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Grant Proposal
Writing Workshop
United Church of Canada
August 20, 2014
Lisa Di Veto
Financial Development Officer
United Church of Canada
Questions welcome:
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Grant Writing Overview
Coffee Break (8:15)
Effective Proposal Writing
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Remember to tell me about grants you receive!
First: Preliminary Steps to Grant Writing
Charitable Status, T3010, Narrative
Budgeting, Charitable Sources of Revenue
Second: Grant Opportunities & Samples
UCC & UCC Foundation Grants
Foundation & Government Grants
Charitable Status of Congregations Page 1
UCC congregations are charities and as such, entitled
to issue charitable tax receipts.
They are not incorporated as not for profits or
issued letters patent.
These two items are often requested by funders.
A letter (sample on Page 2) can be requested from
UCC CFO Erik Mathiesen confirming the
congregation’s charitable status.
CRA T3010 Page 3
Charities must submit their T3010 financial statement
to CRA annually.
T3010’s can be viewed online by general public.
To find your T3010, enter your BN – charitable
registration number.
Please check that charitable activities of your church
are accounted for (line 5000). See UC example.
Charities Listings Advanced Search Page 4
CRA lists T3010s financial reports from all charities on
line. There are 85,000 charities in Canada, 10,000 are
foundations. Foundations must donate 3.5% of their
assets to qualified donees - charities.
It`s useful to look at foundations (both public and private)
T3010s as a first step to identify potential funders.
Page 4 is the CRA advanced search page. Enter city and
public or private foundation under designation.
CRA Advanced Search Results Page 5
Enter city Owen Sound and Public
Foundation under designation.
Five public foundations are found. Click on
Grey Bruce Community Foundation.
T3010 Quick view comes up. Page 6 & 7
Click on gifts to charities under expenses.
Page 7
Page 8 & 9 List of grants awarded.
List of Qualified Donees Page 8 & 9
Although some funds will be designated to one cause
(hospital, school, health charity etc. ) and charities cannot
access them, this information illustrates the gift range.
Don’t hesitate to call UC that received funding,
ask for a copy of their submission.
Usually, annual requests cannot be submitted to
Narrative Budgeting Page 10
Pro-rate operating expenses to programs & services
Allocate the 70 – 80 % in wages to charitable
programs such as worship, Christian development etc.
Vitally important to funders that don’t know your
Provide pages of detail to whoever needs it
Sample Narrative Budget Page 11
Example – Page 12
Worship $102,724
Ministry personnel, secretary, organist, custodian
Worship resources
Choir & Music
Funerals, baptisms, weddings
Scripture readers
Special speakers
Portion of building expenses & equipment
Page 12 and 13
Christian Development $55,620
Sunday school, Youth group, Adult Study
Baptism and Confirmation sessions
Ministry team leadership time
Portion of building expenses & equipment
Pastoral Care $36,429 , M&S Outreach $59,461
Tell the story of each category in your budget
Programs offered, people served
Page 14 Another Sample Budget
Charitable Sources of Revenue Page 15
Service Clubs & Organizations
Earned Revenue / Events
Individual Donations
Corporate Donations & Sponsorship
Foundation Grants
Government Grants
United Church of Canada
Grants & Loans Page 16
Recent Funding Page 17
Architecture Resource Group Page 18
Ont. Power Authority Retrofit Program 19
Capital Expenditure
There are limited external sources of funding
available for capital expenditure and renovations
Government grants: EAF, CIIF, New Horizons
Some foundations support capital expenditure
including the Ontario Trillium Foundation.
One option is to seek funding for the programs and
services your congregation offers. If grants are
awarded, you can allocate the money you would
normally spend on supporting these programs to
UCC Vision Fund Page 20
For youth and young adult ministry
Seed Grants
$100,000 per annum awarded
Grants of $3,000, Matching $3,000 available
Flourishing Ministries
$25,000 a year for 3 years for one project
$50,000 per annum awarded
Grants of $300-$500
Vision Fund Page 21
An example of a successful grant application and
standard funder requirements:
project description, goals, benefits of the project,
outcomes, budget
Review the criteria, call the funder
Matching $3,000 application Page 25
4 deadlines a year – next one September 9
Congregations that received funding Page 26
Healing Fund Page 27
UCC Healing Fund Page 27
Specific to First Nations initiatives
Two deadlines: March 15 and Sept. 15
Application Form Page 28
Groups that received funding Page 31
Justice & Reconciliation Fund Page 31
Groups that received funding Page 32
United Church of Canada Foundation
Seeds of Hope Fund Page 34
Grants from $2,500 to $25,000, twice a year
Next deadline October 15
Senior Ministries, Children & Youth Ministries, Faith
Exploration, Social Justice & Outreach, Leadership & Education
Sample Application Page 35
Seeds of Hope Grants Awarded Page 47
In 2013, 48 grants totalling $524,091 were awarded.
Your congregation may be offering similar programs.
$1,000 to Calvary Memorial UC in Kitchener for a family
photo outreach project
$7,000 to the Alma Community Labyrinth & Memory
$15,000 to Community Development Halton, Burlington
for the NorthBurlLink Chill Zone for children
$10,000 to Nations Uniting Learning Circle for
Companions on a Common Journey
UCC Oxford Endowment Fund Page 53
Hamilton Conference Page 55
Investment in Mission and Ministry
Grants awarded Page 57
Presbytery Funds
Erie Mission and Development Council,
Halton Extension Council, Glen Abbey Fund,
Hamilton Mission Council Rymal Fund,
Niagara Potentials Fund,
Waterloo Extension Council
Page 58
If your congregation is in agreement, your church can apply to OTF for
funding. There were three annual deadlines in March, July and November.
Process and deadlines will change in 2015.
Significant funds awarded, about $25 million in Hamilton Conference :
2.58 million Grand River
2.66 million Grey Bruce Huron Perth
7.20 million Halton Peel
3.36 million Hamilton
3.43 million Niagara
5.06 million Waterloo Wellington Dufferin
OTF funds accessibility costs, capital repairs, renovations.
Also salaries for charitable programming serving the community.
George Street United Church in Peterborough
awarded $255,000 over 3 years
OTF Application Page 59
Delta United in Hamilton $117,300
Congregations receiving OTF grants Page 67
Nearly $3 million in past 5 years
Ontario Community Foundations Page 73
United Church Recipients
of Foundation Grants Page 74
$1.25 million to United Churches
in past two years
Contact successful applications for
information and support
Funding from Local Organizations Page 80
Your congregation likely donates to local non- profit
charitable organizations that share with your members, the
work they’re doing in the community.
In many instances, your church can seek contributions from
these groups for community programs and services the
church offers or supports. Groups that often fund local
causes include; Legions, Rotary Kiwanis and Lion Clubs.
In addition, many union organizations such as CAW/Unifor
will support social justice initiatives.
Provincial Government Grants Page 81
Grant Portal
Various criteria and deadlines
Letters of support from MPP, mayor etc.
always useful
New in 2014
Seniors Community Grant Page 82
Stream 1, Maximum $3,000
Website has 30 pages of guidelines to review
Federal Government Grants Page 84
Employment and Social Development Canada
List of 40 programs
Calls for proposals, Various deadlines
Canada Summer Jobs
Career Focus, Skills Link
EAF – Enabling Accessibility Fund
New Horizons for Seniors
Significant funding available
New Horizons for Seniors Page 85
Promoting volunteerism among seniors
Engaging seniors , inclusion of seniors
Capital costs as well as program expense
Up to $25,000 per grant
Application has been announced in May
With about a 6 week turnaround
UC Grant recipients Page 86
These are some of the funding sources your
congregation may be eligible for;
United Church Grants & Loans
Vision Fund, Seeds of Hope
Hamilton Conference, Presbytery Funds
Community Foundations
Ontario Trillium Foundation, Local Foundations
Provincial & Federal Government Grants
Please start grant writing!
Remember to share your successes!
Next, a break
Followed by an overview on
proposal writing.
Thank you!

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