriptures. It is designed to help the
new pastor of a new church in the bush of Africa or an
untrained pastor in Los Angeles. It has also proven to be a
good tool for basic leadership training.
Let This Mind Be in You
This is a book about personal evangelism that has grown from
the cross-cultural experience of Charles Brock. You will find
ways of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ that will work in
any culture or context.
Brock’s Strategic Church Planting Books
(one year church study)
Galatians, From Law to Grace
This is a chapter-by-chapter study guide for the book of Galatians. The Bible is the actual text. There are
questions for discussion at the end of each chapter. The guide was originally written to be used by new
believers who had completed the study of Good News For You and I Have Been Born Again, What Next?
Someone with little or no experience can lead a group in the study of Galatians using this guide.
John, Behold the Lamb
This chapter by chapter study of John is meant to be a partial resource for Bible teachers. It is not
meant to be a basic text for the study but only a help in better understanding the Gospel of John. The
Gospel of John itself is the basic text for the study.
Romans, Road to Righteousness
This resource will help a new Christian or church through the book of Romans. Romans is in many
ways the first great work of Christian theology. This chapter by chapter study will provide a helpful tool
in understanding the theological framework that Paul lays out in his letter to the Romans.
Philippians, The Joyous Journey
This chapter-by-chapter study guide for Philippians is meant to be a resource for Bible teachers. Like
the other study guides in this series, it can be led by someone with little or no training. There are ten
lessons in the guide.
7 Step Planting Strategy
• “Questions People and Churches Ask” steps 1 & 2
•Let This Mind Be in You
DECISION to be a Church – (formal)
• Galatians * John, * Romans * Philippians
• “Born Again What Next”… (Green Book)
Good News for You (Red Book)
TRAINING – (Sower)
Always be thinking:
•Leader development
•II Timothy 2:2
• Leading a Bible study (Purple book)
•Manual for Volunteer missions
•(Dark Blue book)
STRATEGY – (The Sower’s tools)
Indigenous Church Planting (Blue book)
FOUNDATION –(I Cor. 3:11) (I Thessalonians 1:5)“Indigenous C. P.” In review - page 3,
(Power) Jesus “I will build my church” (Matthew 16:17), * Holy Spirit (John 14:12,25,26)
(Seed) Gods Word, - (Romans 10:17)( I Corinthians 3: 6)
(Sower) God’s call, - (Jeremiah 1:4)
(Soil) Target group God has called you to witness to – (Acts 16:7-10, 26:19-20)
Always be thinking:
•Leader development
•II Timothy 2:2
GOAL - FOUR years = FOUR full time Starts
The Third start
The Forth start
The Second start
The First start
In 2006 we started a partnership with the Baptist convention in Guerrero, MX.
HAD 45 existing churches in 125 years
Church starts
 They did not start four churches.
 They started 22 with 18 surviving.
 They set a goal to start 15 new churches over 5 years in
Acapulco, Jan. 2010.
 They started 3 last year and 12 so far this year.
 In addition, the churches in the mountains continue to
First year - 2007
Lay BibleTeacher/Planters
Guerrero MX.
CGI materials
May, 2012
For allowing and helping
Dr. Brock
to be able to go and teach
15 pastors in
They made the
to sponsor 15
more churches
Pray for
Brother Calet
At the end the conference he
challenged the group.
He said,
“Does it take a building to
start a church? “
The group said “NO!”
Does it take…?
Bro. Blackwell
A couple,
Zeferino and H. Nieves
from the Mixteca Native
tribe in Guerrero
(Also Misteca, Latin Mish-te-ka)
One of the most important civilized
tribes of southern Mexico, occupying
an extensive territory in western and
northern Oaxaca and extending into
This group in Guerrero is one of the
6,426 unreached people groups
IMB has asked us to pray for.
Two years ago I chose that group at
the SBC convention not knowing
GOD was already at work.
March 2012
Arrow Heights
Baptist Church
Tulsa OK
Leaders from:
• Mississippi
• Colorado
• Hawaii
• Marshal Islands
• Oklahoma
were trained in using
the material
CHUUK pastors being trained in the Green Book
Please Pray
1. Going Back to MX. May 9-13, 2013
2. We are having our KEY church planters come
for a Multiplying Church Strategy Conference in
Oklahoma City for training.
• Phase I
Dec. 13-14, 2012
• Phase II We will be asking Dr. Brock to do “ONE DAY”
work shops on how to use the tools.
• Phase III - will be Dec. 2013 with Strategy Planning

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