Step 2: Inviting to Challenge Group

Step 2: Inviting to Challenge
• Before getting into the training, it’s important
that you DON’T just randomly send someone a
message asking them if they want to take part in
your Challenge Group!
• You come across “salesy” and look as if you’re
only inviting them for your benefit, not theirs.
• Remember, Step 1 is building relationships, and
it’s so important that you build a relationship
with someone before inviting them.
Taking Part in a Challenge Group
• The first thing that you need to do is request to
join one of your coaches or upline Diamond’s
Challenge Groups.
• This way you can (1) See how they run the groups
effectively, and (2) Duplicate it with your
customers and coaches.
• If you have people ready to join a Challenge
Group, add them to the group.
– They will have support from you, your sponsor or
upline, and the other group members, giving them a
greater chance for success.
Leading the Conversation
• When building a relationship with someone, it’s
important that you lead the conversation to where you
want it to go.
• The goal is to get on the topic of health and fitness.
• You can do so by asking questions, expecting them to
ask the same question in return.
– i.e. What do you do?
• This is a great question to ask because the majority of the time
they will ask the same back, and you tell them how you help
people going through programs like P90X.
• See next few slides for examples.
Leading the Conversation: Example 1
- You: Hey ____! I haven’t talked to you in a while!
How have you been?
- Person: I’ve been great! What about you?
- You: I’ve been doing great as well. What have you
been up to?
- Person: I’ve ___________. What about you?
- You: Awesome! I’ve been working quite a bit, but
also been doing P90X every day as well. I’ve
actually _________ (share a quick weight loss
stat. i.e. lost 10 lbs) from doing it! You ever heard
of P90X?
Leading the Conversation: Example 2
Person: So you have done that before, the PX90 thing?
You: Yeah, I’ve actually been doing the program since 2008! Here’s my
before and after pictures. (Bring out your business card with your before
and after pictures on the back. What this does is immediately establish
credibility with the person you’re talking to).
Person: Wow man! Those results are INSANE! Is it hard?
You: It’s definitely not easy! But it’s completely worth it because it’s
changed my life.
Person: I’ve been thinking about doing it, but not too sure where to start.
You: I’m actually currently putting together a Challenge Group, where you
and a bunch of other people will be put into a Facebook group and hold
each other accountable every day. I’ve done these in the past, and it’s
UNREAL just how effective these groups really are! People who have a
tough time staying committed on their own are now more motivated than
ever and getting unbelievable results. If you want, I can send you some
info on what’s all involved with these Challenge Groups.
Person: Sure man.
You: OK great, what’s your email? (or phone number)
• When to invite someone to a Challenge Group is probably
the toughest part to train someone on because it varies
greatly and depends on many different factors.
• However, there are some questions you can ask yourself to
get a better idea if it’s the right time, and these go in order.
Do we trust one another?
Are we comfortable with each other?
Do we know a lot about one another?
Have we started talking about fitness?
Have they shared some of their fitness goals?
Have you talked about you being a coach?
Have you talked about the success of the people you coach?
Are they receptive towards what you do?
Have they given any hints that they could use help?
• If you can answer “Yes” to all of those on the previous slide,
it’s time to see how they react when you mention
Challenge Groups.
• When you’re in a discussion about fitness, bring up the
success of the people taking part in your Challenge Groups.
– Really speak with PASSION and EXCITEMENT!
– Talk about how glad you are to be able to help those people.
• At this point, they might give you some sort of hint to show
you they’re interested, and if so, then tell them that they
should join one of your groups.
• If they don’t give you any hint, then ask them something
like, “What about you joining one of my Challenge Groups?
We’ve talked about your goals, and I think it would be the
best way for you to get great results.”
• If they don’t give you an answer right away, it’s
important that you follow up with them 2 days later.
• You can say something like, “Hey bro! The other day we
talked to you about joining one of my Challenge
Groups, but I haven’t heard back from you about it. If
you want in, you’ve got to let me know ASAP because
these spots are filling up FAST!”
• If they still don’t respond, send them one more
message, and if you don’t hear from them the 2nd time,
then move on to someone else.
Inviting From Social Media
• It’s going to be important that you post that
you’re starting a Challenge Group on all social
media sites, Facebook being the most
• Remember, at this point you have connected
all of your customers to your social media
sites, and you posting about the Challenge
Groups there will spark their interest.
• See next slide for example Facebook post.
“It’s THAT TIME again! I’m putting together
another P90X Challenge Group here on
Facebook, starting Dec. 12th! The last group I
put together absolutely ROCKED IT and just
about everyone got AMAZING RESULTS! If you
are interested in joining, just “LIKE” this post
or comment below and I will message you. Oh
and if you don’t receive a message from me,
make sure you check your “other” folder under
Laying Out Requirements
• It’s IMPORTANT that you lay out all of the
requirements of the Challenge Group up front
(posting daily, completing “Challenge of the Day”
• Tell them that it’s important to do these things
because (1) It helps hold them accountable, and
(2) It helps keep the other members motivated
and held accountable as well.
• Ask them if they understand these requirements,
and if so, add them to the Challenge Group.
• Objections are GOING TO HAPPEN!
• Instead of posting the objections here, I have
created a separate “Objections” section,
where you can find the objection and my

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