2 – Hurtful feelings over the general feeling that I have been lacking

Discovering the core of
the problem
• These are true disorders, with real physical
• This does not mean to say that this is in the
mind only, it is not fake or made up.
However, it is produced by the mind, and can be
undone in the mind.
Why would my own mind be my
worst enemy in producing so
much pain for myself??!!
• The answer to this question, is the key
to understanding psychosomatic
• I hope we will be able to answer this
question by the end of the night.
Dr. Sarno
• Dr. Sarno has done extensive research in this
field and has treated a large number of
patients successfully.
• Rav Katz, he is a class on this topic once a
month for the past decade or more and has
been able to help scores of people with this
• I have worked this with many people and see
it with clarity with my own eyes.
• I did not use at tonight’s lecture to prove the
truth of this program, I am assuming, that
you will either accept the fact that so many
people have used it successfully. And/or you
will read the books which elaborates on the
specific illnesses and the research that has
supported this. The statistics are published
as well.
• for some who have difficulty accepting, it
may be necessary to do this step early on in
the program.
A word of precaution
• Obviously not all medical conditions can
be attributed to psychosomatic sources.
• Never assume on your own, always have
the person examined by a physical
doctor first.
• Use this method, when the doctor
agrees that there is no danger involved.
• We will go through several types of the illnesses
that have been proven to respond to this method
#1 – there are two types of pain
• 1 – Physical pain – when someone’s
sprains and ankle, slams his finger in
the door, burns himself on a hot pot.
• 2 - Emotional pain – when someone
feels put down by someone else, guilty
feelings, feelings of anger and rage over
a wide array of instances
#2 – when both of these pains exist at the
same time, the physical pain overtakes
the conscious mind, and the emotional
pain falls to the backdrop
• If your boss at work were to insult you and
show dissatisfaction with your hard work,
(feeling emotional pain), and on your way to
the car you slam your finger in the door, your
finger is bleeding and in pain. (physical pain)
• Your mind will naturally lose focus of the
emotional pain and focus on the physical one.
#3 – A person has two minds
protecting and regulating the
body’s existence
• 1 – the conscious mind – the one that you are
aware of, This consists of whatever thoughts
are on your mind at any given time.
• 2 - The subconscious mind – the one in
which all your past experiences or etched
into. You may not fully be conscience of what
is going on there.
Both of these minds have feelings, and
both have significant control on different
body functions
• The conscious mind controls the actions that
affect the body ( what you eat, how much
you sleep and all other standard health
related issues)
• The subconscious mind controls all the
activity that works automatically, without
our being aware. Ex. how much oxygen is
delivered to various parts of the body and
the similar functions
#4 – The dynamics of the subconscious
mind are much more powerful and
intense than the conscious mind.
• The feelings, and especially the painful
feelings of repressed emotions are 10 times
more painful, than similar emotions that
have broken through to the conscious mind.
• For this reason, emotional pain that is being
experienced in the subconscious mind, is
roaring with high impact.
#5 – the subconscious mind has a
tremendous fear.
• The fear of this excruciating emotional pain
that is etched into the subconscious mind
may break through to the conscious mind
and be too unbearable for the body to handle
or even face up to.
•This must be avoided
at any cost
#6 – the subconscious mind must find relief
The plan:
• Direct the attention of the conscious mind
away from the repressed emotions,
• This can be accomplished by producing
physical pain, which will direct the attention
to care for the overriding physical pain.
• The body does this by constricting and
limiting the amount of oxygen or other
nutrients being sent to specific parts of the body
• Tension Myositis Syndrome
• Localized reduction in blood flow
to a small region or specific body
structure such as a spinal nerve
resulting in a state of mild
oxygen deprivation. The result is
#7 – the subconscious mind can not
produce real damage.
• the changes in oxygen or nutrients that may
be diminished by the subconscious mind, are
not damaging in a permanent sense, they will
cause a real pain, but the pain is benign.
• Compare the pain of a pinch to the pain of a
broken leg.
• The difference, if you continue walking on
the pinched a leg nothing can happen!
Solution = knowledge
• 1 – my mind is creating this benign pain in order to
divert my attention from the emotional pain that
plagues the subconscious mind.
• 2 – I will undo this, by directly focusing on My
emotional painful feelings and experiences, in general
and especially when I have this pain.
–Instead of diverting my attention, and
avoiding the breakthrough of the pain
from subconscious to conscious, I will
forcefully bring it to my conscious mind
• 3 – by doing this, the body has no reason to produce
the pain.
Uncovering the unconscious emotions
• If it is possible to express the anger and
allow the unconscious rage to come forward,
a lot of of relief may be felt immediately,
similar to a heavy stone being rolled off his
• It’s almost like it was waiting and hiding,
dying for a chance to be processed.
• When it comes it may lead to a burst of
writing… but the end result may be closure
and a cessation ofof pain.
Program outline
• 1 – Make a list of all things that may be
contributing to unconscious painful and
threatening feelings that are necessitating
the pain. Remember these feelings are inside
you but you do not feel them consciously.
• 2 – Write an essay, the longer the better,
about each item on the list. This will force
you to focus and depth on the emotional
things of importance in your life.
Possible sources of those feelings
1 – Anger, hurt, emotional pain, sadness
generated in childhood. (many childhood
experiences remain permanently – and time
doesn’t mean anything)
2 – Hurtful feelings over the general feeling
that I have been lacking of adequate
emotional support, love and warmth… these
remain unconscious.
Possible sources of those feelings
3 – being raised in an environment of excessive
discipline and/or unreasonable expectations, or
was not able to be a child when he was a child.
4 – anything that puts pressure, or
responsibilities that scare you.
5 – the fear of getting old and realizing that
your power to control its is limited
6 – things in your life that you feel are unfair,
but you do not have the rights or the ability
to express it.
Personality traits that contribute
1 – do you expect a great deal of yourself.
Self imposed pressure
2 – do you drive yourself to be perfect, to
achieve to succeed
3 – are you hard on yourself, are you your
own severest critic
4 – are you very sensitive to people’s
Personality traits that contribute
5 –Do you have deep down feelings of
6 – Do you feel a strong need to please
7- Are you the caretaker type that tends
to be very helpful to everyone and
Step 2 – recognize, believe and accept
• 1 – my mind is creating this benign pain in
order to divert my attention from the
emotional pain that plagues the
subconscious mind.
• 2 – believe that this is normal
• 3 –accept it as your method of dealing with it
– discontinue all treatments (safely)
– Stop avoiding any actions because of your
The action step
• read through your list a few times a day, try
to picture and feel consciously what you are
• Once the pain has gone down, start to do all
the things that you have been afraid to do.
• When the pain returns, immediately review
your list and focus on the psychological
emotional painful list that you have written.
Some very common symptoms that
respond very well to this method
• Unexplained headaches
• Lost the ability to concentrate
• Cannot read well, pressure in my eyes
• Pressures or pain in the head neck or back
• Sleep problems
• Chronic fatigue syndrome
• Mono Epstein-Barr
some very common symptoms that
respond very well to this method
• General feeling weak without any
satisfactory medical explanation
• Feeling dizzy or lightheaded all the time,
without rhyme or reason
• gastronomical disorders, stomach pains,
Crohn’s and colitis
• Skin conditions
• Allergies
• tingling or numbness
General rule
• I like to use the following generalization
of what is of mind-body nature as
opposed to real medical illness
• 1 – It has symptoms without a clear-cut
definitive proven cause. Its cure is also
very foggy and vague.
• 2 – It is a type of problem that keeps the
person “busy” all day long. Serving as a
great constant diversion.
General rule
If you notice that the
symptoms wax and wane
according to the amount of
pressure and emotional
strain, this is usually a
clear sign of TMS
Pain pizmon
I am as healthy as anyone else my age!
There is nothing wrong with me!
I am able to do anything that others do!
The reason for my pain is:
My subconscious mind is trying to divert my
attention from ____________ to physical pain.
I will not allow it to control me! I will take control!
I will bring all these painful emotions into my
conscience self and face them!
Smile and watch the pain expire – continue working..
Is it important to figure out exactly
which is the primary pain?
• It is obviously not possible to be sure that you
have the right one.
• My feeling is that a person will hit the right one
naturally because deep down he knows the truth.
• Either way, I think that you have to do your best
and assume its right, and it will still work, since
the pain is bringing some painful feelings into
awareness and the subconscious will try hard to
avoid this.
What if this explanation is incorrect?
• I do not necessarily know if this explanation is
correct, but
– it is common knowledge that a person’s emotional pain
affects his physical well-being.
– It is also accepted that there are certain illnesses that
are a direct cause of stress. (heart, ulcer, asthma, skin,
– Furthermore there are illnesses that are exacerbated
by stress.
– the pattern of onset Of psychosomatic illness seems
clear when we understand the combination, of the
onset, the history, and the personality. it is almost
impossible to talk in a way.
The blessing of clarity
• In addition It has been proven that
when one processes hurtful feelings
they become tangible and bearable to
some degree.
• It is clear, that when these feelings are
not brought to a conscious level, there is
a lot of turmoil, confusion, incorrect
judgment of the situation – this definitely
affects how the body will respond.
At the end of the day it works.
Try it
Study it
Notice how it fits with these patterns
Practice it
It may take time until it works fully
I tried, it and it is just getting worse
• If its gets worse at first it is a good sign
• The subconscious is trying its last chance
to see if it could win the distraction
game, in its eyes – it is fighting for its life
• But if you stay steadfast it will subside –
hold on strong
• Sometimes it may transfer to a different
psychosomatic illness – don’t be fooled,
just smile and say I knew this was coming
What do I do if it comes back?
• Many times it will go away and the
person becomes so confident that he
won’t even remember what to do, some
review will usually be effective.
• Just look to find what new stress or
‫ עגמת נפש‬came about that is
threatening to bring certain feelings into
conscious. And follow the program!

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