Wellington Road Safety and Action Plan 2014

Presented by :
Cr Bob Wenger
August 2014
Drivers, riders, cyclists and pedestrians across Wellington Shire are
educated, responsible and safe.
We use our collective knowledge and expertise to influence, create and
implement, local road safety initiatives, programs and partnerships for the
benefit of our community.
The Wellington Community Road Safety Committee was registered as a
Local Community Road Safety Group in the Victorian Community Road
Safety Partnership Program in 2013.
The committee comprises members from Wellington Shire Council,
government departments, statutory bodies and community members that
have an interest either directly or indirectly in road safety.
The Committee works in collaboration with the Gippsland Road Safety
Network to ensure a coordinated approach to local program development and
delivery within the local community.
porate Volunteering Making
Information sources:
VicRoads, Road Safety performance information for Wellington
Victoria Police reports
Local knowledge and experience
The Victoria Police data was able to provide information about the possible
contributing causal factors.
In 2012, WELLINGTON was ranked 36th out of 79 municipalities in terms of the
number of people killed in road crashes and 34th in terms of the number of
people seriously injured in road crashes
Priority 1: Driver Distraction
Driver distraction accounted for approximately 69% of all collisions in Wellington
Priority 2 Senior Road Users and Pedestrians
Of all fatalities involving older persons 32.26% are pedestrians
The causal factor for fatalities involving older persons are varied however the
standout statistics are:
Driver Error 45.16% and
Pedestrian Negligence 20.97%.
Priority 3 Young Road Users
26.17% of drivers killed or injured are between the age of 18 to 25.
29.72% of passengers killed or injured are between the age of 18 to 25
Priority 4 Motorcycle Safety
29% of all crashes in Wellington occur “Off Road” with 4 out of 10 crashes
occurring in the bush
Wellington Shire Council part -time Road Safety Officer .2EFT
Student work placement support (60 days) Monash University
VicRoads funding = $18,900 (Victorian Community Road Safety
Partnership Program 2014-2015
Young Drivers
• School road safety education audit completed
• F2D Peer Presenter training for Wellington Shire Youth Councillors
• Liaison with F2D Foundation to deliver Year 11 Workshops
• Delivering 3 x Looking After our Mates workshops
• Young driver community events– Sale Show/Fatality Free Friday
• L2P program Gippsland East
• Rural Proofing
Older Drivers
• Older Driver Road Safety Forums – Sale, Yarram and Heyfield
• Partnership with RACV Years Ahead Program
• Research on how older drivers are transitioning from driving to non-driving
Driver Distraction
• Promoting ‘apps’ that disable texting while driving, eg Road Mode
• Raise awareness for young people through utilizing Youth Council facebook
• Developing Fact Sheets on what to do to minimise distractions whilst driving
Motorcycle Safety
• Partnership with Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI),
Gippsland RoadSafe, WSC and VicPol to educate off-road motorbike riders
Safer Driver Workplace policies
• Working with interested stakeholders to develop or review Safer Driver
Any Questions?
Cr Bob Wenger
Sheryl McHugh
Vulnerable Persons and Road Safety Project Officer
Wellington Shire Council
[email protected]
5142 3478

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