Bryn Mawr Info Session
2015 & Beyond
Our Methods Are The Most Effective Way
To Get A High Score = YOU Getting
Admitted Into Medical School
What Does This Mean?
Higher Scores
More Confidence To Do Well On Your MCAT
Reaching Your Goal = Starting Your Career
In Medicine
MCAT Experts, Hand Selected
Top Percentile On Their MCAT
Motivated, Dynamic And Engaging
Talented instructors that will teach
you both MCAT testing skills and the
science knowledge needed to do
your best
#1 On Amazon and Barnes & Noble - Our books continually sell
Continually updated to reflect current AAMC focus
Colorful, filled with the diagrams you need
Examkrackers books shows only the equations you will need
for the MCAT, not an abundance of diagrams that will confuse,
frustrate and distract you from learning. Each equation is
supported by detailed explanations and revealing insights
Concise, thorough and straight-forward
The MCAT emphasizes the understanding of concepts not
Our books contain explanation, beyond terms and equations.
Examkrackers material teaches you to THINK MCAT.
Lecture, Test, Review - 2 Sessions per class
50 Minute lecture designed to keep you in active learning mode
Use of hand-outs, whiteboard and other interactive materials
In-class practice exams in MCAT format
Emphasis on test taking strategies and best practices
Complete review of test including comprehensive explanation of each
correct answer choice
Allows instructor to take pulse on class confidence
Full Length CBT’s
Why practice with anything else? Unveil your weak areas that you need
to concentrate on.
We emphasize testing –you need this to increase your MCAT score
 Biological Sciences
Biology / Organic Chemistry
 Physical Sciences
Physics / Chemistry
 Verbal Reasoning
There are still biological and physical science
CARS = Verbal Reasoning (very similar).
Passages and questions continue to include
complexity and details beyond what is tested.
The MCAT continues to reward a deep
understanding of the content as opposed to
memorization the details. CRITICAL THINKING!
 Content/Emphasis
= WHAT is tested
 Format
= HOW it is tested
 Scoring
Biological and Biochemical Foundations
of Living Systems Chemical and Physical
 Foundations of Biological Systems
Psychological, Social, and Biological
 Foundations of Behavior
 Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills
Biological Sciences:
Psychology & Sociology
Physical Sciences:
The test is now 50% longer (approx 7.5 hours long).
All sections are more relevant to medicine and are
integrated across the sciences.
Passages are based on articles taken from published
literature (ALL except certain physical science
Half of all questions test research skills, except in
the CARS section.
There is a new test section for psychology and
2015 :
Current MCAT: 1 – 15
points for each of the
three sections (total
max = 45).
 National average is ~28
 Medical student
average ~31.
MCAT 2015: Still 15
points per section.
Now scaled 118 – 132
(total min = 472, total
max = 528). Midpoint
is 125.
Score of 128 in each section would be equivalent to a 30, or 10 in each section,
on the current MCAT exam
NEW SCORE REPORT ~ will provide a great deal of information:
Percentile ranks will be reported for the total and section scores so you
can see how you compare to other test takers who took the new exam.
Confidence bands will be reported to show the accuracy of your total
and section scores. Similar to scores from the current exam, scores
from the new exam will not be perfectly precise. Confidence bands
show the ranges that are likely to include your scores on another MCAT
attempt at about the same time. The upper and lower bounds of the
confidence bands will mark the ranges in which your "true scores"
likely lie. Confidence bands help signal the inaccuracy of test scores
and discourage distinctions between applicants with similar scores.
Score profiles that show your strengths and weaknesses on the new
exam will also be provided. Even though the new section scores have
some imprecision, they are accurate enough to provide information
about applicants' strengths and weaknesses across the four sections.
= to match the NEW MCAT
= to best help students learn MCAT skills
New features:
 Three Keys
 Signposts
 MCAT Thinks
Passages were adapted to match the MCAT
by utilizing articles in the literature.
Passages were integrated across disciplines.
Held on Tues & Thur evening from 6-10pm
(9th Edition) Examkrackers MCAT® Biology 1: Molecules
(9th Edition) Examkrackers MCAT® Biology 2: Systems
(9th Edition) Examkrackers MCAT® Chemistry
(9th Edition) Examkrackers MCAT® Physics
(9th Edition) Examkrackers MCAT® Reasoning Skills:
Verbal, Research, and Math
 (9th Edition) Examkrackers MCAT® Psychology &
 5 Practice Computer-Based Tests (CBTs)
 1 Year Elite Membership to our MCAT® Forum
 Spring Classes begin:
 February 7th through April 14th 2015
 Enroll by Dec. 3rd and SAVE $150 off the course
The books:
are animated and engaging.
are of the highest quality.
focus on teaching concepts – critical thinking!
only cover what you need – nothing more/nothing
The course:
 follows a Lecture-Test-Review format.
 lasts 8.5 weeks.
 will be led by the best instructors who CAN teach!
The brand new section is called the…
Psychosocial section
 The verbal section is now called…
Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills (CARS)
 The CARS section now includes passages on
Public Health and Medical Ethics instead of
natural sciences?
 The biggest cuts to material tested were in
which subject area?
Which feature is designed to connect topics
between lectures and books since the new
MCAT is integrated?
Which feature is designed to summarize core
Three Keys
How long will the course be?
8.5 weeks
Who should you contact with further questions?
Mid-Atlantic Regional Coordinator
Joshua Jones
[email protected]
www.examkrackers.com 888-572-2536
Begins Feb. 7th 2015 through April 14th
Held on Tues and Thur evenings from 6-10pm
Enroll by December 3rd and SAVE $150 off the
 Course includes:
 All 6 New 2015 Manuals
 5 Full length Simulated Practice Exams
 Online Student forum access and Admissions
 Private webinar events: Reviews and Open
Forums to ask questions + Full length Exam

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