2012 Master Plan Presentation to CEQ - July 2010

LCA Mississippi River
Hydrodynamic and Delta
Management Study
October 5, 2011
LCA 2004 Main Report
The MRHDM study is comprised of two large-scale
initiatives for the Mississippi River that were outlined in
the USACE 2004 LCA report:
• Mississippi River Hydrodynamic
Study (MRH)
• Mississippi River Delta
Management Study (DM)
The study is authorized under Section 7003 of the Water
Resource Development Act (WRDA) 2007 (Public Law 110-114)
Employ a comprehensive approach of investigating existing
water and sediment resources in the Mississippi River
available for coastal protection and restoration.
Hydrodynamic Objectives
Design models that:
1) Have the ability and flexibility to model current Lower
Mississippi River conditions,
2) Evaluate ecosystem restoration alternatives in concert
with dynamic flood risk management and navigation,
3) Evaluate multipurpose management scenarios of the river,
4) Evaluate the dynamic system (specifically how changes to
sea level rise, subsidence, navigation, and flood risk
management would affect potential restoration
Delta Management
Formulate alternatives that:
1) Consider multi-use and multi-purpose projects that
involve ecosystem restoration, flood risk management,
and navigation.
2) Arrive at a long term multipurpose project that is
sustainable and meets the needs of the Nation.
• This could mean changing currently authorized
project purposes in the interest of arriving at a
multipurpose plan that appropriately balances
ecosystem, navigation, and flood risk management
needs and purposes.
Project Area
Hydrodynamic Tasks
• Data collection and management
• Geomorphic analysis
• Development of new small scale physical model
• Development of 1D model of the Mississippi River
• Development of
multi-dimensional models
Delta Management Tasks
• Compilation of existing information
• Document existing conditions and
forecast future conditions
• Ecological modeling to compare
impacts to biological resources
• NEPA documentation
Restoration projects will be heavily guided by the State of
Louisiana 2012 Master Plan.
Next Steps
• 6 and 12 month timelines including identification of tasks and
potential team members
• Team Kickoff Meeting soon (Fall 2011)
• Preparing for Scoping Meetings (Summer 2012)
• Developing Data Collection and Management Plan (20122014)

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