DEAC 12.4.14 PowerPoint - Verona School District

DEAC Meeting Agenda: 12.4.14
1. AchieveNJ ( )
2. PARCC Resources
3. Professional Learning
4. ScIP Check-In
Verona Public Schools
AchieveNJ Update
SGPs to be released in January 2015
Will count 30% for Math/ELA teachers grades 4-8 toward
2013-14 final evaluation
Principals, Assistant Principals to receive median SGP
Adoption of Updates to Evaluation Regulations
 Remove the December 1 deadline for completion of at least
one co-observation to give districts more flexibility with
implementation (note: two co-observations are still required at
some point in the school year).
 Amend written requirements of the observation report so
districts can use electronic versions to save time.
 Clarify that a teacher present for less than 40 percent of the
total school days in an academic year must receive at least two
observations to earn a teacher practice score.
Verona Public Schools
PARCC Resources
 PARCC Student Participation (10.30.14 letter from Acting
Commissioner Hespe)
 A Walk in the PARCC (from Director of Technology in WMRHSD,
Erica Hartmann)
 Transitioning Grade Requirements (from Dr. Bari Erlichson,
Assistant Commissioner of Assessment, Data Analysis, PARCC,
for NJDOE)
 NJECC PARCC Meeting Minutes (from a meeting are at MSU)
 NJECC PARCC PowerPoint (from Bergen County Curriculum
 PARCC Lessons Learned
Verona Public Schools
PARCC Student Participation
Update 10.30.14
 In February, 2014, the State Board passed a resolution confirming that
district boards of education are obligated to implement the Core
Curriculum Content Standards and to “ensure students meet the
expectations and proficiency standards as measured by current and future
State and local assessments.”
 In accordance with the above, State law and regulations require all
students to take State assessments (PARCC).
 For the 2014-2015 school year, the PARCC assessment will replace the
prior statewide assessments - the NJASK in grades 3-8 and HSPA in high
school; as such, all students shall take the PARCC assessment as
 Since the PARCC assessment is part of the State required educational
program, schools are not required to provide an alternative educational
program for students who do not participate in the statewide assessment.
Verona Public Schools
“A Walk in the PARCC”
Verona Public Schools
Current Graduation Requirements
For the class of 2015:
English Language Arts
HSPA Score >=200 or
HSPA Score >=200 or
Passing AHSA performance tasks
Passing AHSA performance tasks
Meet the Criteria of the NJDOE
Portfolio Appeal
Meet the Criteria of the NJDOE
Portfolio Appeal
Verona Public Schools
New Jersey Department of Education
Transitioning Graduation
Classes of 2016, 2017, and 2018, meet ONE of the
Verona Public Schools
Accessibility Accommodations
 Available for all students, not just special
education students
 Blank paper
 Spell checker
 Writing tools
 Highlight tools
 Headphones
 State can decide on Text to Speech for
Math availability
NJECC Presents: Assessment
Practices & Shifts
“What do you mean I have to
change my assessments?”
Shift 1: Get rid of all T/F, fill in blank, and
singular multiple choice questions.
Shift 2: Two or more pieces of text to read
to get evidence
Shift 3: It is not how you feel. It is what you
can support. (Claim-Evidence)
Other shifts to consider:
● Read items 30-60 years old
● Get practice for students to read and answer
online. (i.e. Google Docs)
● Do more with less. (Work on skills of
persistence, grit)
● Have teachers show standards linked to
● Math: Shift to more than one answer...and it is
more than formulas, working with graphics and
focus on process, rigor, and complexity!
PARCC Lessons Learned
 Responses from the student surveys administered at the end of
the field test begin on page 8. Highlights include:
 94% of students either finished the CBT ELA field test very early
or on time and 87% did so for mathematics (p. 9).
Approximately 90% of the students in the PARCC CBT
understood the directions read by test administrators (p. 10).
Students found the mathematics assessment more challenging
than the ELA assessments overall regardless of whether the
student took the field test via computer or paper (p. 11).
Approximately 90% of students who participated in the ELA CBT
and 65% of students who participated in the mathematics CBT
reported that it was easy to type their answers (p. 15).
Beginning in January 2015, NJDOE will host regional training
sessions for test and tech coordinators to review administration
manuals. A memo will be released as soon as dates and
locations have been finalized.
Professional Development
PD Feedback from staff on PD Days 10.31 and 11.4.14
 90% Thought the PD Days were Helpful or Really Helpful
District Goal:
 Department/Grade Level Based (Differentiated)
 DOK 1-2-3
 Focus on ONE Culminating Assessment Per Unit
 Link Questions to Standards
 Hand in Prior to Administering Unit Assessment
 Most Importantly … Conversations
Verona Public Schools
Professional Development
2014-15 State Mandated Training (See Excel Spreadsheet)
 Online: GCN (Global Compliance Network)
 Staff has until April 1, 2014 to complete
 Highlighted with different colors
 District, Building, Individual Levels
 Completed at faculty meetings, PD days, grade level/department
meetings, etc.
 Not Highlighted
Verona Public Schools
ScIP Check-In
 What is going on in your buildings?
 Share any experiences pertaining to:
Professional Development
 How do you share DEAC information with your
Verona Public Schools

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