Teaching creative writing (CWS download)

Teaching Creative Writing
edited by
Elaine Walker
Teaching Creative Writing is designed to showcase
practical approaches developed by practitioners in
the ever-growing community of writers in higher
education. Aimed at enabling those who teach the
subject to review, borrow, and adapt ideas, the
emphasis throughout is on diversity.
Contributions from an international team of
writers cover a variety of forms and genres and
include traditional and innovative components of
creative writing courses.
Author: Elaine Walker
Dr Elaine Walker is the author of a novel, The Horses (Cinnamon Press), a
novella, Steve's Band (Duality), and two non-fiction books, Horse
(Reaktion Books) and To Amaze the People with Pleasure and Delight
(Long Riders' Guild Press). Her poetry has been featured in
Roundyhouse and Caught in the Net. She has edited texts by William
Cavendish (Long Riders’ Guild Press) and Margaret Cavendish
(Serendipity) and contributed to books for Brill, Greenwood, and Honno.
Elaine teaches Creative Writing and English Literature for the University
of Wales, Bangor, and the Open University, and is a Literature Wales
writing mentor.
She is a full member of Yr Academi Gymreig, the Society of Authors and
NAWE. Her website is at http://elaine-walker.com/
Creative Writing Studies:
other titles in the series
Creative writing: writers on writing by Amal
Chatterjee (ed.)
Researching creative writing by Jen Webb
Rethinking creative writing by Stephanie
Studying creative writing by Sharon Norris
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